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Random midnight poem

What is it.. About the moon..  To look above, She makes you swoon. She is so hypnotic, Mystery and unknown beauty. In some ancient language, She speaks of an eternity. Lovers share that same moon, Some nights tears are shed, Crying for the sun, To erase the memory of why we bled. Others lie embraced, Grasping at the light, Touching that eternity, That's only felt...Read On


You Had Me At Hello

You had me at hello

You had me at hello The crinkle of your smile The softness of your eyes The palest blue of summer skies You had me at the first handshake Firm, warm, the touch of a lover Leaving me wanting more To discover everything about you You had me with your first glance Passion I'd not seen before Short of breath, I felt the floor Whirl away beneath my feet You had me at the first dance...Read On


Between Midnight and Noon

A young man seeks out companionship to fill an emotional void and sooth his soul.

Eight months. Seven days. Sixteen hours. It’s been so long since my wife last told me she loved me and then kissed me goodbye. How was I to know that one kiss would be the last kiss, the last caress? How many times would I think of her and seek her memory out in this way? “More coffee?” The waitress comes to stand in front of me, carafe in her hand. I consider that she...Read On


The ancient dance of lovers

He comes to her when darkness falls, When moonlight shines upon her skin, Making it glow in beautiful paleness, Like fragile, exquisite porcelain. The cool night time air Causes her pink nipples to firm, Little rosebuds on creamy breasts, His mouth watering at the sight. She sighs and stretches, Unaware of his presence, his eyes on her. The seductive curve of her hip Calls to...Read On


Melody, Memory

You are the music that plays in my heart...

Whenever a song plays on the radio, I don't know why... A tear falls down from my eyes, It hurts so much to continue listening, You're the first person that comes to my mind. And if I sing along with it, I don't know why... The memories of our happy days flash back, Wishing it would not be so painful to see you change, Wishing you were still the man you introduced me to. And when the...Read On

Recommended Read

Happy Birthday, Dear Wampyr... (Part I)

The Dark Lord Stefan celebrates Her birthday...

"369, The Goose Drank Wine, The Monkey Chewed Tobacco On The Streetcar line..." It was her birthday. The Dark Lord rose, the old rhyme humming in his head as he scented her upon the night air. The scent of her yes, but also the smells as she prepared herself to allow him to take her into the night in celebration. The Almond Butter she used to dress her curls, the ancient Florentine perfume...Read On


Take off your mask

All things are possible in the realm of our fantasies, We can be authentic in every way, Opened up to all possibilities, As egos slip away. Take off your mask, The one you wear each day. Remove your steel facade, Let self conscience fall away. Be 100 percent, Be 1000 percent, Be bold in everything in everything you do, As you undress from all pretense. You are not the judge, ...Read On


Fistfuls of Hay

A farmer's wife allows an unusual relationship - and enjoys it, too!

Nelle balanced the heavy basket of wet clothes on the ample curve of her hip and shielded her eyes against the late day sun. Grasshoppers flicked through the grass around her, a humming buzz of life in the emerald green. She’d heard the deep rumble of the tractor returning from the field a few minutes ago. By now her men would be in back of the barn, knocking off the dirt, making use of the...Read On


Field of Desire

Woman and Man consumate burning lust in the grassy field

Copyright 2014 Tiepinkraider & Wonderway All rights reserved TOGETHER: We can smell the grass and the flowers on the breeze as we lie in the warm, soft, green field at the top of the vast valley, the distant snow-capped mountains visible with no one for miles. It is serene and quiet, peaceful in the dappled shade shielded from the burning sun. Only the birds flying high overhead can see us....Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Derek

Things get hot and heavy when a cantankerous old man receives a visit from a stranger.

For the past year or so, I’ve been fucking dirty old men in and around my local area on the outskirts of London. I meet them through The Association for the Aged (TAFTA), an organisation for whom I work voluntarily. My name’s Sammy, and this is a story of my first sexual experience with an old man. It is, however, written in the third-person perspective. It all started about a year...Read On


He sits and waits

An old man remembering young love...

