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Cheating on Patricia Part I

A 100% true account of the time I cheated on my girlfriend Patricia in the summer of 2012

It was close to 11:30 p.m. when my girlfriend Patricia and I pulled into the covered driveway of the hotel. The air was hot and humid as was usual for a typical south Florida summer night. We had decided earlier in the afternoon to stay at the hotel to be closer to the beach. We were both off from work for the weekend and agreed it would be more convenient staying at a beachside hotel...Read On


Caught Parking: Epilogue

A young woman freed from the abuse of her teenaged home and makes her family proud of her.

The Neighbor's Daughter: Epilogue The weeks following the return from their Hawaiian honeymoon were busy ones for Jim and Alex. Their nights were filled with loving sex, but the days were, at times, hectic. Alex's college classes were scheduled to start in just two weeks and she still needed to complete the admissions process. Following that, they paid a visit to the university...Read On


Maiden's Sin

In scripting with my ambling pin, 'Neath trees in green orchard lay,  Wisp of whispers, speaking to me  And butterflies dancing, maiden's sin.  Setting of the 'oontime rum, My swill 'bout to overtake me, Halos in bright of my peeking, Playing seeing's on my flask.  Sensually awakening my dreaming be, Flirtatious she, tempting my sanity, On shadows of written afore pages, My...Read On


Annie and the Exchange Student

As exchange student David prepares to leave, will Annie show her true feelings?

Taking a sip of her herbal tea, Annie double-checks her things for school. Her berry-coloured lips twist as she goes through her mental checklist. Textbooks, notebooks, pens and her phone…yep, everything is in there. Slinging the satchel around her and settling it onto her shoulder, she adjusts her ponytail containing her thick brown curls and leaves her room, before knocking on the door...Read On


Roommate's Surprise

A female roommate stumbles upon male roommate jacking to her pics!

Melissa shared a downtown campus apartment in a large city with two of her good friends, Jennifer and Karen. The girls had a third roommate named Thad. He'd recently moved in because they needed a fourth roommate to cover the exorbitant rent for city apartments. The three girlfriends were all similar in that they studied hard when it was time to hit the books, and partied hard on the...Read On


Chanel and Ethan 7

Kissing, licking and biting and hair pulling and cumming and...fuck. Yes that too. Fucking. Two more times last night. I’m glad it’s finally my lunch hour. Between my thighs is now very tender, and the soreness keeps reminding me of Ethan. After we were both thoroughly satisfied, I decided to drag myself to my room. He offered to set an alarm before Nicole got home, but I refused. We both...Read On


Sharing My Gorgeous Wife Pattie

A husband wants to share his wife.

My name is Pattie, and my husband and I have been married for five years. My husband treats me like a princess. He buys me all sorts of clothes and loves to dress me up. Every day he picks out my outfits. He especially loves to pick out my intimate items that I wear. He’s most fascinated with my panties. He loves the fabrics and wonders how they’ll look on my pussy. The man is in love with...Read On


Wet and Wild

just when you thought the shower couldn't get any hotter..

I was so fucking anxious for my sweet Cheryl to arrive. We had been apart for four months, ever since I went away to college (she was eighteen and still finishing her last year in high school.) My first semester away from her, I couldn’t believe how turned on I got every time I thought of her. I swear, my cock was hard half the time, even while I sat through the most boring college lectures....Read On


My Super Hard Love

whump thump hump whump Here I come now wank spank wank spank Right in your face whump thump hump whump With my super hard love What you can never get enough of A-l-l N-i-g-h-t L-o-n-g whump thump hump whump My super hard love wank spank wank spank Like an endless Karaoke song whump thump hump whump whump I'm like Godzilla Terrorizing every villa...Read On


The Missing Piece

Aching, the toughest thing in the world.

I've felt that. That aching,  Aching for something. Something which I can't find, Something which I'm yet to discover. I know I miss something, But I can't say what it is exactly. Been travelling for long-long-time, Far too many places, Searching for what I miss,  But all in vein. It hurts. It hurts more not knowing what you miss,  Than knowing what you miss! But...Read On


Domination Fantasy Explored, Part 1

A fantasy about taking control...

