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Pop Ups

Two couples find each other at a campground and find they share some kinky desires as well.

Day one, set up Gary is the first man I’ve ever thought was handsome. No, that was just my politically correct way of saying, pretty. I guess I will just settle with good-looking. Gary is two years younger than me at sixty-two. He’s probably a few inches shorter than my 6’2” and certainly weighs much less than me. I’d guess that Gary probably doesn’t weigh one hundred sixty pounds. I...Read On


Except The One

That is you, My Beloved.

In the bazaar.. Or in dark.. My eyes seek none. Except the one, I love And that is you.. My true beloved! In the rain In the pain My heart desires none. Except the one, I revere And that is you.. My only dear! In the night Or days with fight My hands want none. Except the one, I trace And that is you.. My never dying faith. In the light Or with close eyes My soul looks...Read On


A Lonely Night

Arms wrapped around knees, She looks out a window, Into the summer night. Late, she should be in bed, But her mind is too busy right now, Feeling small in a big world. As little she saw no limits, Imagined she could do anything, Be anyone. Growing up, reality slowly took over, A ballerina-popstar-veterinarian-astronaut She probably would not be. But the dreams also changed. ...Read On


As The Moon Rose

Who was watching as the moon rose, Who still gathers bowls of primrose. Just the one whose soul is dreaming That her joys shall keep on streaming, Will be raining down upon her, If she only lives with honor. She accepts the world of beauty Comes to those who follow duty. Oaths are made to those we cherish Knowing faith will never perish While the stars continue glowing, As the...Read On


The hotel 3

A surprise visit by the receptionist and bellman

This is a continuation of Clubbing, The Hotel and The Hotel Take 2, by Kayk88. After Jack and Lisa left the room. I take you into the shower, holding you gently and scrub you down, enjoying your beautiful body. I grab a towel and wipe you dry, placing soft kisses as I go. I lift you into my arms and take you into the bed where we cuddle into each other and fall asleep. A knock on...Read On


Our First Time swinging Adventure

My wife and i decided to use a swingers event to help our sex life and marraige.

My wife and I are your typical middle class family. We are in our upper forties and had been married for almost twenty years. Our sex life over the years had been nothing more than fantastic. I think both of us were quite happy with it until the past year. We had been together for a total of twenty five years, and our relationship had hit a bump in the road. It carried over into our sex life...Read On


Two Days of Pleasure Before a Brides Wedding Day

You may have one weekend of pleausure

My name is Victoria and I recently married my sugar daddy. I met Thomas when I was eighteen years old. I was a waitress at Hooters. He was on a business meeting and I was his waitress. He slipped me his number with his tip and said to call him. Thomas is a very wealthy man. Thomas is an owner of several car dealerships. I think he owns about ten of them in our state. He sells high end...Read On


Pussy Lickin' Fool

I’m just a pussy lickin' fool and that ain't no braggart’s lie. I love to lick your princess parts, I love it when you sigh. My mouth starts to salivate when I see your funky stuff. I’ll get all down and dirty and go divin' in your muff. I've been pleasing 'em this way since I was seventeen.  My tongue has memorized the way Betwixt twat and between. All the ladies will tell ya...Read On


Another Day in Paradise

It’s the perfect way to start the day…

It's another beautiful morning The sun's not yet in sight I've been lying on my side here Just holding you real tight We've been spooning as we slept How I love to feel you like this Our bodies so deeply entwined I touch your neck with a wet kiss I wonder if you're awake As I reach up for your breast Your nipple like a pointy diamond I guess you've had enough rest I slide...Read On


Sweet Argument

I love to hate you

We argue. A lot. You in your corner. Me in mine. When we argue, There is heat, Fire and danger, In more than one way. When we argue, I don't love you, I love to hate you, And hate to love you. When we argue, You infuriate me, Make me angry, Make me upset. When we argue, You become ice, Become cold and uncaring, The opposite of me. But when we make up, The...Read On



There was a time, not so long ago, A glance of an eye, A phrase turned, A nod of the head, Created a squirm, A shifting in the seat, A current in my loins. And yet today, yes today, The glance is benign, The phrase is muted, The head stands still. Who turned off, that electric charge, between you and I....Read On


Road Head Fantasy

An amazing drive...and more...

I kind of want to get out of the city, just for a day. I decide to do it on a Saturday. I won’t have anything going on. I’m thinking about hitting up the nearest state park. To be honest, where doesn't matter. I just want to be outside and away from the city. I’d really love your company. So I text you a few days before, let you know the plan, leave out in the morning and get back before...Read On



Life changes in a moment

Have you ever pondered  What a moment is?  Time trickling, elapsing  Sand dripping  Through the glass  Did you ever ask  How can only one moment  Change your life  To the point of  No return? Did you ever take time To acknowledge  That often  Just a moment  Can pull someone  To your lips  And open your heart  To new possibilities? Make you feel  Alive  Wanted  Precious  Did you ever...Read On


The Restaurant and a Surprise - Part 2

A most erotic dinner.

Driving home from our day on the river which ended up being three unforgettable days, Maggie made a phone call. She asked to speak to Jasmine who is the hostess at the restaurant we dined at last week. She made a reservation for Friday night at eight. After hanging up, Maggie said that we are going to have a small private room with April as our server. She looked at me and said that since...Read On


All Because Of A Silk Robe

A random comment leads to a surprise night of phone fun for two friends

Ok, I'll admit it. My twenties were one long decade of trying to escape loneliness. After a pretty huge, life-altering breakup just after turning twenty, I found solace online as I licked my emotional wounds. Chat rooms were my escape. I'm sure if I counted up all of the hours I spent slumming around in chat rooms during my early twenties I'd probably have about five years tacked on to the end...Read On


Hard-Working Secretary

The sun was beating down on the window by her desk as Charlotte absentmindly swatted away a fly. The email she was reading was extremely dull but full to the brim of orders for the following day. Working as a secretary was surprisingly hard work, with hardly any time sitting at the desk and sipping coffee as many would think. Charlotte was often away from her desk to greet customers, get...Read On

Audio version available

Bedtime Story for My Pet (#4)

Additional instructions for submissive little girls.