He sits and waits In the doorway of the cafe Shaded from the heat of the summer sun. His chin hunched upon his stick, He sits and waits And he looks, Watching beautiful young couples passing by, Arm in arm, In suits, and loose ties, shirts grimed with sweat And tiny patterned summer dresses, Slung over beautifully curved frames. He smiles a wry smile, ...Read On


Petals And Thorns

The best of me is yet to be,  Beside quite whispers I'm at best. In jest, I quest my evermore,  Silently scribing erotic lore. Darkening lines fade to shade, With my quill I give nil erase, Temptations of darkening clouds,  And copulations I stream the ink  Scribbling my somberness still,  Trekking of the penis and slit, Cold gust blow my erotic seek,  Dripping precum chill...Read On


Questions of Love

Questions of Love Is love but a fleeting feeling? Or something that is true? Is it just a passing emotion? Why is it drawing me to you? Is love about finding beauty? Why is there so much pain? Can it truly mend a broken heart? Can it make me whole again? Is it love that bonds us together? Or is it lust that controls our minds? Can my love be a soulful promise? Or did...Read On


Dream Lover

Lush enables one to have the perfect dream lover.

Finishing the household chore I move on to a cup of tea, Do I have time, I know I do as my mind fills with glee. Logging on , a little breathless,  Hoping you are on, the buffer seeming endless. Heart sinking, its a shame you see, I have little time, and you can't be here with me. Moving to the homepage, I see the list of lush author's work, Do I want a little reluctance? A little...Read On



When SHE forgets to bring me home cigatettes.

Salt sugar, stark dark as taillights drift and float upon fog. A scent in the ether, either you or I hear foghorn ferrules and now the time has come. Tell me I am not alone? Not the only one?  Brass engines hum with numbing heat  As noxious as a fucked upon sheet  As aware of pressed leaves in a forgotten book.  But look...  Twinkled candles matched your eyes as  At our party, clowns...Read On



She sneaks into his lap and curls up. With a sigh, she relaxes, His arms wrapping around her, She feels safe, at ease. A grown woman, sure, But his lap is her safe-place, She doesn’t care if others find it odd. He smiles, feeling her melt into him, Her total trust in him, heart-warming. Loving how she can be so strong, Yet vulnerable when she lets him into her...Read On


Like a child in the rain

Thoughts on the ending of a love affair

A dull ache, like some half-remembered pain Is all that remains of what we once were Together; but that is in the past now, And I am left like a child in the rain, Cold and alone, peering through misted glass, Eager to glimpse the light and life within, Craving the warmth of love, but all in vain. Forgotten now is the laugh in your voice, The touch of your hand, the...Read On


I Spoon Freely

In vistas, I hide not crones, Hags of Savannah Town, I compose.  Witches brew on tome pages, Vixens of erotic dominions And their pedigree. Stirring up clouds of November,  In darkening awakening  Of my arising shadow.  In covens, I sip soup, Intoxication of my soul, I spoon freely. In shrill, louder then the quill,  From depths of their cauldrons. My penis seeping.  ...Read On


The Knight Of Love

It is my duty don't you know To service women soft and slow. To fill their needs and fill them all No matter whether short or tall. My quest will always simply be To please the ladies that need me. A Knight of Love from days gone by I make them shiver, quake, and sigh. I never let a challenge pass For I will favor every lass. Their needs I meet with sweet finesse And spread around...Read On


A Bunnie to Play With - Chapter 2

Anne lays down the rules and gives Bunnie a strong 'incentive' to learn them

I awoke early, much too early for a Saturday. The sun was just peeking over the horizon, but I needed to pee, urgently. I had been disoriented, and I had almost jumped in fright when I had become aware of the body snuggled up to me. Then yesterday’s events came back to me, and I realized that the body belonged to my - roommate? Friend? Lover? I slowly extricated myself, careful not to wake...Read On


Band Camp

And this one time, at band camp...

