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A New and Embarrassing Experience

I held it in my hand, the silver bullet I had bought on line. It was a new toy, a vibrator, meant to be inserted in my pussy. It had a cord on it, leading to a control pad. Using the controls my beloved Mistress, Annie, could force it to vibrate inside me. The idea sounded luscious. Mistress, an electrical engineer, had improved the toy. She removed the connecting wire and re-wired the bullet...Read On


Master and Mr Sybian

She begins training with her new Master

Today was the most horrible day of my life. It all started a couple of days ago. Master Paul and I had been having problems for a while - no matter what I did, it didn't seem to be what He wanted. After being chewed out, and being told I didn't do this right or didn't do that right, I started getting fed up. Can you blame me? I mean a sub can only take so much! So I started messing up on...Read On


Ryan comes to surprise

Mariah pushed back against him

Completely fictional, names made up Ryan had just pulled up in the driveway when he saw his twenty-eight year old neighbor washing her car in her driveway. She had just moved in eight years ago and he was now a junior in college. They got along good, when he was younger she would sometimes ask him to rake the leaves in her yard for some cash or clean the gutters. Once during summer he...Read On


The Party - Part One

Never expected this at the party I was invited too...

I pulled her head closer, pushing the last bit of my cock down her throat. Arching my back, I let out a low moan of pleasure as I pumped my seed into her. As I stood there feeling my cock pump the last of another thick load of cum, I listened to the moans of pleasure around me, and I reflected on how this night had started. I had been invited to a party by Tina. We worked together in...Read On


Greta - Chapter 1: On the Island

The kids meet Greta

First day on the island “John, it is just so peaceful here,” Grant said, speaking on the phone to his long-time friend. “Janet and I got here early this morning and the kids' boat should be here shortly.” While John was on an extended stay overseas on business, he'd agreed to let Grant and his family use their island vacation house for the summer. “We are going to let the teens get...Read On


It Happened on Christmas Eve

Mother and son have oral sex together on Christmas Eve in her hospital room.

One of the many legends surrounding mistletoe is that a girl standing, or, in my case, lying beneath a ball of mistletoe cannot refuse a boy’s kiss. I was lying in a hospital bed with my right leg in traction on Christmas Eve and someone had hung a huge ball of Mistletoe over my bed. All the doctors, male attendants, and any other guy who came into my private room kissed me and some of...Read On


Annie Goes Skiing

Annie goes on her first ski trip...and actually likes it...

Annie glanced in the mirror one last time as she exited out the door with her boyfriend Jeff. She secretly wondered how badly this woolen head wrap thing was messing with her new hair cut. Annie was a firm believer in that old adage ‘It’s not what you do, it’s how you look doing it’ and once had those very words displayed rather unapologetically on a small plaque in her office. “You’ll...Read On


Under the Table

A foot massage between friends becomes something more

It all began with an innocent comment one day, as I was out for a long bicycle ride on a hot August afternoon. She had a habit of calling me with a sense of perfect timing. Never when I was just sitting in one spot, waiting for a call, but usually while I was gliding along at 30 kilometres per hour. I usually had my cellphone set to vibrate, but when I went out for a ride, I turned on the...Read On


A Farewell to Last

Oh God, Brad is moving to the west coast.  There was so little time left, and work was bound to interfere with what I had in mind.  I had had a crush on him from the time I met him.  It had turned into a wonderful friendship, but he was more like my brother.  I was going to miss him, that is for sure, but I was also determined to have my way with him before he left for the coast.    He...Read On


Internet Surprise

Brother and Sister unknowingly chat online.

Kim has a zest for life that's made her the perfect choice for captain of her school cheerleading squad.  Her good looks, bubbly personality and quick wit are a rare combination in this small mid-western town, a town that you've seen in any Norman Rockwell painting.  Kim's sandy blonde hair flowed over her shoulders like a waterfall.  Her eyes were crystal blue and her bright smile brought...Read On



A lighthearted story.

  “What do you want right now?” I ask myself out loud as I’m searching for a new story idea. “Coffee” I answer myself like a crazy person, and then I say “Everything, I want everything!” So then I start to wonder, should the story be called “Coffee” of should it be called “Everything”? Then I made myself a coffee and just started typing. I hope you enjoy.   ...Read On


Niece's Sexy Surprise Chapter II

Chapter II / Story of my niece's sweet 16th birthday party.

Chapter 2 - The Party We had to walk about 40 yards to the pavilion across the yard. There were some friends, family and school friends of Lauren's all around with people still arriving. We reached the pavilion and greeted our guests.   Suddenly Lauren saw me through the crowd and shouted, "Uncle Ron!" and she came running over to greet me.   As she approached, I couldn't...Read On



He watches as the girls get steamy

It was 1am and Dave was doing his rounds. Tonight wasn't strictly necessary as the riding stables he was working security for had no horses in, they were all away to the races. Dave however was a man of routine. Ex-army and took the job seriously. It wasn't his night tonight either, he was doing the shift for one of his team so that they could have the night off and party. The grooms...Read On


Kelly's First Time - 5

Leann, Kelly, and Steve had long since settled into their three-way relationship, with very few growing pains. Each had their own job, and all were contributing to the household. And boundaries? There really were none. The only rule was that, if one didn't feel like participating in sex, he or she could opt out for that time, and the other two were left to themselves. Needless to say,...Read On


Wanton Pleasure

Two Enjoying Each Other for the First Time of Many

She was standing nude before him, her dress draped on the back of  his chair, her underclothes in a pile on a nearby table. She was clearly restless and impatient, her nipples taut, her skin pinked in arousal, her hips undulating faintly as if she could barely wait until he was undressed and inside her To that end, he began disrobing, dropping his clothes on the floor with male disregard...Read On