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My Love For You

Nothing in nature compares to the love I have for you

My love for you is... Stronger than: The magnetic force that keeps the planets in orbit, Or the tide that keeps the oceans in its bowl, Or the heat generated from the sun. More powerful than: A raging spring river swollen from the winter's snow, Or a devastating earth quake that rips apart buildings, Or a hurricane that causes mass destruction. More gentle than: A beautiful butterfly...Read On


Ups and Downs

Love takes time

The rain beats hard against the windowpane Bringing back memories of what we hoped to obtain. The glass is cold and smooth beneath my cheek As I gaze into the darkness so black and so bleak. Our romance has been rocky and filled with doubt There were times we were unsure and almost backed out. Now we are together and never plan to part Our love is cemented and we give it our heart. ...Read On

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Mix Up

If one feels too at home in a hotel room, unexpected and exciting things may happen.

No matter where I tended to end up for the night, these little rituals kept me grounded, gave me a little bit of homely quality to counteract the tedious sterility of hotel rooms. I set my diary onto the nightstand, put the small pink cushion into the bed and hung up my black original Japanese kimono on the wardrobe. While I did this, I slowly disrobed and took a guilty pleasure in dropping...Read On


An afternoon by the pool - part two

Carl came home early and what did he find?

'Wow, what an opportunity', thought Carl as he held his cock in his large right hand gently stroking its growing length up and down as he watched them. He tore himself away and went to his wardrobe, grabbed a T shirt and a pair of swimming shorts and quickly put them on. He hurried downstairs to his office and snatched his iPhone from the desk and once more hurried back upstairs. He...Read On


Second Chance- Chapter 3

What happends after that kiss...

Emma opened the door to her dark house. Her husband was still at work. Walking up the stairs her heart, feeling full and empty at the same time. Kicking off her heels, stepping out of her black dress, and peeling off her lace bra and panties, Emma decided she would take a hot bath. Running the steamy water, and pouring in some lavender oils, Emma lighted some candles, and lowered herself into...Read On

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Who Knows That It Is Dark But I?

a lover passed, trying to reach out to his love who remains...

Who knows that this is dark but I And the steel dust of stars? Who knows that this is night Before a resplendent day? Far above the sky a whisper Sleep in your casket of gold, I gave you all that you can hold, In return for your love. I shared your dreams, I saw you kneel and pray. The grasses sway in the breeze, And she walks amid memoria, Weeping for...Read On



a night of incredibly intimacy between two lovers

The steam from the bodies rose. It began to singe the skin,  the charring scent of passion - the searing heat of hedonism. The sweat dripped from her back, or was it dripping from his – or both? The night fused into the early am hour, and the early am hour became the morn. Nights of passion like this don’t emerge. They are skillfully and sensually manufactured  via days of open...Read On


First Dance

How a dance and chance encounter can alter life

The midnight stars will never shine As bright as the gleam you put in my eyes. I remember so well the night that we met Etched forever in memory, I cannot forget. In a room full of people, Yet you were still all alone. When asked to dance, your answer of yes Came in a subdued and hushed tone. Holding you in my arms, the feeling is so right, Dancing and loving you, deep into...Read On

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Mistaken Identity - Part Three

Dinner and fireworks for two, please.

The sky was tinged in oranges, pinks and purples as the last rays of the sun gave way to the inky black of night. Jake checked his reflection one last time in the small mirror over his wash stand, running a hand over his freshly shaved chin and smoothing unruffled hair. He'd washed and changed after the work day, the button up dress shirt a novelty in the wilds of the west. The trousers...Read On


How Do You Continue Loving

Love Continues Despite All

How do you continue loving - When the arrow devastatingly struck the target? All of the planning and preparation well executed. And he neither winced nor cried as it hit, And when his heartbeat ceased upon impact? He knew not the moment or the hour, He had not expected such an attack, But he knew the game in which he participated, And the absence of any guarantees of success. ...Read On


What I want is you

As I lean in to taste your lips I have waited and waited for this As I part your lips with my tongue I savor your taste I lick your nose As I giggle and run my hands in your hair I moan as you cup my breasts Looking into your eyes I straddle your hips As you take off my shirt You knead my breasts As you suck on my nipples As I moan loudly You bite and lick As I pull your face up to...Read On


Her Pleasure

She wonders if this is real or not.

She awaits her lover bound by her chains,  In the dark and silent room,  For hours and hours. In anticipation for what she desires, His tongue on her clit. She lets out a moan,  As she pulls at her chains. She imagines his tongue, Licking her slit. She lets out a groan, As her head tilts back. Feeling his tongue,  Lick each swollen lip. Moaning and groaning, She pulls on her chains. ...Read On



My stanzas stand the time of musk And the quaintness and dust.  Within the longevities of worn books, And bookworms sprawling on my shelves. Poetically salivating for mortalities flesh, Scribing on cobwebs I prose sexualities. With my eternal quill I spin ambidextrously, My swinging cock. I Aadagio Sebadicus bequeath to you Sensualities within my yellowed tomes. On pages...Read On


Beyond The Brothels

On eroticism I was suckled,  In the valley of the tits. Lactation finely tuned me, In seeking out sensuality. Together with my journal, I took leave of my mother home. Setting foot in Budapest, I thrived on fornication. It was there in nightly swills And brothels of stoned cold women, I regained the quality of my wits, Forthwith used my quill. On hollow halls I wandered, In...Read On


Whispered To Blue Butterflies

In my poetic escapades of erotic pleasures, I have kissed the stones of lustful vagabonds. Caressed the marble of maidens breasts. Whispered to blue butterflies, And masturbated on cobwebs.  I have fornicated with dryads of the mighty oak. Splurged my cum upon weeping willows. Entwined my limbs on shapely boughs. Scribed on bark my dark eeriness, And performed fellatio...Read On