“So where did you do it?" Sheryl asked impatiently. “In a practice room! They’re sound-proof!" I said smugly. “The whole band was playing twenty feet away and she was moaning and screaming her head off when I wiggled her baton inside her cunt and no one even heard us!" “Wow!" “ Awe some!" “Geeez, Beth!" It never got old. I’d used that story of me seducing the head majorette at...Read On


A Soul On Fire

The waves of lust sweeping away his dreams The wind of memories blowing him away The flames of her memories burning him down The land of unending sorrows pushes him to the never ending land, The never-land! -- The one he cared for left his life The men he trusted smacked him on the back The friends he adored left him stranded  The life he's living tickles him The hope he...Read On


His Wife, My Toy: Part 2

His wife becomes a little more accommodating

Monday May 26 20:00 There she is, on my screen, looking nervous. Just above the bottom of the screen are her naked breasts. “Good evening, Pet.” “Good evening.” “How are you this evening?” “Nervous.” “Again?” I smile. “What do you have to be nervous about?” The woman looks into the camera, eyes not quite focused. “I’m nervous because I don’t know what you… want.” I smile again. “What...Read On



A selfie in the mirror takes an unexpected twist.

I am in the tastefully lit bathroom of a downtown nightclub, taking a picture of myself reflected in the wall of mirror in front of me. The sweater I am wearing is suggestively low-cut, but I center on my face. My sea blue eyes sparkle in the unnatural light. I had stepped out into the alley with some random guy to smoke a joint about an hour ago, so I am a little light-headed. I made out...Read On


Woo Of My Darkening

In woo of my darkening demeanor, Trending the side of eeriness scribing. Scratching out kernels on paper I writ, Enunciating in script forthwith. Seething erotic storms, brewing musk, Thunderous inclinations lusting within, In giving of my scribbling pen. Composing copulation of my stipends.  Compilations of nocturnal feasts, The erotic soul my quest, In unforgiving thirst,  My...Read On


Cracking My Professor, Part I

“Why are you so mad at me, Professor?” I smiled maliciously. I dared him.

So it was my senior year and only a few more weeks to go until I’d finally be done with this school. It was Friday, 8 a.m. and I was standing in front of a minibus with a few friends, chatting and enjoying the already high temperatures. We were about to go on a school trip that would last the whole weekend. Wait, what? Let me explain: At the beginning of the school year it was announced...Read On


The man of my dreams

Kiss me like there is no tomorrow, Wrap me up like you will never let go. Whisper sweet nothings into my ear, Make me laugh and laugh with me. Nibble my neck, across the collarbone, Taste my skin and awaken every nerve. Touch me tenderly, sweet caresses, Or grab me firmly, ravaging my flesh. Show me your desire, see how it makes me burn. Make sweet love to me...Read On


The Number Eleven

In my mortal existing present benediction of the dark, Been blessed by compatible qualifiers of my disposition,  Arbiters of The Number Eleven, with inner knowledge. Abbey of the niche, in quaint abodes of Gothic harrows, Friars and Sisters of The Number Eleven,  In genuflection to the keeper of the lamp, we follow. In bondage of the flesh and it's entitlement we profess, ...Read On


They Must be Angels

They know who they are, and they've changed my life.

I've been down the road of deception, where lies are a way of life. The darkness seduces and entices but always cuts like a knife. *** That road is crooked and leads nowhere and most always results in pain. The lies pile up, the stories get twisted to the point where you cannot explain. *** For to go there is only to fool yourself again and again and again. Eventually...Read On


Vagabond Ooze

Liquid shadow, swilling pantomime, Lips hoisting bottle of haunts And chills of imagination,  Vagabond spreads lust.  Traveler in quest, giving frights, Words of the dark in my ever after, Beginning in the vagina, Cavern of the tempest storm.  Aberration of the genitalia,  Bequeathing my erection.  In cum, I sow my flowing butter,  On bread of her rising thighs.  In rant, I...Read On