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As I write these final words, my secret place is softly wet and fragrant.

When the day is done and The night falls, I am consumed by you. All thoughts lead to you, As I long to hold you gently to me, Your hardness penetrating me. Slowly at first, A sweet agony. Feel my tight, smooth pussy, As I wrap my legs around you. I beg you to go further, faster, And you do, exquisitely so. I match your thrusts, Gripping you tightly each time, Digging...Read On

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Lara's life is turned upside down.

I got to a point where nothing seemed important any more. Days were repetitive; each rolled into the next with no real meaning; my life was ending and I was achieving nothing. I woke up every day at seven and went though the same routine; shower, eat, dress, take the train to work. Work was at a bank, with people who looked just like me. We dressed the same, counted the same money and passed...Read On



My satisfaction for the night is complete, contentment of lust though incomplete

In the dark of the night I see the light As I picture you in sight I follow the light Thoughts make me drive Suddenly I came alive My skin glistens  As I listen With desires I mold My body refuses to hold Feelings so stimulating Soft moans titillating Just when you whisper my name My heart goes insane Every moment, every move I am sinking into your groove ...Read On


Hard Times

Volunteer work saving the environment has side benefits for Trevor.

When Trevor came in to the Environmental Awareness Center at ten a.m. for his Wednesday volunteer shift a new receptionist was on duty. She looked to be in her mid-twenties with long auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, a rosy blemish-free complexion and a buxom chest.  “Hi, I’m Trevor Bridges,” he said extending his hand, “are you a new volunteer here?” Ashley Thomas accepted Trevor’s...Read On


A Beautiful World

My world was covered in grey Beautiful color drained from it Worry and pain filled my mind Every rule says it was poor timing But the minute he walked into my life The colors came flooding back to me His words, whether typed or spoken Eased my worries, soothing me Calming the persistent waves of pain Love had always been romanticized Fine wine, beautiful art and fancy words His love...Read On



. Every. Single. Sense. is aroused by the very thought of you. The sound of your voice or the sight of your hands, causes my heart to contract as if you are actually pressing and massaging this well of all hope. My body sings your song and simply feeling flesh caressing flesh as I walk increases my desire. There is no moment of peace because I want you. ...Read On


The Naughty Housewives

So much time, what to do

Lots of housewives are on Lush, All the time in the world, no need to rush. Posting x-rated pictures on people's walls, Maybe they chat and do voice calls. Possibly they like to role-play, Being very naughty in their days. Reading all the hot sexy stuff on the website, Chatting with cyber lovers all through the night. They could be looking for love and are cheaters, They might like...Read On


it is you

you have power over the storm.

... My body trembles as one hard finger slides with purpose over needy flesh. An erect nipple is flicked to rosy hue. A barbell pull elicits deep moaning and a plea for more. Broad palms skim a belly shivering with barely restrained need. Here and there a tongue tastes my glistening body. Rousing, sliding into my heart. Two fingers tease the warm wet I offer you, loving me until...Read On

Comp Entry

Executive Toy

A purchase from the Lush store leads to unexpected fun in the office

I sighed, hit “send” on my email, and wondered if it was time for another trip across the road to Costa. The office was supposed to be air-conditioned, but it didn’t seem to be working today, just when it was most needed. It’s not that I was complaining about the hot weather, it’s just that I’d much rather be out sun-bathing than stuck at my computer all day. Suddenly I heard a voice...Read On


The Secretary and The Student - The Work Week

Back at work, the flirting continues...