Have to admit I need to fuck someone. Not sex or love making, just down right fucking. I need to cum...hard and several times. I need a slut, someone I can use. I thought of you. This is what I'd do to you. I'd call you up and tell you to show up at my place, to knock on my door wearing nothing but panties and high heels. Yeah, my neighbors might see you. But so what? I like showing my...Read On


The saleswoman that just had to pee (Part 2 of 2)

2 - A meeting in the street In the afternoon the same day, Jenny closed the store and went out to shop and have her hair done. On the way she met Penelope, who was her best and oldest friend. Penelope noticed that Jenny was in a good mood and asked what was up. "I have just gotten myself a new boyfriend today, Mr. Pipp-Thompson," said Jenny; she had never thought about what had...Read On


Bonding With Her Step-Brother - Part 2

Finally, it is Miranda's turn.

Please note that this story is part 2 of a series. It is recommended you read part 1 first. Ryan slowly walks over to Mer. He stands in front of her for a moment, stroking his slick cock and pinching at her erect nipples through her thin tank top. She throws her head back in pleasure as he continues to tease her, twisting them slightly before stepping away. He then goes towards his...Read On


I Fisted An Actor At A Burlesque Show And Got Fucked By Some Others In Front Of The Audience

I attended a cabaret show that turned increasingly naughty.

I never thought of myself primarily as a "lesbian" but since I'm definitely into women, I was necessarily part of the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered community. I don't have a problem with that nor am I particularly proud of it. It just became part of my life but I don't define myself through my sexual orientation, life's too varied for that. But I needed some orientation in that...Read On


A skimpy dinner date outfit on a cold night

I went on a dinner date wearing a very revealing outfit on a cold winter's night.

My husband has always said that I have such a sexy body that should always be as bare as possible. Beginning late in the spring, I made sure that I am always nude for him when we are home, and I started wearing very provocative, revealing, skimpy, body-baring clothing for him when we go out. He always loves to see me in bare belly outfits, skirts, strappy sandals, strappy high-heeled...Read On


The Hotel Take 2

Please read "Clubbing" and "The Hotel" before this one. The knock broke the silence, each of us tensing at the unknown interruption. I look to you, wondering if perhaps you know the source, but you look confused. I look to Lisa, could it be that she knows? But she looks as confused as you do. The knock sounds again, and slowly you ease yourself out from between us. You walk naked to...Read On


Little words

Words can be brief, but their echo goes on forever...

Some words carry within them So much meaning, such depth, Modest, little letters put together, Becoming almost sacred in their meaning. A single word can hold magic, Make me tingle with delight, Feel proud and at peace, Make my heart beat out of my chest. Home.. Want.. Mine.. Love.. Small words that mean everything When spoken by a special someone, He that holds my heart, ...Read On

Recommended Read


Checking out a local open mic night leads to more

As sad as it is to admit, some days I feel two or three times my age. That's pretty rough to say when you're only in your thirties, but with all the things I've had to do to make sure I hit each and every month's deadlines at work, I sometimes feel like I never shut off. I always seem to be worried about the things I have to deal with in the morning and trying to keep up with the next day's...Read On


The sun and the rain

What started as an online love affair gets real, hot, wet and steamy

Connie. God, my Connie. I could hardly believe it. Here in the same room. In the flesh. In all her glory. This woman whom I had met more than a year ago online and with whom I had fallen crazily in love. We had driven each other to distraction in the early days, waves of emotion flooding us until I was overwhelmed and, frustrated that we were both married and lived thousands of miles apart....Read On


Because of You

Lust for another woman keeps a wife awake

Because of you, I couldn’t sleep last night. Cuddling naked in bed with my husband, nestled together like spoons, his hand reached around to grasp my breast. While he started to drift off to sleep, my eyes were open wide, because of you. You sent me your picture, standing almost naked and vulnerable, and now all I could think of was you! I wanted to stand behind you and kiss your neck...Read On


