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Michelle's Continuing Affair Ch 3

I have an affair

Mike left for Seattle Sunday morning after breakfast. Shortly after he left, Michelle and I satdown to talk about the weekend. “Honey,” Michelle started, “I need to know, what are you really thinking about me and Mike?” I paused for some time, trying to think how to answer her question. “Babe, there hasn’t ever been anything hotter than watching you and Mike together, especially last night....Read On


The Tub of Cherry Garcia

My girlfriend exacts her revenge for stealing her favorite ice cream!

" Bitch! " I heard from down in the kitchen. 'Now what?' I thought to myself, still lying naked in my girlfriend's bed, basking in the afterglow of some sweet early evening passion with Kaitleen. I could hear the annoyance in her voice and knew that, in spite of the fact I had just spent most of the evening delivering her pussy to nirvana, that annoyance in her voice was clearly with me!...Read On


Gloria and The Appliance Guy

Looks like everything is broke.

This is the story about when all my appliances broke one lovely afternoon. I will go over what happened when Tony the appliance man came over. I called Tony and told him that my toilet was flooded. My sink was clogged and my dryer was not drying the clothes. He said he would be over in an hour. I thought to myself that I was definitely going to try and land him. I was so horny and needed to...Read On


A Blazing Passion

I have you compelled to my every command, Teasing you with my sinful smile. Walking over to you, while swaying my naked hips, My breasts slightly bouncing on my chest. You try discreetly to shift in your seat, But I know you are rock hard for me. Your eyes roaming over every inch of my body, Lingering on my tight, hard nipples. You lower me under your strong body, Loving...Read On

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It was time that she became what she was meant to be, his.

There was something so familiar. This was not the first time she had looked into the intensity of those ice grey eyes, Asia was certain of it. Who could forget such a hauntingly unique color, the distinct clarity, the way they seemed to bore through her and create a rush that could only be compared to actual physical intimacy. The fact that he was a stranger and on the opposite end of the...Read On


I Touched Myself All Day Long

I played with myself all day long - in the car, at my desk, and finally, sweet and juciy relief.

I teased myself all day long. Quiet moments of explicit daydreaming. Long seconds of erotic thoughts. I was on the verge of orgasm oh, so many times. But, I wasn’t ready to finish. I enjoyed teasing myself – and it excited me even more that soon, I’d be teasing others. I have been a discrete exhibitionist my entire life. Panties were a garment left in my chest of drawers. Sundresses...Read On



Alleviating discomfort of diddly-squat,  I swill rum with nightly sediments. With my runaway pen on paper I scribe,  Chilling verses of diddling-twat. In fashion of long-ago scribblers, A soliloquy, my erotic aria.  Like a ghost of poetic persuasions,  Cellos of cherubs hissing curses. The prose of Adagio, I define, Aura of the ivy, writ of love.  Like sighs crooning in distance, ...Read On


Breaking the circle

Breaking a negative circle can be the most important fight of your life...

He was what he claimed to despise, A fake, a user, Full of words, but little substance. She became what she swore Never to be again, Used, a victim. Her past had darkness in it, People who broke her innocence, Took things not belonging to them. It took years to grow, Leave a past behind, Not whole, but determined to be strong. She was blinded by his charm, Falling into...Read On


Fucking for a job promotion

Helped a friend by fucking his bosses

I love being shared between friends. I will fuck a guy multiple times over several months if he is willing to bring his friends to the party and share me around. I love the attention my body gets from a bunch of horny guys. Otherwise most guys are ‘fuck once and quit.’ This is the story of when I helped a guy friend, Jim, with his promotion by being shared by his boss, Marvin, and boss’s...Read On


His Wife, My Toy: Part 1

Your wife’s my plaything now, and I don’t let anybody else touch my toys unless I say so.”

Saturday, May 24, 14:00 “You do understand that if you go through with this, I will call all the shots?” The man across the table makes as if to pull his glass towards him, then releases his grip on it. “Yes,” he says at last. “I understand that.” “I won’t put up with any prevarication,” I continue. “Either you’re prepared to go along with everything I decide, or we call the whole thing...Read On


Mr. Fixit

She called him to fix her plumbing... and he did!

