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Life is Good

Thanks for Being my Husband

Life is good in so many ways,  The love we share fills my days. We've been together for many years, Ups and downs and many tears. We have a beautiful family and a wonderful life, I'm your loving, caring, and devoted wife. There's lots of stress in our days, But the passion is alive in many ways. Making love together all different ways, It may not be every single day. But I love you...Read On


The Friendly Offer of a Lift Home

Charlie drives me home the Christmas party.

It had been over a month since Charlie, my supervisor, hadwatched me masturbate in the bathroom at work. He hadn’t mentioned it at all and other than exchanging the odd smile, it seemed as though he’d kept his promise and it had remained our little secret. My desire to masturbate had not been affected by the rather odd experience and if I was honest, I had often relived what had happened as...Read On


Southern Love Part Two

After the love making session the memories get too much

We have both thinking about the last time, remembering all that touching, kissing, licking and fucking. You are still wet between your legs and I am still hard. The room is large, white and has the most amazing wooden floor. We are right in the middle of it, nothing within three or four feet of us. You look amazing standing there completely naked. Your hair cascades around you, your...Read On


Travis’s Anonymous Guest - Part 1

A simple act transforms a life.

As Travis walked along a busy street that morning on his way to the bus stop for his trip to work, he was met by the spectacle of a man with a bloodied head sitting against a building. Any unusual sight disturbed Travis, and what disturbed him even more in the present case was the behavior of people walking past, unconcerned and in some cases even resentful at the inconvenience of having to...Read On


Celebrating The Miracle of Life

Ashley and I find a fun way to celebrate the miracle of life

I celebrated this anniversary every year. Twenty-nine years ago today I was fortunate enough to have an accident save my life, and my family had made sure to celebrate the miracle of life ever since. But this year was different: I was celebrating it with Ashley. I had invited her to come celebrate with me. She knew the story, and tomorrow she was going to see the place where it happened:...Read On


James' Stories

Surprise comfort with an ex

I laid on the carpeted floor, chest down and back exposed to the air. Wearing only a pair of shorts, I watched whatever tv show was playing, unable to conjure the strength to move my arm to the remote and change the channel. Heat radiated from my shoulders and back, caused by the terrible sunburn I had experienced in the pool earlier that day. Every motion of my upper body shot tendrils of...Read On

Recommended Read

Extrusion of Lust

Hardened shaft of steel unleashes its furious energy

Freshly forged steel shaft, Straight from the furnace of your mouth, Moulded by your throat... your lips, Engorged with blood, Red hot and full of fury, Seeping with an overflow Of clear white cream, Ready to burst in an instant. Heavy balls lead the way as The heat of my thick rod Disappears in the cool valley Between the soft flesh Of your mountains, Leaving a shiny trail of Lust...Read On


Challenge Accepted

I was in a beautifully erotic dream with one of my favorite male actors, when I heard the sound of my Call Me Maybe ringtone in the back of my mind. I cracked my eyes open and hurriedly searched on the nightstand to my left for my iPhone. I tapped the screen, put the phone to my ear and was greeted to the sound of blaring rock music. "Shit," I cursed, snatching the phone from my face. ...Read On

Recommended Read

It's Not a Fetish

Katrina has one weakness, her love for pretty panties, which her best friend Alice discovers.

I tried to look away, I really tried, but my eyes kept sneaking between my best friend’s legs. She had slumped back in the comfy chair, her legs pulled up, her knees slightly splayed, and beneath the hem of the white nightie I could glimpse the neon green yumminess of her thong crying out at me. I took another glance while she told me something about one of our classmates. Yes, it was a...Read On


The Art Of Keeping A Secret

A trip down memory lane.

You always know that a dinner party doesn’t really get interesting until the alcohol starts flowing. This evening is proving to be no different. After a fairly pedestrian main course, nobody has really said too much, keeping very much tight lipped. The British stereotype of being reserved certainly isn’t just a myth. Fast forward an hour and add copious amounts of wine and things get...Read On


The Black Box

A sub has her first meeting with her dom

In case of emergency, seek the black box. It can unlock all matters of mystery. It contains wisdom and knowledge and history. It provides insight into the heretofore unknown. Never before had a color and three dimensional shape, Arisen to the level of such mythical proportion. Never before had there been some acclaimed esteem, Afforded to the most simplistic of concepts. She entered...Read On


Together We Make Each Other Happy

Although we are far apart, we don’t feel the distance when we are together. Together we make each other happy. Your smile and words make me smile, your heart makes mine beat faster. Together we make each other happy. You care about me, as I care about you. Together we make each other happy. You make me feel so wanted, your mind and heart is what drew me in. Together we...Read On


Power Chapter Twenty-Seven: Daryl's Dick Cult

Nine Inches Dot Cum

The campus newspaper headline said it all: “RIOT IN THE DORM!” This had started a couple of days ago. Several of us discovered that our class schedules gave us an hour off at mid-day, all near Freud Hall. (The psych majors called it Cigar Castle; I never did figure that one out). Daryl and Brett lived there, so we’d all eat lunch with them in the dorm’s kitchen. At the first lunch...Read On

Recommended Read

Piddling With A Hainted Heart

Piddle: (Intransitive verb) to waste, to throw away, to abandon. [A Euphemism]

Just because she doesn't cry, Doesn't mean a thing. What she's piddling with Is a hainted heart. Sometimes tears Can't cause a river Deep enough for a woman To dip her haint of a heart in --Not when she has lived too long In such a short time. What is the purpose of a tear If not to soothe? For her there is no soothing. A woman can grow dry Inside Like burnt leaves, Discarded among dead...Read On


Beyond The Brothels

On eroticism I was suckled,  In the valley of the tits. Lactation finely tuned me, In seeking out sensuality. Together with my journal, I took leave of my mother home. Setting foot in Budapest, I thrived on fornication. It was there in nightly swills And brothels of stoned cold women, I regained the quality of my wits, Forthwith used my quill. On hollow halls I wandered, In...Read On