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my first threesome

exploring my bisexual side

It had been a long hard winter and boy was I looking forward to a break.I had just been through a painful divorce and needed to get away.The warm sunshine of Tenerife was just the tonic I needed. After checking into my hotel I needed a walk and a drink. I found this cosy bar in the old part of town. The atmosphere seemed friendly although most people were in couples. A guitarist started...Read On


Computer Blue

Connie gets busted, in more ways than one!

Computer Blue. (by Stephanie) We're not allowed do it where I work.  That is, we're not allowed to use our office computers for personal purposes. But we all do it. Twitter, Facebook and in my case, Lush Stories. Don't get me wrong, I'm a PA for the boss of a TV production company and it's a laid back place, but there are rules. Liam Callan is a decent boss, an ex-director who...Read On


After the Party

After the Party was more fun than during...

  The party continued late into the night, but by 2 the following morning, all had left except for Jane’s friend, Scott. Scott decided to stay and help clean up from the party, even though we continually told him that we had no problem doing it ourselves and that he should head home. Since his wife and kids were away for a few days, he hoped we would let him stay over rather than go home...Read On


Older Makes a Good Teacher

A visit to a cruising spot ends up being the perfect hook-up.

It wasn't that easy being gay and living in a place like Omaha.  I was attracted to a lot of guys in my high school, but there was no way I was going to approach any of them.  I had visions of them ganging up on me in the gym and beating the shit out of me. I knew the answer would be in hooking up with older, maybe married guys.  Besides, they were safer ... they were just looking to get...Read On


Daddy's Princess In Training Part Two

The lesson continue

As I bathed in the after glow of my daddies love he continued to hold me close gently running his hands along my body caressing it. Baby you are so soft and warm to my touch it is difficult for me to keep my hands off of you. The three hours we spent making love with his infinite care  and sensitivity for my feelings and needs was overwhelming. No one had ever shown me such love, adoration...Read On


Daddy's Daughter

Daughter sucks off daddy; daddy eats out daughter

He wasn’t a typical father. He was never a traditional person either. In high school, he was rather quiet and unassuming and shied away from commotion and all the usual outbursts which came with partying and celebrations of any kind. When he met his wife she found out what he liked and didn’t like only because of his softness and also that meekness which seemed to sparkle and that’s why...Read On


Finally Satisfied


I am lucky to be married to the most sexual woman I have ever came across, but it made me wonder about her sisters. She has three of them, one in particular who blossomed into a wonder of beauty before my eyes. With no brother in their life, I had now become very close to them. Every so often the flirting would get steamy, with my hands passing on her ass or with her rubbing her ass on my...Read On


The Confession

My husband confesses a secret that changes our relationship forever.

"Honey, I have a confession to make." I looked into Mat's eyes as he made this statement, and I could see he was quite serious. Needless to say, I was curious and quite intrigued. I looked back at him, my eyes indicating he should continue. "We both know that I'm not able to meet your needs sexually," Mat began. "I wish I was more well-endowed, and I know you need more than I have to offer." ...Read On


Simply Yours

Inspired by the Girl with Curls

Curls and compassion Beauty and passion Inspiring me to want more Sensuality galore Tenderness you inspire Stoking me like a fire More than just a picture In my heart you're the fixture Never imaging wanting more Desire oozing from my every pore All that I have is yours All that I can give and more Because I am...Read On


It's just touching...

Vacation roommates seek some relief

Jake stroked his hard cock in the shower as his eyes glazed over. Almost there, but at the same time he was enjoying the feeling of holding off. Tiffany was waiting for him to get out, he knew, and he was taking a little longer than he should, but fuck it, it felt good to finally get a chance for some relief. Tiffany…fuck. As soon as the name popped into his head (as did her lovely face...Read On


My Brother Left Me With A Present

A brother leaves his sister for a year, but leaves something behind...

When I told Mitch I loved him, that was an understatement honestly, I mean I really loved him, as a lover. Maybe I'd like to start an incestuous relationship with him, but I wasn't too sure about it though. We just got really close when we lost our parents I guess, so this was probably gonna happen sooner or later. We only had each other, so we got very close, maybe that was why I was willing...Read On


Caught with my hand inside my panties

I'm sorry Baby, I just couldn't help myself.

*Please take note of the tags, if the descriptors don't interest you, move on to another story. I wouldn't want to offend you. Constructive feedback would be appreciated, and please vote* With my eyes tightly shut and my fingers working my aching sex, I imagine you filling me up. Meeting each thrust of my fingers with the rising of my hips, my climax starts to build. A rush of moans escapes...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party: Chapter 2

“Naughty big brother, don’t you know, it’s not nice to spy on your little sister!”

All week, her thoughts were of her brother having fucked her. Other guys had fucked her before, but never like the way her brother had last Thursday. It was something special. It was more than just sex. It was pure desire between siblings. So, it was definitely safe to say she was happy it was Thursday again. It had been a long week. A long week filled with emotions that she had never...Read On


Lights, Camera, Action!

Mickey was suddenly woken by a couple of light knocks on his bedroom door. "Fuck man, What do you need?" "Sorry dude, I need your help," Donny answered through the door." Mickey, annoyed, rolled out of bed and cracked his door open. "Is everything okay?"  "Yeah yeah everything is cool," Donny assured. "Jesus man, are you fucking naked?" "Yeah hahaha... Dude seriously, Michelle wants...Read On


You Can Have Mine, If I Can Have Yours

We explore a local swinger's club.

It was early in our dating, Karen and I had read several articles about the "new" swinging lifestyle that was becoming so popular in New York City: several new clubs had recently opened, and with some research, we found that right here in our village was a very large and famous club called "Michael’s Lounge." Our first trip out was a bit of sensory overload: the entire club was filled...Read On