"Oh damn!" Angie said as she saw the greasy brown, stagnant water in the kitchen sink. "I don't have time for this crap now!" Angie Parker was not having a good day. Between running around doing her typical morning routine - getting the two kids ready for school, fixing her husband Mike's lunch and getting him off to work, then getting ready for work herself - she was already running...Read On


Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 9

Noah fucked Hannah's friend Debbie while watching Hannah getting plowed by two guys from both sides.

Noah lined up his cock with Debbie's ass. He couldn't quite believe what was happening. Just moments before they were walking through the park, talking normally and watching other couples fuck their brains out. And now they had entered Dorm B, and suddenly all social morals went out of the window and everyone embraced the inner desire to fuck senselessly. This dorm, just like Noah's Dorm...Read On


Airport Layover Encounter

I used to fly frequently to the upper Midwest, connecting on Comair airline through the Cincinnati airport (actually in northern KY). The regional jets were not always reliable, and I found myself on more than one occasion with a cancelled evening flight, and no available connections until sometime the next morning. As soon as I was aware of the likelihood of a cancelled flight, I...Read On


Believe In Fate

You know I don't believe in fate But somehow it must be the truth For how can this go unexplained The way I found my life in you. Adrift without a path to trod The mists of drifting raindrops fell And dampened all my dreams of joy It was an aimless way to live. Dreams came and went within my mind Of soft caressing hands so fine That touched my face and fed my soul With tenderness and...Read On


The Birthday Treat Chapter 3

The first two girls are dealt with.

The Birthday Treat by Sylvie Johnson as told to John Larame III The door is a heavy one, thick enough to reduce any talking to an incomprehensible mumble but not sufficiently deadening to cover the sound either of the impact of a stinging swishy cane on an unprotected pair of female buttocks or of any anguished response from the unfortunate recipient. The three of us...Read On


The Bitch, Her Boyfriend And I

When Susan's bitchy classmate discovers her secret, depravity ensues.

Nobody who got to know Allie took longer than a minute to realize that she was the epitome of a bitch. It started with the way she dressed oh-so-perfectly, like right out of the newest fashion catalogue, even if everyone else was in jeans and t-shirts. It went on with the way she tended to pull up one corner of her lovely lips derisively while she talked to you, how she wrinkled her cute...Read On


Daphne and Grayson

Daphne thinks Grayson doesn't want her. Until he drags her into his suite with impure intentions.

Daphne told herself that she hadn’t put on her sexiest dress for the benefit of Grayson King, but she couldn’t help but feel a little satisfaction when his gaze lingered on her when she entered the party. Normally, she wasn’t one to dress so lavishly for holiday parties at the company, but she figured what the heck! The party was in the penthouse of the Westchester Grand, and for once...Read On


The sweet smell of excess supernatural sex

Lost on a wilderness walk, backpacker Tom finds sexual nirvana

Tom realised he was lost. Hopelessly and utterly lost. And with the light fading fast, he probably had less than an hour to find shelter for the night. He knew exactly where he'd gone wrong; taken the wrong track at that three-pronged junction a mile back. But there wasn't time to back-track at this hour. Press on and hope to find a field barn in which to spend the night. After coming down...Read On


The Dark Continent - Chapter 2

Elizabeth marries missionary to Africa in early 1900s

The completion of the railway brought civilization, in the form of white settlers, to the region around the mission. With the taming of Kenya, as British East Africa was beginning to be called, John Brown’s trade routes changed. No longer did he need to make the long trek to the coast; his inventory from England, Siam, India and China travelled by rail from the coast, and he transported the...Read On


My Wife Loves to be Seen

Our sex in the car turned out to be a voyer opportunity for my wife.