You Can't Hurry Love - Chapter 4

Roxanna tells Dan about her first lustless first husband

"Okay," Roxanna began telling Dan the story of her first husband. "I had long since gotten out of being a maid at a motel. I had taken a crash course and become a dental hygienist. When that wasn’t particularly satisfying or fulfilling, either, I enrolled in a junior college, where I studied for two years.” “You got an associate degree?” Dan asked. “Yes. In electronic technology. Soon...Read On


It's College, Man

I was on a bench, listening to tunes, across the street from some stores. It was my college town and I was checking out the spring flowers passing by. My girlfriend was inside a shop and I had decided to wait outside. Three young women were coming down the sidewalk to my right. I glanced down towards them. They were all wearing the new yoga pants the girls are into now. And t-shirts on top....Read On


Part 1: Succumb

Cassidy begins to give in the desires she's always had...

“Are you done yet?” Adam shifted impatiently in bed while Cassidy remained behind the closed bathroom door. He was feeling pretty antsy and very horny. What the hell was she doing in there? “One second!” she yelled back. It was well after eleven o’clock, and Adam was starting to lose his patience. She knew how much he hated staying up late on a work night. He worked a very high-pressure...Read On



My Love

Happy Birthday Sarah You were taken from me so quickly, I miss you so. If I had listened and trusted more, you would be still here. If I had been a bit more brave, you would be still smiling at me. If only I had listened to your heart, instead of mine. If... so many if's that I ponder. But to have another chance, I would do anything you would ask. Life is forever...Read On


Daddy's Lil Girl

He loves it when I call him Daddy, I am his lil girl He loves it when I dress up in pig tails and curls He loves to watch me bend over showing him my wet naked kitty He loves to take his thick rod pumping it slow between my titties He loves it when my warm mouth sucks on his swollen tip He loves it when I flick my tongue making him cum all over my face and lips He loves...Read On


Secret Sensations

During a house party, secret desires are fulfilled.

Pulsating music and breath taking special effects fill the Amsterdam Arena and Sensation 2014 is a fact. The theme is burlesque and we stood there open mouthed as the giant elongated central stage opened up like flower petals, amidst swirls of dry ice and fantastic lights and lasers illuminating the whole stadium. Sexy dancers with tight bodies, dressed in revealing and risqué...Read On


Other Colors -- Ch. 13

A D/s romance set in Montreal

Part 2 - Blue (continued) Chapter 13 I’m not quite sure what I expected—some asphyxiatingly formal ballroom perhaps, complete with a canopy of blown glass chandeliers, bone china chargers, and tables set with more cutlery than Marie and I had stashed in our entire kitchen. I just figured the place he picked for us would be polished, bright, grotesquely opulent—and definitely not a...Read On


Library Virgin Part 1

Tara is a shy library assistant. A severe storm brings a handsome surprise.

Tara loved her job at the town library. She always felt there was something mysterious and romantic about the old three storey building. The beautiful architecture perfectly complimented the rows upon rows of books and there were old wooden desks lit by soft lamps. It was her job to sort the books and put them away. She rarely interacted with anyone as she quietly went about her duties. She...Read On



I woke up to a tapping. I couldn't tell exactly where it was coming from within the house. I lay in bed alone. It was four in the a.m and very windy outside. The tree outside my window shook and swayed in the gusts and its branches scraped the roof. The tapping came again. I slid out of bed, my bare feet hitting the cold marble floor. I crept across the room wearing only an over sized...Read On


Cupboard Love - Part 3

The First Time

The next morning, I showered and then put on my best satin and lace bra and thong. The bra enhanced my figure quite well, and made my tits look adorable under my blouse, pushing them up and together. I also swapped my tights for stockings, put on my two inch heels and styled my hair in a kind of loose bun. The effect was subtle, but I knew he'd notice. At least, I hoped he would. But just...Read On