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Absolution can get... sticky!

After a long afternoon of delivering the sacraments to the three city hospitals, Father Antony Secco took a short detour on his way back to the rectory of St. Jude Thaddeus. It'd been several days since he heard the young musician's confession, but his words still echoed in the young priest's mind. This fantasy fulfillment agency called It's Just Sex! sounded like just what he needed. He...Read On


I'll Drop My Panties for You: Chapter 3

Tom Ferson has sex with three MILFs.

I’ll Drop My Panties for You: Chapter 3 Margaret Cabot I’m horny. It’s been seven days since Tom spent the weekend fucking me to delirium. My week in Vegas was enjoyable especially looking for his special gift. During the stay I was attracted to a number of men, and was hit on several times. Being desired by other men was a boost to my pride, but I’m only thinking of Tom. I feel like a...Read On


Shopping Spree; part 4

Lex and I check out the veiwing booths at our sex shop

Two guys were working at the registers. There was a woman behind the counter, too. She looked to be a manager; she was older then they were and preoccupied with a stack of paperwork. They both had lanyards with nametags on them: Todd and James. I stepped into Todd’s line, and Lex waited behind me. “Did you find everything ok?” He asked me. “Um…yeah.” It seemed a little strange discussing...Read On


My Final Fantasy: Part IV-Reality

Marella brings the game to it's conclusion.....

My Final Fantasy: Part IV— Reality Well tonight is the big party that John and Marella have been planning for his new business launch in Durham. Marella is the sexy young nineteen-year-old student John has hired part time to live in his house and help him take care of the large property. When we last left our two characters it was mid-day on a hot sunny day and John was poolside at...Read On


Special Delivery: Raveged Raw

A horny woman stumbles into a warehouse after hours and gets more then she bargined for.

As Amber walked to her front door she sees the note saying the delivery guy missed her and if she wants her package, she would have to pick it up at the warehouse.  It’s kinda late and she’s not even sure if they are still open but Amber rushed over anyway because she’s been dieing to get her new vibrator.  Her friends at the gym told she had to try this brand and since she hasn’t had a date in...Read On


Restless Night

 I am laying in bed trying to sleep but I cant. I am feeling very restless. My mind just wont shut up and go to sleep. I toss and turn, after a while I get thirsty so I decide to go to the kitchen.  I debate putting on my robe, but figure it is the middle of the night no one will see me walking around my house nude. If they do well I hope they enjoy the show. My rather large breasts...Read On


How I Want It?

Bend Me Over

I'm in my bed after a long day at work and can't sleep, so I decide a nice orgasm is just the cure I need. I start by kicking off the covers and lying back. I palm my 36D breasts, squeezing them, and lightly rubbing them, making the nipples begin to poke out. My pussy starts to get damp and my lips swell. I start pinching my nipples and slightly pulling them when I'm roughly grabbed and...Read On


Taken by My High School Gym Teacher

Gym teacher does the nasty

I was 16, a junior in high school, and yes I had a very bad attitude! I easily earned A's without even trying but I gave every one of my teachers such a terrible time that they probably all turned into drunks having to deal with the extra stress! All except my gym teacher, he dealt with me in a different way. While my other teachers would send me to the counselor's office when I acted up,...Read On


Wages of sin - Part 1

suffering when plan rebounds

John started work in his new office on Monday morning.   The job of introducing him to his new colleagues was entrusted to Sarah, a drop dead gorgeous looking red head.   However, it quickly became clear to John that she was very conscious of her looks, and expected everyone to be in awe of her.   She made it clear to John that she regarded her job of introducing him to his colleagues...Read On


Emma Part 2

Emma's first time

Emma held my hand all the way up the stairs until we entered her bedroom. She freed my hand and shut the door then very quickly moved across the room to close the curtains. This gave me a few moments to have a look around her room. I was quite surprised by what I saw. Her room was much larger than mine is. Her room is directly above the living room and is the main bedroom of the house. A...Read On


Shaved by my mother

My mother had always wanted a daughter...I let her make me more of a girl

We have always been close. Some would say closer than a mother and son should be - but I love her and she loves me, we have complete respect for each other and…no, we've never had sex. We would tell one another our secrets and dreams, our fantasies. One evening, after we'd been sharing a bottle of red, my mother said she had always wanted a girl - she didn't regret having me but she...Read On


In the Locker Room (Chapter 2)

He would screw anything with a hole. And I was his hole.

Being sixteen, I was always the average teenage boy. Hell, a gust of wind would give me a boner. But ever since my experience with my best friend Chris, I've been thinking more and more about sex. I didn't just start looking at Chris in different ways. I started looking at everyone in different ways. True, I was a closeted bi. Chris was the only one that knew. But I know what was on every...Read On


The Gearjammer and the Homo

A man picks up a gal and gets a surprise when her significant other comes home...

I should have known better than to pick up a stranger on the side of the road but, had you seen her, you'd have done the same. Even driving past her on the on-ramp as I sped up to get onto the freeway I could tell she was a looker. In that split second I decided to stop my car and back down the side of the road where she was standing, helpless, next to her vehicle. "Oh, thank you so...Read On


My first Experience With An Older Man

It all started very innocently, I stopped in to the local XXX theatre on my way home and quickly found a seat just off to the side of the almost empty theatre. As I sat down and pulled my zipper down I could feel his hand. The theatre was very dark and my eyes still had not adjusted. All I know is that it was the beginning of a wonderful bisexual relationship with a very hot and horny and...Read On


First MFM Threesome with some married friends

I met these people through friends I played with regularly. She was 32 at the time and he was 35. They had a couple of kids and lived in a quiet neighborhood in a little town that was not far from Athens. We talked online and on webcam and decided to meet. Rachel had long, curly, dirty blonde hair. You never would have guessed that she had three kids. She had wonderful, perky tits,...Read On