My wife and I have been married for almost five years and are very active in the bedroom. Before we got married, I thought that that our sex life would entail anything and everything we possibly could do between a married couple. I mean, we're married . We should be able to do anything. Turns out, I'm more on the kinky side then she is. Don't get me wrong, we still have great sex, I would...Read On


The Night I Found Out For Sure I Was Gay

I finally know I'm gay

I just figured out I’m gay. I’ve been dating a lot of women, but I just don’t feel it with them. I mean sometimes I feel I might even be bisexual, but lately I’m feeling I really want to be with man. When I look at guys I get very excited. I love when a man has a muscular frame. I find it really sexy and exciting if a guy has defined abs. I haven’t told any of my family or even my friends...Read On


Twin Escapades

Cara and Tara share an exciting event at work

Cara and Tara had always been inseparable twin teenage girls, but now that they were fresh out of high school, they decided to get part time jobs for spending money when the time came that their parents would send them off to college. Cara got a job at a shoe store in the mall. The interview was easy, and she knew she would be hired. The Manager could not take his eyes off her legs. ...Read On


Holiday of a lifetime

How a mature woman gave me the holiday of a lifetime

I'd finally done it. I'd saved enough money to go to America for a holiday. I'd always wanted to holiday at a working ranch and learn how to ride. After a long-haul flight, an internal flight and transfer by car I finally arrived at the ranch feeling jet lagged and very tired. On arrival it was late and there was a brief introduction to other guests. There were a number of other...Read On


A Sweet Young Lover

A beautitful first time

I just moved into a really cool apartment overlooking the lake, after finally splitting up with my boyfriend. My sister’s thirteen year old son attends swim and diving classes at the local Y, and I help out by taking him to some of his classes. He has several instructors but there is one in particular, her name is Allison; she just turned seventeen. We are always making conversation, and at...Read On


Doing The Right Thing With Virgin Gloria

Another 99% true story regarding an evening with young Gloria, an eighteen year old virgin.

Let’s face it. When it comes to an opportunity to have intercourse, it’s almost always a no brainer. Obviously, there are situations that are taboo or simply inappropriate, but for the most part, if it’s legal and we’re in the mood (or sometimes not) we will go for it. But every now and then, there are moments when confusion can arise and the head above the shoulders interferes with the head...Read On


For the Love of Kaylee

I watched in horror as the two wolves tore the young deer in half and was surprised I was turned on.

My name was Kaylee Jeffery, an average nineteen year old student from Boston studying Drama in Southern California. The weather here was a lot warmer than it was back home. I mean it was mid January and I was able to go out in a thin jacket. One bright sunny day with a chill in the air, I took a walk into the woods and gazed in awe at the tall, towering leafless trees. A twig snapped in half...Read On


Panty Pervert - Part 2

Flatmate takes a further step

Nadine left early Sunday morning leaving me exhausted and used and totally drained. She had used her strap-on mercilessly, fucking me three more times in my pussy and once in my ass. I had came numerous times and when she left pulled her favourite panties back on after tidying Jeff's room up. Jeff got in at ten in the morning and was sat in the kitchen with a cup of tea and some cereal. ...Read On


Did I Lose? Or Did I Win?

Lucy finally cuckolds Josh fully.

"They're here baby." Lucy's angelic voice rang out down the hallway. I pulled myself slowly off the sofa and made my way to the front door to see my gorgeous wife off, assuming her friends had arrived to take her out for the night. The peeling varnish on the front door was not a suitable frame for the masterpiece that stood before me. The strapless silver glittery dress hugged her...Read On


Follow Me

As our eyes met across the room, the sexual tension was palpable. The room full of people felt empty except for us. Having pulled ourselves out of bed only a few hours earlier, just to show our faces and see our friends, we decided we wouldn't stay too long. The drinks were flowing, the music was good and we were having fun... but I could tell you were distracted. The gleam in your eye as...Read On


How to Say Good Morning

The only way to say good morning is to give a blow job

I look over and see you lying there, your eyes closed and your chest moving up and down with every breath. It’s dark and quiet and I can feel the heat from your body against my bare skin. I glide my fingers down your cheek and graze your jaw with my nails. You turn your head towards me, but your eyes are still closed; heavy with sleep. I lean up on my elbows and stare at your peaceful face...Read On