Monday arrived. I love Mondays! I am usually very busy as my partners have this habit of working over the weekend and my “to do list” is a little long. I don’t mind, as they are great to work for. Honestly though, on this Monday I was a little nervous about going to work because of the weekend I had had enjoying a very naked and much younger man, who was also an Articling Student at the Firm....Read On


Control is the Game - Part Two

It's Friday and Slave has come back to play

It's Friday; you've come back to see your mistress,  You love how I am your seductress. You strip your clothes and get on the bed, Handcuffs and blindfolds are put on, nothing is said. You're excited and aroused as I begin, Using my feather tickler on your skin. I go into my draw to get out the nipple clips, Apply them to slaves erect and swollen nips. A little pain and now some...Read On


Full-Body Massage

Eva needs relaxation, but gets much, much more

My name is Eva, and I'm a stressed out workaholic.  I grew up in suburban San Diego but moved to Los Angeles with the idea that being in a bigger, more bustling city would introduce me to more people and give me a more 'active' lifestyle.  Unfortunately, in the 3 years since I graduated college and moved here, the only 'active' part of my lifestyle has been my workload.    My friend...Read On


Phone Sex Operator Poem

You have dialed one eight hundred pleasure

You've dialed one eight hundred pleasure, Hey big boy, I'm here at your leisure. I'm wearing an outfit made of leather. Give me your credit card, it costs to play, I'll delight you in so many ways. I'm running a fifteen minute special, free today. Oh baby, take out your cock, I know precious you're hard as rock. I'm a slut who loves dirty talk. Sweetie, I'm fingering my wet, tight,...Read On


Let's Go All The Way

A couple have sex together

A man begs his gal to go all the way  he tells her he'll make her day. She asks him what he would do he said they'll have sex and they'll screw. First they undress and he massages her breasts he sucks and plays with her firm and perky chest. He twists and pinches her erect nips then back to kissing her ruby red lips. He licks her stomach and kisses her toes his pecker is hard and...Read On


A MILF's Craving for Teenage Testicles and Cum

I relive my high school and college memories of sucking cocks and balls by sucking my sons' friends.

My name is Holly, and at forty-two years old I am the mother of eighteen year old and nineteen year old sons who are both away at college. I always enjoyed observing and interacting with them and their friends when they were maturing and going into their junior and senior years in high school. My husband Ed and I had our oldest son Jeremy just one year out of college. Then our younger...Read On



Curled up in the dark Craving, Needing Trembling, Waiting Lost in the concept of time. A rose desperate for,  Water, Sun, Air Anxious to blossom, Open her petals &  Suck in the morning dew. Clouds hide the magical rays of moon Faded in shades of grey When.. If... Will...? The air thickens My pulse increases This time it is no dream You are here... Waited so long for this Brazenly I...Read On


Secret Affairs: With My Friend's Son - Part 21

Adam and I go out and spend the night in a hotel room.

Adam and I reached the market. The weather was wonderful and we were enjoying the beautiful views of hills, small shops, beautiful hotels, and the other couples who were there to spend some quality time with their loved ones. I guessed my dress was sexier than I thought while buying it. I noticed many men checking me out, some were noticing my deep cleavage and some couldn’t take their...Read On

Recommended Read

Winter's Rose

My heart Was like a rose, Wilting In the cold winter's night. Its icy petals, Fragile and cracked... Waiting to shatter. Your warm embrace Was like the midnight sun That warmed And thawed Me out, From within. Your voice Was the steady Rhythm That caressed My senses In tune With your smile. Your touch Ignited A dormant need For more, An...Read On


Dinner Time Dare

Lisa was my best friend and more recently became my lover. We often dared each other, to do naughty stuff, thrilling and exciting each other.  Lisa was stunning for her age at seventeen. Her long shapely legs always looked fabulous in black high heels. She had a wonderful slim body from doing gymnastics, which gave her a lovely v-cut in her lower abs, which I loved. She wasn’t the...Read On

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Cherry Blossom

Sakura uttered a soft whimper when Elizabeth wrung the hand towel over the basin and pressed it onto the teacup pout of her naked pussy. The temperature of the fabric was just enough shy of scalding to cause a split second’s burning sensation before her pores opened to welcome the heat under her skin. “Your landing strip is pretty,” the slender blonde told her. “But Mr. Paxton prefers...Read On


The Bored Housewife

Housewife being naughty

There once was a bored housewife,  She has a happy marriage and a good life. Life was hectic with lots of demands, But, she still hand time on her hands. Naughty ideas and sexual thoughts, She can't help herself it's not her fault. She loves to play with her vibrating toys, Having orgasms all day brings her joy. She is very creative and loves to write, Writing her ideas down through...Read On

Audio version available

I Know What You Want

You want me...

