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Late Night Masturbation

When I can't fall back to sleep, I find something to calm my busy mind

I’m not exactly sure what initially woke me up, but it was after midnight. That much I knew for sure as I could see the time on the clock from the cable box in my bedroom. My brain and bladder where having a debate about whether or not I should get up to use the restroom. I was lying next to my husband, who was snoring softly while I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was ready to give my bladder...Read On


My Aunt. Chapter 1

May 1915. An orphaned Socialite is introduced to adulthood by her 'rich aunt'.

May 1915. I had been orphaned at the age of eighteen after my parents drowned when the Lusitania was torpedoed off the Irish coast. I had been at boarding school and due to their untimely deaths I was unable to stay there until such time as their finances were put in order. The headmistress had called me into her office and broken the news to me as gently as she could. She...Read On


Charity Seduction - Another boring fund raiser ... or is it?

Craig was staring into the mirror as he tied the bow tie of his tuxedo. He knew he was stuck at yet another fund raiser event but this one was different. Craig's law firm had been actively involved in the community for many years and had always held a yearly lavish Valentine's Day ball for the local charities. This one required him to mingle with and persuade the other rich guests to part...Read On


Hard for the Money

Aging porn star performs with a rising star.

“Places everyone,” shouted the director. I swallowed a little blue pill and took my place on the set. I had performed in a few hundred X-rated movies and was pushing forty. This one was being filmed after-hours at an actual junior college. I stood behind the podium in a lecture hall, attired as a stereotypical professor in a tweed blazer and bow-tie. Waiting for the next cue, I fumed. I...Read On

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Soft, Sweet Clarice

Lust is such a powerful thing, for one Priest it proves much too strong a force to fight.

I was fixated on her in ways most unbecoming. I desired her in ways I should not have desired. She was not mine for the taking, but I coveted her all the same. Her soft smile was a lustful invitation on her lips. Dimpled cheeks, curled red hair. Her body, slight and soft in contrast to mine. With shy coyness she taunted me. With each movement she beckoned me. With each sweet, innocent...Read On



The sweet memory of your tempting lips still lingers on my skin. I will always remember how I embraced your body and held it to mine as I worshiped everything that you were. My stilled heart came alive under your ardent touch and you beckoned me like a lighthouse in the dark, raging sea. I surrendered willingly as your soft words echoed inside ...Read On



The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.

Dear Diary, It feels like it has been ages since I last sat down and wrote. There is something so freeing about stream of consciousness. I find it difficult to get out of my own head though. Every time I get into a groove, thoughts of him creep back into my mind. I have to get him out of my system. I honestly don’t know if that is even possible, but I have to try. What am I going to...Read On


Ella and Eric | Part I

Winner gets to fuck the other for his or her own pleasure only.

Hi! My name is Ella and I am a twenty four year old American journalist living in London. I have lived here for about four months now, I moved right after graduating from NYU with a journalism and mass-communicated degree. I write for a teen advice column in an online magazine. I love life, but I found out recently that with my salary I cannot afford to live on my own. I put out a poster...Read On


My stepdaddy's fantasy

Sometimes you just have to put the yourself out there to get your stepdad

I laid down in the sun, while in my bikini, in the backyard. My stepdad came out too, and his eyes went to me. “You are beautiful, Jane,” he let me know. “Thank you, but am I showing off too much?” I wondered. His eyes never departed from me, and he clearly thought it was too much. It was all over his face. No father, or stepfather likes seeing his daughter in a bikini, but it was clear...Read On


His Wife, My Toy: Part 2

His wife becomes a little more accommodating

Monday May 26 20:00 There she is, on my screen, looking nervous. Just above the bottom of the screen are her naked breasts. “Good evening, Pet.” “Good evening.” “How are you this evening?” “Nervous.” “Again?” I smile. “What do you have to be nervous about?” The woman looks into the camera, eyes not quite focused. “I’m nervous because I don’t know what you… want.” I smile again. “What...Read On


Little Arab Buttercup (part three)

My little Arab buttercup, Aisha, had been married to me for over a year now. I found work with a civilian contractor for the military. My technical and computer training in the army gave me the knowledge and experience they needed there in Silicon Valley. We were living about thirty minutes away from my job. Aisha preferred to be called Annie now. She was completely westernized in every way....Read On


Appalachian Mists

What mystery lies behind a Scottish lesbian's strange obsession with the Appalachian Trail?

As the traffic in which her rental car was mired inched forward and stopped once again, Sally sighed in frustration, tapping her nails impatiently upon the rim of the steering wheel. She looked at the stalled lanes of traffic on either side of her, which would creep ahead or slowly fall behind as the glacier of cars crawled forward along the six northbound lanes of the west Beltway. So...Read On



Kay and Nick

Kay Kissing every inch of me Ass in the air face down Yelling out my name as I fuck that ass Nick Never far from you I am yours Comforting you Know you are mine forever I love you Kay...Read On


Ponderings of the Heart

Driving down the road. Nothing but the lights on. Thinking bout you. Your touch, Kisses, Voice, Moaning my name Louder and louder With every thrust Deep inside you. Your nails digging Deeper into my back. I moan out I love you. We continue to make love Under the stars Until it comes time for me to leave. Leaving you alone. Driving off Watching you in my rear view....Read On


First Spring

With but a kiss from your lips my long winter has begun to thaw. Your very breath sending warmth through my body stirring the Spring of my sexuality to life. The skim of your fingertips against the curve of my breast making the buds of my nipples bloom to life. The sucking of your mouth brings them to full color the dark rose seeming stark next to your skin. I gasp in a breath as the...Read On


His Touch

His arms reach out and pull me closer His kiss is full of passion Our legs entwined in an erotic dance My pulse starts racing to the feel of his touch His fingers searching so sensitive on my skin My body tingles as he gets closer I moan from his touch on my clit His lips still pressed against mine My moans become louder as his touch becomes harder The pleasure building...Read On


Vagabond Ooze

Liquid shadow, swilling pantomime, Lips hoisting bottle of haunts And chills of imagination,  Vagabond spreads lust.  Traveler in quest, giving frights, Words of the dark in my ever after, Beginning in the vagina, Cavern of the tempest storm.  Aberration of the genitalia,  Bequeathing my erection.  In cum, I sow my flowing butter,  On bread of her rising thighs.  In rant, I...Read On


Selection of the Fittest

Keith knows he and Karen are a lucky couple. Both have physiques that most other people envy.

