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Hot Tub Fantasy

A hot fantasy for a cold night...

It’s a cold, clear night. The air is crisp and fresh. We’re at a hotel bar, having a few drinks. You’re dressed in jeans and a colorful blouse, and you've got on those heels I like so much. You look amazing and the alcohol is starting to get too me. I’m having a hard time keeping my hands off of you. I just want to touch you, feel you. We’re flirting and kissing at the bar. And I've got...Read On


Britney, A Beautiful Prostitute - 1

A teen guy who works as a waiter meets a mature hot prostitute and things begin between them.

It was 11 p.m. when nineteen-year-old Joe was coming back to his house from work. It had already started getting quite cold outside. Joe slipped his hands in the pockets of his pants and kept walking. He lived alone in a small room of an old apartment. Joe was a waiter in a small restaurant. He was single because he couldn’t afford a girlfriend. Joe kept walking and thought about the big...Read On


My Wife Is A Total Slut - Part 1: The Engagement Party

I've always fantasized about cheating, but more specifically watching my partner cheat on me. Over the years that my wife and I have been together I've always got the feeling that she had cheated on me, which to be honest I'm fine with, but it's always been a bit of a weird subject when it would get raised. As I said I've had my suspicions, knowing my wife is bi, and it's always turned me on.  ...Read On


Football Dare

When I was eighteen years old, my girlfriends and I went to a school football game. I actually hated watching AFL, but Rachael’s boyfriend was playing, so we had to go watch the game. I was quite surprised. I had a good time watching a bunch of guys run around in tight tops and shorts. As always, I felt very horny. It was something about being around all those football players and...Read On


Best Friends Break in One More!

All three girlfriends are finally legal!

Rachel, Susan and Emily were the best of friends. Rachel and Susan had graduated from high school in the spring, and Emily was a senior. Emily couldn't wait to graduate so she could join Rachel and Susan in the "real world." Rachel was now enlisted in the Air Force and had recently completed her basic training. She was headed to a technical school after the holidays. Susan was a student at...Read On


Phone Sex Operator Poem

You have dialed one eight hundred pleasure

You've dialed one eight hundred pleasure, Hey big boy, I'm here at your leisure. I'm wearing an outfit made of leather. Give me your credit card, it costs to play, I'll delight you in so many ways. I'm running a fifteen minute special, free today. Oh baby, take out your cock, I know precious you're hard as rock. I'm a slut who loves dirty talk. Sweetie, I'm fingering my wet, tight,...Read On


The Shadow

Only dreamers Standing in the shadows  Free of judgment and rejection  Masking their fears  Their eyes are  The window to their souls  Where all of their secrets hide  The cries of their hearts  Cannot be seen  And their tears  Cannot be touched  Sometimes the shadow  In the dark comes out  Walking towards  A wishful dream The storm raged  In their hearts  Lightning flashed  Through...Read On


Her Erotic Epiphany

A tantalizing poem to make you wet and wild

The tip of your fingers gracefully slide down my curves My nerves becoming alight and alert Your eyes never leave mine Our souls entwining and becoming one You undress me gingerly and full of care I feel as if I am floating on air Your hot breath against my neck Your erection pointing at my checkpoint As you pin me down and have your way with me I feel things I’d never imagine I...Read On



In wisp, winds whisper, Soft whispers of echoes Of my throbbing manhood, Echoes of silence whispering. Quaintly I sleep in dreams,  Dreaming of sensual 'morrows, Soft kisses from lips  And pleasures of the wisp. Wisp-o'-the-harrows be, Shadows of my nest, Caressing the flesh,  Of my poetic dove. Silk of the vagina, I hiss, Peak of adornment clit,  In mist of the chamber keep,...Read On


When you have all of this ... You have it all

Sweet whispers and touches

When you feel his hands on your body His exploration of your curves When you hear him whisper in your ear  How much he desires and loves you You know, that this is the beginning A need, a lust, a want, a desire, a yearning When his lips touch yours so softly Tasting your passions delight When he caresses your back gently Letting his hand glide over your derrière You know, this is...Read On

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Old Friend

To my life-long friend, I'll never forget you

Old friend, has it been that long ago since we made all those plans? *** How we would grow old together, laughing our way through life, doing all the things we loved so much. *** You did all the foolish things, yet no one dared call you a fool, for you saw through the real fools, and you let them pass. *** Life has a way of evening things out, but you drew the short straw and never...Read On

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The Light of My Love

My life's sole purpose is to live out my days bathed in the light and warmth of my love.