This poem only available on Lush Stories. I don’t need to look into your eyes to see your soul, boy. I close my own. I hear your words oozing into me, The hot, sticky pre-cum-laden juices Overflowing from me with hot passions. Deep words thrust deeper Into my aching pussy And make me moan and scream With the pleasure you plunge into me, Your hands sliding over me, Kneading my breasts and...Read On


My Demons

Everyone battles their own demons.

They are indistinguishable Too closely defined One Fear, one pain Clawing their way Ripping my soul Unrelenting Unforgiving His love is a light in itself A flickering light in my hell He saves me each day Day after day after day Healing my soul Unshakable Never wavering Each night the battle begins The pain and fear so loud Demanding my attention Tearing my soul apart My demons to battle...Read On


The Secretary and The Student - The Morning After

The story continues ....

It was Saturday very early in the morning when I awoke in Ryan's big messy bed. The blinds were still open and the evening had slowly turned into a new day. The darkness was now various shades of grays and soft ambers from the rising sun. I felt Ryan snuggled up behind me; his right arm over my body and his hand cupping my breast. I listened to him softly breathing. I lay there thinking, "...Read On


Ellen's Men Next Door

As Ellen stood there, in shock, watch the 2 young men jacking each other right in front of her.

Ellen was preparing herself a light lunch when her husband called on the kitchen phone. Dick called to suggest that Ellen go and invite Walt and Betty's son, Jack, to dinner. Betty and Walt were her and her husband’s best friends, and next door neighbors. The women have been close since they were pregnant with their first children together; that was eighteen years ago. Just last month...Read On

Recommended Read

Secret Diary of a Cheerleader (Chapter 4)

Danny and JJ go wild as the competition reaches its conclusion

Friday May 23rd  I'm so excited and I could explode!!! We actually won. It was amazing to hear our names read out for first place in the duo competition. I would like to think that we got there on merit with just a little oil in the cogs of bureaucracy. Congratulations to JJ for getting first place in the Juniors section. I got a very commendable second place. I would have liked to...Read On



for Intense One

I call out for you but you are not there. Perhaps You think the grass is greener Somewhere else. Maybe it is newer, Brighter. The dew clearer, The blade shinier. These may be true But I am sweeter, Truer. And I love you. I don't understand Why you don't answer, When I call for you. Please don't trample  On my heart. Don't throw me away. This grass Wants to keep growing,...Read On

Forever Your Guide

The Night Sky Speaks after the Storm

As lightning blazes bright Across the barren sky tonight I cannot hear your hypnotic words Of clever seduction My single barrel pen is empty, No spicy ink inside to write the verses You craved so many times And blew your mind, Yet the burning desire rekindles My passion lurking in shadows For a restless soul like mine Cannot remain sulking deep in gloom Contained within the walls ...Read On


Waiting 2.0

Blindfold, bound and waiting......

I published the start of this as a story on its own, but I only wrote the start because I wanted to write the end. So here it is in one piece. It is best read slowly, take your time. I hope you enjoy it, and my other stories, please comment, Vix. I walked through the door, following your instructions to the letter. I sat on the chair you had left in the middle of the room, put the mask over...Read On


Delicious Ambiguity

More thoughts about internet love

We cannot see each other but  In your eyes I am beautiful. We cannot feel each other but I live in your heart. We are so far away but You are always close to me. We cannot know each other but  You make me smile. We cannot hear each other but You make me laugh. We cannot touch each other but I sense you holding me. All of our senses so acutely stimulated By each other...Read On