Keith and Karen had been hard at it for over an hour now, and showing no sign of exhaustion, as a married couple shouldn’t who were so very much in love with each other. But more than that, thought Keith, as his pelvic thrusts pushed his erect penis in and out and in and out of Karen’s muscular vaginal grip, it was practice and exercise that made their physical love so successful. After all,...Read On


Unspoken Emotions: Always and Forever (Chapter One)

A little lengthy before getting down and dirty. I plan on continuing it, and having an actual plot.

Daniel. I’d been in love with him for as long as I can remember. Something about his tanned skin, deep brown eyes, and inviting smile always made my stomach flip. After years of unsure feelings, late night talks and secret sharing, he found the guts to ask me out. Not because he needed me, but because I needed him. *** “I always hoped this day would never come,” My voice is shaky...Read On


I am Squirming in Anticipation

The first time was a shock but this time I have a choice and yet will submit

I am squirming and ill at ease. Getting up and walking into the kitchen when I really don’t want anything. Unable to focus on anything on TV nor to hold any thought in my head. I am going back to visit you and…I can't tell whether I am excited or scared or both. I came home with a sore bottom and a warm feeling last time. I was sobbing when you lifted me off your knee and led me so gently...Read On

Audio version available

Wet Dreams

When your wettest of wet dreams become a reality!

This is a story of a wet dream I had. Waking up to find it was in fact a delicious and glorious reality....Read On


My Teenage God Ch. 2

Tutor Sinks Deeper into Submission to Teenager

I lay on the floor of the shower, still fully clothed but soaked to the bone. As I recovered, I was again filled with trepidation that had been thrust out of my mind only a few minutes earlier. I had just swallowed the cum of a student. God it was wrong, God he was hot. My god. My god, Max... I shook my head. I had to snap out of it! Okay, I told myself. Now it was really time to leave....Read On

Recommended Read

Love's Beauty or Shakespeare Revisited

A humorous commentary on Shakespeare' s sonnet number eighteen, with apologies for my presumption.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Why ever not, that's what I'd like to say? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. You've got it right there, my poetic mate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, It's worse than that, in this our present day, And summer's lease hath all to short a date. Dead right old chum, rain and gloom are our fate. Sometimes too hot the eye...Read On


Dressing Room With a Personal Touch

and that's when things got rather interesting.

It was late afternoon. I was busy arranging new arrivals at the back of the store for window display and upcoming Spring theme when a distinct accent was heard coming from the front of the store. At eighteen, I was in love with the concept of latest fashion and fairly confident of my ability to come up with visuals that would draw the eye and guarantee sales. I could hear my name...Read On


A Hot Little Milf

A woman that loves sex

This mother that loves to fuck is looking for sex, Her life is troubled and quite complex. Her husband is too busy and is always away, She found a lover who will see her every day. He showers her with love and affection, He thinks she is pure perfection. She dresses very feminine for her dates, Her lover always tells her that she looks great. They drive separately in their cars, And...Read On



Our morning coffee led to a hot, steamy cup of cheating sex

I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me. The flirting had been going on for quite some time and if we thought it was harmless, we were only fooling ourselves. My name is Zach. I'm a fifty-five year old widower and I still live in the house my wife and I shared. I guess I couldn't break my ties to the place even after she died. My wife died three years ago, from an infection she got during...Read On


What a Tangled Web: Part1

She likes to play with them first....

I honestly don’t know why I’m making this confession. Is it a confession if you don’t feel bad about what you’re doing? I love what I do, and the men love it too…well they love a particular part of it. What is the saying? A fool and his money shall soon depart. That’s my motto and luckily for me, there are lots of fools out there. I knew that he was my mark from the moment that I saw him....Read On


Hildr - The Valkyrie

After a victorious battle, Hildr the Valkarie takes her prize.

Just before day break, the Viking Elrik and his men set off to meet the Saxons. I was already at the battle site, waiting atop a hill. The clearing was lined on both sides by forest. I noticed movement in the trees on each side. The two forces soon came into view and I could see that the Vikings were out numbered three to one. They came within one hundred yards of each other, stopping...Read On


Becoming marie part 7-Glenn joins in

Glenn joins in the fun

A few minutes later, Brian got up and left the room. The tape had stopped running on the video player and rewound itself, so I pressed play again and began to wank myself as I was still horny, not having cum when Brian fucked me. Brian returned with a towel around himself after having a shower and sat in his chair watching me play with myself. "Still horny then?" he asked. "Yeah, you want...Read On


Rocky Mountain Summer

Couples find a week in the mountains brings their desire out.

Cathy had finished her shower and toweled herself off. She stood nude in front of the mirror brushing her teeth. As she brushed she looked at her body, knowing it would never go back to the way it was before the baby. While she was down to her pre-conception weight, she was still pudgy around the middle, but that was to be expected. She finished brushing her teeth. She glanced in the...Read On