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An Unexpected Visitor

It pays not to be nosey.

I have been living next door to Anna for a few years. We were both friendly towards each other and always exchanged pleasantries whenever we saw each other. We did the usual neighbourly things, taking in parcels when either one of us wasn't in, keeping an eye on the other ones house whenever one was away. Anna was 43 and about 5'6" tall. She was attractive in a nice way and always held...Read On


First Meeting with a CD

A cross dresser experiences his dreams with a man

It was strange, he contacted me first and his profile stated he was looking for a domme or trans to submit to. I guess the hidden desire to please a man won out. We communicated through mail and messenger for months. We even met for coffee and some groping, where I tested his desire for nipple play, some severe pinching and even squeezed his sac to express the control I wanted and what he...Read On



First time with a hot and horny, sex starved married bbw

Christmas party at the company. I looked around, briefly gazing at the women in the surrounding area. Stella caught my eye. She was a really BBW in her mid 40's. She had a beautiful face, with such a beautiful smile and perfect pearly white teeth. She had full kissable lips, lips created to suck dicks, rounded chin, wide hips and a nice, plump fuckable ass. She was magnificently shapely. She...Read On


Giving Another Man Head became as Easy As 1 2 3...

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard my husband offering me to suck another mans cock

My husband and I enjoy a fulfilling sexual lifestyle. In more than 15 years of marriage we have enjoyed a vast unique variety of sexual encounters. We have written about some of most erotic situations we have shared. While some may say that our sexcapades are nothing less than scandalous, we beg to differ it was our pleasure. In our life together, we never don't worried about cheating...Read On


That Fucking Sally Loves to Show Off

A Couple that loves to show off has friends over

Sally, Beckey and Shela have been friends since college. All three live in a small town in upstate New York where they went to college. Since graduating, they frequently get together for lunch and of course gossip. Sally was always the adventurous one and loved to talk about her sexual adventures. She was only 5 foot one inch tall, weighed only 105 pounds, her nose and mouth were rather...Read On


My Wife, The Adventures Of A Slut

A man loves to watch his wife with other men

My wife is a pure and unadulterated slut. This however, does not bother me in the least. In fact it is good for me, as am a voyeur, that is I love watching people have sex, and I especially love watching my gorgeous wife, get her pussy rammed by some stud. I will now relate how this fantasy of mine came true. We had been married only a few months when things begin to take place, that made...Read On


A Trip To Remember

A trip into the forest turns into an erotic adventure.

                     My wife and i love camping. Every spring we load up our tent and head upstate, to a beautiful and serene spot me have choosen, right in the mountain country. During this time of year it is lovely up there, as the flowers and trees are just coming into full bloom, and the cool maintain breezes feel refreshing and invigoring, making hiking or walking through nature...Read On


The Challenge

After questioning wether she's as hot as she used to be, a challenge is set.

As she walked through the entrance, she was relieved to see the pool was almost empty, except for the old lady slowly paddling back and forth across the water. She smiled to herself, she preferred when no-one was in so she could have more space. That's why she always went when most people were at work. She quickly walked to the edge of the pool, her juicy butt reverberating hypnotizingly...Read On


My best friend's girlfriend CH.5

I watched Katherine nap for about twenty minutes before she came to. "That was amazing Tom!" She gushed. "You're so much better at then..." An awkward silence ensued for about 5 seconds before she continued. "We should really talk about that now huh?" Her face went from a beaming smile to a troubled frown in a instant. It was disheartening to see. "Yeah I guess it's time Kath," I...Read On


The Doctor's Office

Pauls lets loose in the Doctor's office

My friend Paul and I worked together for at least 17 years, we knew each other well and often hung out together on weekends. Our kids were also good friends so we also got together for birthdays and BBQs. We were opposites but in many ways we complimented each other, he was the planner, meet the deadline and get things in order and I, free living, enjoy life while you can. We trusted...Read On


Bracelet submission:The punishment.

She wanted the shoes and so had to submit one more time

She saw the shoes that she wanted to purchase but wasn't prepared for the shopping for she had her panties on and so her punishment was to submit again at a time when I would decide. A deal is a deal and it was that to buy these special shoes she would wear no panties or be punished. She decided on being punished at a time and place of my choosing. We were on holiday and she had shaved...Read On


girls weekend

Jane and I rode the elevator to the third floor, with a dull clunk the shiny doors opened onto a sumptuously decorated hallway. Very nice indeed, the hotel was living up to it’s five star status. It was the first time in a few years that I had been given the chance to get away for a girls weekend. My friend Jane had arranged everything, it was my fortieth birthday and she wanted to give me...Read On


Webmeets Diary Ch. 03

I become Sarah to meet an older couple.

Note to the reader: In this diary I will tell the true stories of my sexual encounters that have come about thanks to the internet. Some more precise details such as names and places will be left out to protect mine and others privacy, and also because they don't matter, but otherwise I will try to be as accurate and truthful as possible. I'd been using the swingers' site for more than a...Read On

Audio version available

Miranda: It Had Been a Very Long Two Years

On the fourth time, I slowly accessed her hot depths.

She left me two years ago for another man. To this day, I still think about how she just walked out without giving me any explanation at all. Since then, I have not seen any other women. None. That is because of two reasons. One, I am scared that another would do what she did to me, and two, well, I am still in love with her. You would think after two damn years I would be over it. Well,...Read On


My Amazing Best Friend And Me

Me and my best friend explore each other

It was my friends 18th birthday and me and some of the girls had gone out clubbing to celebrate. Afterwards she invited me round to sleep because I knew my parents would be pissed if I came home drunk, also her parents were at a party and wouldn't be back 'till the next day. More about me and my best friend. I'm 5'8 blonde hair, blue eyes, slim and a perfect 32C and Kirsty has long...Read On