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Joanne and her Twin Boys-4

My boys found me sleeping on the couch with my hand in my panties and gave me what I craved.

It was Friday night and my sixteen year old boys were invited to a party. Their coach wanted to show the whole soccer team his appreciation for their hard efforts and making it to the semi finals. They had left before I got home from work. So I thought, instead of sitting home alone, I should go out to have a bite to eat. I went upstairs and as I walked by their room, I noticed some...Read On


My Girlfriends Hot Daughter, Ch. 2

She likes it rough and I do too….Her knees are turning black and blue…..The front desk keeps on calling….She throws the phone across the room….So we hope nobody finds…..”I woke up to the sound of Madison singing in the shower again. Madison was very chipper for 6:30 in the morning after drinking and fucking late into the night. Our bedroom fan circles slowly, blowing cool air across my body;...Read On


You have lost your cyber lover

Feelings of how you feel after this loss

Cyber relationships can come to a halt,  They will stop abruptly, it's not really your fault. Real life situations may come up in their lives, And you're not part of that, how will you survive. These relationships can be a bit too intense, You have to be smart and not lose common sense. Even though you have never actually met, Losing them would make you rather upset. You've spent lots...Read On


My Daughter's Teacher-Chapter 2

This is chapter 2 and I hope everyone enjoys it. As always comments are always welcome. CHAPTER 2 I woke early the next morning and started breakfast for Beth and I. Beth made her way into the kitchen around 7:15, dressed and ready for school. She sat at the table and asked me how my parent teacher meetings went last night. I told her that I met all her teachers and they all expect her to...Read On


The Milf And The New Neighbour

A voluptous milf gives into temptation and seduces her new neighbour

The new family next door are all very friendly, especially Dan. I love to watch out of the window around 4pm to see Dan saunter up the drive his hair tousled, eyes sparkling as we wave to each other. I am home alone feeling very naughty. My mind is full of lustful thoughts. I devise a plan. Dressing carefully in my little white dress which skims the cheeks of my peachy bottom and reveals...Read On


Master At Your Craft

Yet another sweet love poem for your reading pleasure...enjoy...

Master At Your Craft You're truly a master at your craft, The way you hold and stroke my shaft, The way your tongue starts to glide, Along my sensitive underside, The way you look up with your big, dark eyes, As your head is bobbing between my thighs, The way you gently massage the tip, With your soft tongue and lower lip, Girl, you make me want to scream, As you start to lap up all my...Read On


Ariel’s First Time (part 02)

Ariel finally turns fantasy into reality...

“I vote Jasmine. She had the sweetest story,” said Ariel. “Pussy,” said Cindy. “But alright,” she sighed. “Jasmine, you’re her boss for the night. Don’t go light on her.” Jasmine made a show of pondering. Finally she asked, “Did you all notice Eric today.” Cindy and Bell shared a conspiratorial glance and nodded. “Huh?” asked Ariel. “Well, he’s fine,” said Cindy. “And you should...Read On

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Anal Angel

I Love To Be Your Anal Angel

I’m a dirty kind of freak. I’m a twisted naughty girl. I know what I like, this much is true. Don’t deny me what I want most of all. Please give it to me. I want it slow and teasing, but don’t forget I like it hard and deep. Mix up the pace, and make me scream out with utter delight. I love the way you fuck my ass. That’s it, work yourself nice and deep. Pound my little ass. I want it...Read On


Assume the Position

Not all Law Firms are boring .....

Assume the Position You see me In my business attire Long dark skirt hugging my curves My feet in black high heels Simple jewelery making a classy statement. You see me Adjust my glasses, Wondering if I have thoughts of you yet, You watching me with intent eyes, Wondering what I am wearing Underneath these dark clothes. You see me In your mind’s eyes, Bending over your desk As you sit...Read On


Caught by my Step-Daughter (part 4)

Emily brings Amy into the mix and further pushes the boundary of Dad - Step Daughter sex

It was amazing, the whole scene leading up to that point when, just as she asked, I delivered my cum right into her mouth. There she was, naked, her lovely breasts rubbing my thighs, her mouth on my cock, lips tightly holding me as her tongue swirled all around my head. Her fingers wrapped, stationary, around the base of my cock and the palm of her hand on my balls. She looked me straight in...Read On


Tuck’s American Road Trip! The Agony The Ecstasy

A groom gets dumped at the church on his wedding day and sets out on an unplanned erotic adventure!

Part One — The Agony & The Ecstasy Bradley Tucker ‘Tuck’ Grayson was scurrying about his apartment getting ready for his wedding. His long time best friend and Best Man, ‘Bimbo’ Billy Bryson, had just arrived from picking up the bride-to-be’s suitcases for the honeymoon and was squeezing Tuck’s one measly banged up bag into the trunk of Tuck’s car with all of Prissy’s bags. After closing...Read On



He became her serendipity

He had me from hello, such a simple word Little did we know that it would change our world I can't believe how short it's been since our first friendly chat When we said goodnight at last, I thought that was that But our talks did not stop there, they only grew to be more Could this really be the man I had always searched for How can love happen so fast that we don't even know it The...Read On


Troubled Youth

Milf picks up a young hitchhiker and offers some therapy, too.

Troubled Youth By Miss Anonna It was an hour drive down to the river but I was ready to go with a cooler full of wine, towels, bathing suit and chair that makes lying in the sun so easy. When I turned onto River road I knew I’d be there half an hour from now and already my tight shorts were riding up my ass and I was getting antsy. About 10 minutes on the winding road I noticed an older SUV...Read On


Masked Motherly Love

A son and his wife unknowingly end up with his parents at a costume party.

My husband Tom and I are sexually adventurous. I did not realize how adventurous though until this past Halloween. Let me start by saying we are swingers. I have never liked the term, but it still best describes the lifestyle we like to participate in. It particularly is easiest to use the term for people not familiar with the culture. I am forty-four years old, and Tom is forty-five....Read On

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Phone Sex

Fuck Me Like The Filthy Girl I Am

Lying on my bed, with my phone pressed against my ear, I listen to you plea with me. “Baby, please, I need you,” I hear you insist on telling me. I hear the want in your voice, making me tremble with need. My fingers roam over my semi-naked body, caressing myself how I would like you to caress me. All I have on are your favourite pair of pink panties. The ones you love so much on me. They...Read On