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A masseur services a very powerful businesswoman.

They tell me she is a powerful woman in the tech industry, and has been to the White House too often. Her security detail whisk me, spin me around, and check my usual room. Then they nod with a modicum of curtness, as though they know through experience the correct amount of curtness that is appropriate for any given person. I nod back, and await her. She is in her late forties, from how...Read On


What I want is you

As I lean in to taste your lips I have waited and waited for this As I part your lips with my tongue I savor your taste I lick your nose As I giggle and run my hands in your hair I moan as you cup my breasts Looking into your eyes I straddle your hips As you take off my shirt You knead my breasts As you suck on my nipples As I moan loudly You bite and lick As I pull your face up to...Read On


Love letters

My dear love, my beautiful destiny: Today I want to imagine a new day, no matter if it is with a beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine, or delicate gray clouds with raindrops born of them ... but I imagine that all day with me you are. Today upon waking, you provoke in me a smile, remind me of what we have, as I think of you in every little thought of the day and every tiny moment I...Read On


Early Days - Chapter 7

Julie's first gangbang - the beginning

At least, we almost headed off to Yorkville. We had barely pulled out of the parking spot when Jenn braked to a stop. I looked at her as she backed into the spot again. She switched off the car and looked at me. “Daisy,” she said, “you know how Dad is always telling us never to miss an opportunity? Well, we almost did. I think we just got lucky on our adventure and we should take advantage...Read On


The Longbow

Master's fingers curl slowly, and rest round the strength of her neck, and sweat of her breast. Powerful arms flex, her master pulls gently, her lover, her Rani, her Rex. Swaying at first, she is unsteady on bent knees. Master holds her, facing her fear. Toward fire and bale, her sight fixes like the spear, to the eye of the whale. The strain upon her body like steel, ...Read On


The Twisted Path

Getting lost in the moment and each other. For him.

Walking on a twisted path, Us beneath the clouds. Rain drizzles on our heads, Spanish moss surrounds. Walking up the twisted path, Smell of earth and rain. Not knowing where it leads, Not having any aim. A turn along the path, leads us to a peak. From atop a cliff, we looked upon the sea, So vast, deep and epic. Pacific  Waves crashing, hard and free. On this twisted path, take...Read On


The Toy Shop

A fantasy filled day at work

Roxy hated having to get out of bed and get ready for work. It was cold and snowing outside. All she wanted to do was stay in bed with a warm cup of cocoa. She would much rather be watching a good porn, with her new vibrator she nicknamed Bruno. Bruno was one of the newest models out. It was guaranteed to have power, like no other. She longed to have a big dick pounding away inside her...Read On


In Flagrante...

Snapping buttons, zips and clasps, Hands on skin, silk and sheets, Eliciting moans, inviting gasps. Fabric sliding from limbs, Mouths entwined, eyes ablaze, Biting soft, kissing hard. Fumbling fingers foraging Breasts cupped, testes squeezed Intensity building without, within. Tongue on skin, salted taste, Eyes locked, eyes closed. No effort goes to waste. Synapses...Read On


A weekend with my big sis Part 3

The final part of the trilogy

Part Three Lucy giggled as she closed the bedroom door behind her. “Oh my god; you pair of fucking perverts, you’re sisters for fuck’s sake,” she said. “How fucking horny, two sisters fucking each other,” she continued. “Who could blame me?” replied Georgia. “I saw how you were looking at Jay last night. Surely you're not surprised I’m shagging her?” Lucy smiled and shook her...Read On


Happy Anniversary

H ow does this feel as I caress you dear A ny way I touch you causes pure lust P leasing your body allows for no fear P utting my mouth on your breasts as I must Y earning to make your orgasms so strong A ny squeezing will be felt deep within N othing we do will be counted as wrong N othing we do will be treated as sin I magine my manhood deep inside you V erging on...Read On


An afternoon by the pool

This is the first part in a short series of stories

"Jay," came the shout up the stairs. "Yes Mummy," I shouted back sarcastically. "Nina's here.” I rushed down the stairs, nearly slipping on the marble steps as I hurried down to see my new best female friend. She stood just inside the front door, blinking in the relative darkness, her designer sunglasses in her hand. "I'm not too early am I Jay? Mum was on her way to the mall...Read On


Suffering Not Belladonna

One's soul light the flame of true eroticism, The wick is but the quill to flow wax of cum. Behind the cowlings of the gables, I sigh, On the edge of new day's dawn, yawning. Without my accomplice, insomnia,  I would give in to peaceful rest. Behind the cowlings of the gables, I ignore, Mystic fables of fairytales conniving.  Scribing on parchment of darkness I 'writ, Grit of...Read On


What you do to me

Maybe some of you out there, share these feelings

The feelings you give me, are like none other The feelings of you against me Against my lips Against my skin In my head In my heart Throughout my entire body You make me smile from ear to ear Giggle and laugh, that sweet innocent giggle you love Love everything more; Hate, what I do, less You make me giddy Shake and nervous Yet, comfortable and relaxed When you’re touching...Read On


As Beauty Comes

As beauty comes you should not be remiss. But since you are a modest man, your norm, Cease missing all the spells that love may form, Deny no tender amorous first kiss. Enough of being circumspect and shy. Forget that you have always been the last. Give her your finest, leave loss in the past. Have all your joy, don't let it pass you by. It's now or never, she shall be the one, Just...Read On


Telephone Tease, Chapter 1

I just wanted to make her hump day more interesting!

It had been a long Wednesday at work for her. A "hump day" and she had definitely been humping. It seemed like it was one issue after another. It was nearing 3:00 in the afternoon and she was exhausted. Her company was in the throes of a major corporate re-organization and it was taking its toll on everyone there. She had talked with Me about the problems with the company and how they...Read On