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Daddy and Jenna - 4

Doug awoke in the middle of the night amid a tangle of arms and legs, desperately needing to relieve himself. His memory of the previous evening quickly cleared as he remembered three naked teenagers and himself pleasuring each other, fucking his daughter, Jenna, and her friend Maria, though Courtney seemed anxious about fully participating with the rest of the group. Doug carefully moved a...Read On


My First Sex Partner - Part Two

First time for little sister.

My First Sex Partner - Part 2 After our first sexual experience together, the relationship between Kathy and I began to grow. We were both in college, and both still living with our parents, so seeing each other during the week was difficult, but we made the most of the weekends. I have a 16 year old sister, Celeste, and she is truly a knockout, which I suspect is the reason that...Read On


Work Hard, Play Hard

Expect the unexpected

After a long hard day of work, everyone decided to go to the bar after work. It was a busy day and everyone was stressed out; a beer amongst friends was just what the doctor ordered. The whole gang met at a Gino's, a local bar in a small Illinois town. The bosses were buying round after round, till everyone was all nice and liquored up. There was quite the crowd; about 15 in all. Dirty...Read On


Betty Makes It Home Finally

Just waiting for Betty to get home

I had my hands running all over Rachel's tight little body. I could feel the heat that was radiating from her arousal. My hands could her every curve and every turn of her hips and legs now that she had lost some of her baby fat. The warmth of her thighs surprised me as to how warm her body felt. I could see every bit of her beautiful body in front of me. She had such smooth skin that...Read On

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I'm A Dom Slut

You know I’m just a dirty girl with my long legs and my blond curls. A big round ass and pretty tits, but I’m going to get you with my wits. My hour glass figure all trussed up in a corset, that will certainly make your dick wet. My creamy skin yes it’s on fire filled with passionate desire. Dreaming of that perfect ass, I want to fuck it with grace and class. I just love how my...Read On


After Regular Business Hours

Office friends with benefits.

For several years I have had a work spouse – that’s the term my wife uses to describe my female coworkers: Work Spouse, Work Girlfriend, Work Mistress, Work Tease, etc… Catherine is in her late 30’s, married with kids and confesses to a party girl lifestyle in her past. Her Native American heritage has given her jet black hair as well as dark skin tone and deep brown eyes. She was an...Read On


My Sister Jean- The Family Secret

My Sister Jean -3  Family Secret My sister Jean and I continued to have fabulous sex. She loves drinking my cum from my cock. Debbie, who is our childhood friend; we have both grown to love and enjoy her. Debbie seems to like sex more with Jean than with me. I think that’s because they have been doing it for so long together, Debbie is a great sex partner and fucks together with me instead...Read On


Temp Job (You'll like's the best)

This is an old celebrity story I never submitted, I think I wasn't sure where to put it...

NOTE: This story originally posted right after "Lost Tribe" and "Mistaken Identity"...June, 2009...hence the references at the beginning... I have a confession to make. They say confession is good for the soul, so here I am. Now that I am this hot sex fantasy writer on this sex fantasy website, people have been expecting me to keep coming up with hot stories. But the truth of the matter is,...Read On


My On-Line Adventure Goes Real-Time Video

I meet in live video the young girl I have seduced on-line

I have been having a very enjoyable on-line erotic literature site relationship with my friend Rose, a young college student in Florida . She’s only 18 but has a very adult way about her. At 49 years old, I’m easily old enough to be her father. She has a cute round but sexy body and a killer smile. Her expression in her pictures just says “Come eat my pussy and let me suck your cock”. She...Read On


Office Loving

Mary had been working for me for three weeks and she was driving me crazy. She's a petite little thing with a fantastic figure and full, mouth-watering tits. Since I had hired Mary as my secretary all I could think about was fucking her in that perfect little ass. Maybe if Mary didn't wear those damn tight jeans that push right into the crack of her ass, I would have been okay, but as...Read On


I've got yummier things in mind

Athourity reversed...twice

I heard your car pull into the driveway and just that got me excited for what I was going to make happen that day. You used your key and came upstairs to my bedroom. We were both fully clothed and you asked "I thought we were going swimming?" I assured you we were and pretended to go get change in the bathroom. I waited to hear your pants unzip and hit the floor, then I knew it was time...Read On


Initiation at Sixteen Part 4 by Muffmate

Frustrated at lack of progress with Maid, kid decides to withdraw just to discover cousin

When I got home that night, I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking “Wow!” A couple of times I must have drifted off little only to come awake with a jerk, immediately thinking that it was all a dream. Here I am aged 16 dreaming about the sex I have had with my fantasy who is in her mid twenties. My prick was rock hard and I had a firm grip on it inside my pyjamas. Then I’d grin to myself, wising...Read On


Biggest Surprise of the Night

...Fear set in when I saw our neighbors' kitchen light turn on. They were a very nice, conservative couple in their late sixties, Ellen and George. I immediately grabbed my nightgown to cover myself, but my naughty husband grabbed it back with a smirk on his face. I sighed out loud in frustration as he tossed it to the far end of the room. He could act like such a horny teenager sometimes! ...Read On


Lunch Break

Inappropriate Behavior in the workplace...

She stared at the laptop and she exhaled slowly at what she saw. The screen showed a very cute and lithe brunette tied nude to a wooden chair, her legs bent in a kneeling position and bound thigh to calf with leather straps. Her arms were also bound, but they were raised over her head, bent at the elbow and held tightly together by a similar strap, which raised and showed off her...Read On


A Summers Day part 2

Fantasy comes true...

  Tucker couldn’t believe that he had just witnessed. Tess, screaming his name as she came. Hearing that made him hard again. His dream, masturbating, thinking of him. Tucker looked at her now, still sprawled on the table, hand still buried in her pussy, smiling at him. “Fuck, “ he thought, “I’m gonna, I just have to.” Tucker opened the screen door and went in. Tess’ eyes locked with his,...Read On