My life's sole purpose and my single aim, In ceaseless wandering the wide world o'er, Far greater in import than worldly fame, Great riches, or e'en philosopher's lore, Has been a tireless and resolute quest, For my lost love, the one beyond compare; Of greater worth by far than all the best Men's hands have made; a love so sweet and fair That I would gladly go...Read On


Your Eyes

for Bleak Messiah (Cory)

I see your eyes and I want to swim endlessly into them, Drowning in such sweet delight. Just looking at your picture makes me gasp. Glimpsing into your soul, desiring you so. Warm, sensual, inviting. They are mirrors to your emotions as I never want to stop looking into them. Your face is just exquisite, One I could never tire of. I want to kiss it, caress it and Cup it and...Read On



Remember Remember the first time you said hello Remember the first time we talked Remember the long conversations Remember the feelings Remember the fireworks Remember realizing I love you Remember needing you Remember your eyes Remember your lips Remember wanting you Remember aching for your touch Remember seeing you Remember losing you Remember your lies Remember your pulling away...Read On


Cracking My Professor, Part II

Note: If you haven't read part 1, I'd advise to do that first. Otherwise this could be a little confusing at times. I unpacked and after a cold shower I felt revitalised and I changed into quite short jeans (with no panties underneath like Mr. E had requested) and a loose-fitting, white top that was just transparent enough to show the outline of my black bra. It was 3.30 p.m. now. I heard...Read On


Beautiful Mess - Meeting

Teachers Can Have Fun Too

“Have you seen him yet? Oh my heaven, the man looks like he just walked off the runway, straight into our lives,” my friend Kaylee gushes. Her eyes light up, like a kid at Christmas, ready to pounce into the gifts and indulge herself in them. Both of us standing near the coffee maker, speaking in hushed tones. Even though we all know all the lady teachers are talking about the same thing. ...Read On


The Training (part one)

This was the beginning. I posted this message on a sex site. It went on from there. "I met her online on another site. She sent me a friend request. I told her she had to have an avatar. I didn’t accept friends who couldn’t take time to create or find an avatar. She did so. Later that week I started a conversation with her. She indicated that she liked to tease. Within a half hour we were...Read On



My body is aching with lust for yours, the feel, the touch, the heat of you. Our naked selves pressing together, one body beginning where the other ends. Desire radiating and pulsing, making my heart race. Every nerve burning raw with a lust never before felt. Your hungry mouth pressing against mine. Our tongues dancing to music only we hear. I willfully lose myself to this...Read On


Passions of Crime

What happened next...

Icy wind running in chilled veins, fire and passion on our breathless tongues, we face, in mirrored gaze. Admiration and trust turned by time to frustration and lust, a passion of crime. “Time will tell,”  they say. Time spent well. Today, tonight, lost deep in beauty, lost again in her scent, her soul, in mind and core matched together, lashed together in friendship,...Read On

Recommended Read

‘Tis a Pirate’s Life for Me

Why are pirates called pirates? They just arrrrrrr! (Well, it says one liner)

Ah’d love t' be a pirate bold, Me cutlass in me ‘and. In thigh-‘igh boots an’ big black ‘at, Upon the deck Ah’d stand. Ah’d ‘ave a crew of lusty girls, All topless, fierce an’ tann’d. Wi’ naked breasts an’ nipples ‘ard, We wouldn’t ‘alf look grand. Our ship, she would be fast an’ neat, We’d name ‘er “ 'Orny Sue”, An’ when men saw ‘er comin’ They’d flee: an’ so would you. ‘Er sails,...Read On

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Love in the Lake

I couldn’t help but stare at this stranger’s hard body and especially his beautiful cock.