By reader request, a new Bedtime Story. Submissive girls who enjoy following these audio instructions will want to begin listening while fully dressed and have a dildo (or something similar) nearby. Your comments and feedback are always...Read On



He makes me speechless his words blow my mind closing my eyes I imagine his  hardness against me, slowly he grinds such a sexy body that makes me moan and my heart skip feeling his rough hands in the collar of my shirt, gasping softly as I  hear the fabric rip opening my eyes slowly  full of passion and desire watching yours drop to my breasts looking back up your eyes ...Read On


I Cry and Beg and Plead

Blindfolded.. I cant see, He's taken the sense of sight from me. His words speak in my ear, "Little girl, dont you fear, Let it go, I'm right here." He takes my hands in his, He pulls them back behind me, He binds them with a rope.. Now I know I'm free. I can hear his breath, I can feel his heat, His hands spread my legs apart.. I begin to weep. ...Read On


Sweet Emotions

You know how this was writen.

Dancing in the rain... Enjoying the warm drops on my face.  I look up at the sky... and I see one single star, it shines bright through the darkness, with an inviting light... The twinkle I see, makes me want to never blink. The water caresses my face. A single drop mixes in with my salty tear. I am glad to know the tear will not be seen. A smile on my face others will see, only a...Read On


An Older Woman

A guy remembers his first time with an older woman

It was a hot July and I was working at my father's restaurant. Since it was seasonal, the staff only worked there from May until September. I started working there when I was ten years old, but now that I was eighteen, I was promoted to a more responsible position. The restaurant had a cellar where we stored all the foodstuffs, a main floor that could accommodate 180 people, and an upstairs...Read On


Stacey's Mom

A true story from my past. The names were changed. There was no innocence. There is a big twist.

Once a month, I drove eight hours one way to see my girlfriend who is in college. Stacey was beautiful. Worth every mile. She was about 5'6, natural brunette long hair and bright blue eyes with a smile to die for surrounded by the cutest little dimples. Those lips. Oh my, they were amazing and when we kissed it was everything I had to not just hold her lips to mine forever. She was...Read On


Cheating on Patricia Part II (Arlene)

Part II of a true story. As Patricia sleeps, I get friendly with Arlene, the hotel night clerk.

I was sitting at the edge of the bed when the bathroom door swung open and Patricia stepped out. Wearing only a towel as a turban, her naked body tanned and toned, she rummaged through her bag looking for a pair shorts. She bent over giving me a clear view of her pale buttocks. She turned in my direction. Her breasts bore the marks of a day in the sun with two white triangles tattooed over...Read On


Picture Perfect Memories

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is give up the past.

Sometimes I look at the only picture of us I refused to delete. The one where we're both smiling and there's a red tint to your cheeks. As I look at the two women who look back at me, I forget the one on the right is me. All I see is you. All I can remember is you. The way your lips tasted like wine that night, and the way your fingers fumbled with the buttons on your jeans. ...Read On



A large married woman seduces a male friend.

Over the years, I had developed many friends through my hobbies of CB radio and auto racing. Many an evening was spent enjoying one of our coffee and bullshit gatherings that seemed to spontaneously develop. Someone over the radio would suggest meeting at a Sambo's for coffee, and before you knew it, twenty or thirty people, sometimes more, would show up at the local Sambo’s. Most of us...Read On


The Doorbell, variation 2

Maggie rings Mike's bell

“Shit, this is my last chance,” I thought to myself as I tried to ignore my discomfort. None of the other houses on the short row next to the park’s parking lot had had anyone answer the door, and if this one was a bust, I didn’t relish the idea of having to try to pee out here. Even though the suddenly cold weather had driven all the foot traffic from the park, the street had enough car...Read On


The Prosing Sloth

Titled, The Caws of Soughs,  Jaak Dawes in person, I fame my name. The 'quistor of Haggs towne village. Powdered wig on noggin, I swat, Ascot of silk in my attire, Bold in dark, the prosing sloth. Grasping the quill, ink slew it's brine, From quiver of the well, galls of oak, Stains of my parchment writ.  Suitor in my poetic scroll, Barer of poetic brew, arbiter of soul,...Read On



I always wonder, Wonder what your heart is like, Wonder if I get drunk off your love, Wonder if I get high off your heavenly kisses, Wonder why your skin is so soft, warm, and smooth, Like silk. I wonder why, I’m so lucky, In so many ways, To have you as, A friend, A lover, A guardian angel. I enjoy watching you, Moving around, As you dance, As you move your sexy hips, To the beat, To...Read On


How I got my collar

I never thought I would...

You say "Come here" and I crawl over to you swaying my hips. Only stopping when I get close kneeling in front of you. I hear you clear you throat and say "Baby, look at me." I look up, seeing you looking very serious holding a black collar in your hands. You look into my eyes an ask "Would you please wear this?" Pausing for a moment and then I nod and...Read On


Stories of a Post Apocalyptic World: Part 1

When Jennifer needs a place to stay, a group of men give her just what she wants.

A thick mist descended on the valley, covering it like a blanket. Buildings, trees and the landmarks of an old civilisation were hidden from sight as Jenny stepped carefully over the cracked tarmac of the road. The casual breeze carried her auburn hair and the loose, bloodstained shirt slightly as she paused for a moment or two. She admired the view before being reminded of the events that...Read On