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Prom. The last night of this life. Scott was on the dancefloor, particularly handsome tonight. The grey suit he was wearing made him look older and wiser. But he was also very, very drunk, dancing with a friend of ours; a beautiful girl who, unfortunately, had a terrible reputation. I saw their bodies get closer, his crotch rubbing against hers. As usual, he got hard very fast. I laughed...Read On


Best month of my life

It was a nice sunny summer's day and I was alone at home as my parents were away on holiday for the month. It was really warm so I had been wandering about in just my panties. I had just made my tea and went and sat in the living room to eat it when there was a knock on the door. I went to see who it was and it was my cousin Rachael. I said sorry for not having many clothes on and invited her...Read On


Amanda's Discovery

Amanda finds her bf masturbating while wearing her panties.

Amanda’s Discovery Ted sat up in the double bed, sipping an electrolyte drink, surprised at how much better he felt. The last attack, over an hour before, had been much less severe. By now, he was feeling back to normal. The program on TV bored him, so he turned it off. He showered and looked at himself in the mirror, shaved, and combed his black hair. Pulling on a pair of pants, he walked...Read On


my sister Gill - Part 5

The weekend continues with a few suprises to come

PART 5 It had been a hectic four weeks back in 1980. Four weeks ago I was a sixteen year old boy developing an unnatural interest in my 23 year old sister called Gill. I was a virgin and had spent quite a few evenings wanking myself off thinking about my sister. I had never had a girlfriend and certainly never had any kind of sexual relationship with anyone. I considered myself to be...Read On


Going to Cali: Chapter Two

Aunt Linda catches on to what's going on between my cousin and me.

This is the second part to a story about my early sexual experiences with my cousin. Please read part one first. Thank you. My trip to California in the summer of 1987 definitely improved the second I started having sex Traci, my 16-year old cousin. She wanted my 10 and 3/4 inch long and 4 inch wide cock any chance she could get. And with Aunt Linda’s hectic work schedule you could say...Read On


The debt collector

He allowed her to be used

Jon’s at work, there’s nothing new there. It’s got so bad lately that the only time May gets to see him, is at the office in that little gap between finishing work and going home. The long luxurious afternoons in motel rooms are a dim and distant memory. When she gets there, the production line is still in full swing. He’s sat at his desk looking as gorgeous as ever, but it’s obvious from...Read On


The first of many...

A guy's tale about his first time

Preface: I always like to do things a little differently. So since most stories about the ominous ‘first time’ are from the woman’s point of view I decided to present the other side of the coin. This is my first story as seen through the eyes of Cody; an average 18 year old boy. Ok, first, I wanna get something straight. I love women. I love the graceful curve of a luscious figure; I love...Read On


A cruise with a view

A couple has an incredible night on a cruise.

We are very excited for our first 2 week cruise in a really long time. We both packed correctly, for me that was t shirts,shorts and nice formal stuff for our dancing nights. She, of course, packed her skimpy bikinis, short-short skirts, low cut tops and maybe one or two pairs of bras and panties. Since we were going to a nice tropical area there was no need for much else.We booked a suite...Read On


Innocent curiosity - Part One

A father's love knows no bounds.

Curiosity. It killed the cat. That's that saying, right? Fuck. I'd be the cat in this scenario if my mom found out about this.  Daddy is 6"2 with shaggy brown hair, green eyes, and tan skin. He's got a washboard stomach. It's hot, to say the least. I'm 5"2 with an hourglass figure. I'm slim in the right places. My ass is a little on the large size, but more cushion for the pushin'. That's what...Read On


The Perky Estate Agent

A perky little estate agent, used to using her good looks to get her way, learns a lesson in lusting

She was late. I detested people with no respect for others' time. I stood in front of the new, 30 story apartment development in the city centre. With rising fuel prizes and the fast developing city living trend, I am looking for some city apartments as an investment opportunity. I saw the little black Mercedes crawling down the street. Stop. Do a risky U-turn and perform a 50...Read On


Great ending for a cookout

After dinner entertainment

My wife and I invited one of my friends over one Saturday afternoon for a cookout. He had been depressed over a lost love for a while. We thought he might enjoy a good meal. We had a great meal and even consumed quite a few cold ones to loosen us up. After relaxing in the sun, a lot of conversation and more drinking, we retired inside to watch some DVDs. He and I were wearing shorts...Read On


He and I

Just a poem I wrote while horny in class. Writing it didnt really help the horniness but it was fun.

Hands on my waist pulling me close His lips on my neck I gasp his hands leave my hips My pants fall then his too Our shirts are next My cheeks turn red. He lightly pushes I fall to the bed His hands run up my legs he wants bare skin the job is done He kisses up my stomach and chest unclasps my bra tosses it away He puts his hands to work twisting and teasing A small moan...Read On


Sorry Daddy...

I've always loved my Dad a lot, but ever since I started dating he became very strict. It's like a switch was flicked off inside him and he became a lot harder and controlling. If he knew I was going out on a date he'd give me a strict curfew. In the middle of what was generally a harmless date, he'd call and ask me a million questions. He'd always be waiting for me when I got home, and...Read On


Playtime with Mom

I was fantasizing about my mom and decided that it was time to show her some pleasure

I had been incredibly horny for weeks and I started fantasizing what it would be like to see my mom's pussy and to have some fun with her. I'm in my 30's and had never had thoughts about her until recently. I have always been a lover of cock but I have grown increasingly curious to try some pussy and thoughts of my mom were making me hot. On this particular day I decided to go shopping with...Read On


What I Want From You

I want to look into your eyes and get lost in your kiss, When I need satisfaction it will be you that I miss. Have you ever been sexually addicted to another? That kind of intensity is what I’m looking for in a lover. Though we will always have to wait until the time is right, All the teasing and anticipation, lust it will incite. That special unique person that wants the exact...Read On