I finally booked the rustic little cabin in the Gunflint wilderness in northern Minnesota. It had been seven years since I had taken a vacation, and I was looking forward to the peace and quiet of complete isolation. The only sounds I wanted to hear for the next week were the cries of the loons and the distant howls of the wolves that inhabited this piece of heaven. I packed a couple...Read On


Bending Over

I took advantage of my small skirt and bent over low

From the moment he walked into the store I knew I wanted him. I knew I wanted his cock to pound away at my pussy until he buried his cum deep inside of me. He entered with his girlfriend by his side, holding her hand and smiling at her. They split off just inside the entrance, presumably to get the shopping done faster. Perfect. He walked over to the section I was standing in, looking...Read On


Thoughts of Her

Erotic day-dreams of a tired, night shift Husband

The low rumble of rubber on tarmac, trees flashing past, silent witnesses to time. The radio chattering at him as he wove his way home, the light of the day slowly brightening. His eyes felt heavy. It had been a long night, cold and wet. He was thankful for the hat she had bought him just last Christmas, its warmth and protection from the slow, constant drizzle a comfort. Not long now,...Read On

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I see a storm brewing In the distance, My own temper Is reflected In the rumbling thunder in The dark, ferocious sky. Lightning crashes Into the silence, Setting the night on fire. The roar of the imminent storm Echoes and bleeds into my soul. The wind licks my skin And surges into me, Fuelling my burning passion. I shed my clothes to the night And naked I...Read On

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Another Dance

A man enjoys an erotic lap dance at a gentlemen's club.

The club was dimly lit and the haze of cigarette smoke floated above. The loud repetitive thump of the dance music echoed through my head as I strolled toward the main stage. Two girls, completely naked except for their heels and garters stuffed with dollar bills, swayed rhythmically to the music. A cute dirty blonde with a petite athletic build caught my eye and I stepped up to the...Read On


One Night on the Space Coast - Part 2

A gay man meets two women while camping in Florida.

After returning to my RV and cleaning myself and the bedroom, I was just getting a glass of water when there was another knock at the door. Way too late for anyone to be socializing, I figured it must be Irene who might have forgotten something in the RV. Opening the door, though, I found Christa instead. “I saw the lights on and thought I’d take the chance that you were still up,” she...Read On

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Giving up Control

This poem is about learning to let go and enjoy the ride.

I was a bundle of nerves, my body acting as if it were a live wire. Jumping upon silken sheets. All I could feel was your rough hands pressing down on my lower back, trying to hold me. Relax , was the only word my ears could process over my own muffled screams. Turning my face away from the pillow beneath me I tried to breathe. But it was hard with the pressure of your heavy body...Read On


In Under Daylight

If love is true, more yesterdays in a song,  Even in melancholia or blue weather And age spots on your skin. It ain't all that you need bleached. It was only last night that you chipped your tooth, Sucking the bed post on the water bed, filled with vermouth,  Thinking it was Phil, Harry, whatshisname, Or the Maytag repairman. I was at the girlie show, putting dollars in G-strings  ...Read On



A poem with a silver lining

The warmth of your breath, a soft caress. I feel your heart, beating in your chest. My breath on your neck, and then my lips. I hear you sigh, floating in bliss. A kiss, a touch, a moan, a sigh, they’re all wrapped up in you. Each time we’re together, it still feels brand new. How do you make me feel this way? My thoughts always wander; you hold so much sway. Over my...Read On


Mr. Brown's two whores

Mr. Brown fucked a hot model and her secretary to help the model to raise money for a charity.

“Oh, hi! What are you doing here?” Tracy said, as Mr. Brown entered in her make-up room. Tracy was a model. She was tall, had blonde hair and fine 36C size boobs. Today, Tracy was shooting for a commercial for Mr. Brown’s company. Mr. Brown was forty years old, and had several big companies all over the world. Tracy was twenty-two years old, and at such young age, she started supporting...Read On