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My friend's dad 10

When an opportunity comes up, what do you do?

Jeanette and I both had stunned looks on our faces. Was he really suggesting that we should have sex? “Well what do you mean dad? That we should try it?” Jeanette asked. “I'm just saying, for some straight ladies I know, it's a bucket list item to be with another woman, I mean back me up here Christina,” John replied. “Well I guess you have a point. I mean it's on mine I guess, but...Read On


New In-home Nurse

Shy and demure girl get's turned on by client and wants to do something about it all

The young lady is coy and quite introverted. She was called in to do one of her first jobs as an In-home nurse. “Yes mam” she told the supervising nurse through a phone call as she nodded her head. “Yes mam, I understand” this 26 year old quiet and quite bashful long haired but curvaceous girl added. “I can be there in about thirty minutes.” “That’s great. You know where the address is”...Read On


Extra Credit

Chloe gets her A.

“Does anyone know the underlying causes of World War One?” Daniel asked, drumming his pencil on his palm. He looked across the classroom, spanning for someone to raise their hand. The glazed, hung over looks of his students settled on their faces. “Anyone read last night’s assignment?” He sighed. No one even rustled. “No wonder nobody passed the quiz. Class dismissed for the day, we’ll...Read On


Fucking in a limo in a parking lot-true story

Getting fucked in a limo by two guys

Back to the parking lot; (True story) Rick and I had been talking of our first parking lot experience. It was great and we talked about every aspect of what was done to me. When we talked about it we got turned on and wound up in bed where we continued to describe what we did. We reached for each other, I spread my legs and Rick went down and ate me then moved up to stick his cock into my...Read On


A Calendar Christmas

We arrived at the cabin late Friday afternoon. Our friends, Mike and Molly, had won a trip for four to a Colorado cabin resort in a television contest and invited my husband, Eric, and I along as their plus two. We were thrilled. We decided to go the week after Thanksgiving, that way we all had our Thanksgiving and Christmas family gatherings unimpeded. We got out of the car and began...Read On


Jacob Told Me He Was Gay

Best Friends Have Sex For The First Time

A James Johnson Story I Claim This Story as my own, and I ask to be credited if and when it is reproduced of copied. Jacob Told Me He Was Gay All I could do was just sit there. I could not believe what I had just heard. He had told me those few little words that I had waited to hear for what felt like all of my life. Jacob had told me he was gay! My heart stopped, my dick began to swell,...Read On


Ana's Betrayal

A husband eagerly returns to his young wife; he finds someone with her when he arrives

 I was so excited when I found out that I'd be returning home a day earlier than expected from my first business trip as a junior banker at Martin Keller Group.  It was early April, almost nine months since Ana and I got married and moved to Los Angeles.  I started at Martin Keller about a week later, choosing to spend my first week back from our honeymoon in an effort to extend it.  I bet...Read On


special treatment

she came for physio and got the best treatment

   Lucia was in her early thirties, a latin hipped brazilian living in Manchester.  Her neck had been giving her grief since she strated her new job a few months back.  Work insisted she go to see a doctor and then a physiotherapist, she didn't see the point but they were paying so what the hell.    When she arrived at the clinic after work she became even more pissed off when she rang the...Read On


The Prescription for a Naughty Girl

Dr. Lyons had heard enough excuses from Kate,he needed to take drastic steps

Dr. Eric Lyons was a dedicated and kind physician, who had treated patients with diabetes for fifteen years. He specialized in diabetics in their late teens to their mid-twenties. Being diabetic himself, he understood taking over responsibility for one's own care was part of staying well, not to mention avoiding the condition's deadly pitfalls. Usually when dealing with a patient who was...Read On


After school antics

staying after school can be a whole more fun than you expected

“Lexy, can you stay behind this afternoon to help out”. Mr Maidly asked, but in a way which said I know you will. You see I am a prefect which means it is my job as a lead student to drop my life after school and help them, (not really but that is how I saw it). “Yes sir”. I replied quiet nonchalantly I didn’t really mind with sir he was the youngest in our school (24) and quiet cool,...Read On


Cum when I tell you to

Carmen finds a way into my pussy after years of trying..and boy was it worth it

     It all started the day when I decided to have a combined Birthday party with a friend. A lot of planning went into this party..we worked for months to work out all of the know like the who to invite and who not to invite list! One name crossed my mind a couple of times, her name was Carmen, she was 5'5 shoulder length black hair and green eyes.. oh and she happened to be...Read On


Youthful Encounter

two young guys exploring

I used to think I was very different in my thinking about sex and sexuality. When I was young I had an experience with a close family friend, who was a little older than me. I used to go to his house and we'd play Monopoly, or cards, or whatever. I don't know how it got started, but one day we had been playing and we ended up in just our briefs. I would lay down on my stomach and he...Read On


Friday Night in the Dorm

College students get down in the dorm

This was a collaboration between me and a friend... It was another Friday night as Jenny was coming in from working on campus. It was around 10:00pm and although most of the dorm students were out, there were always those who stayed in. As she walked through the hall she could hear the sound of loud music coming from several rooms. When she arrived at her own door Jenny could hear sounds...Read On


My First Job

A snowy night heats things up for a Southern boy in Maine

When I graduated from college, there was a recession and no-one seemed to be hiring in my home state.   After many months of pounding the pavement without success, I went to a job fair and landed a position as a factory outlet manager.   The store was just being built in Kittery, Maine and they needed someone to oversee the interior design phase, manage the store, hire staff and have it...Read On


New Love

Some family secrets turn out to be good!

I couldn’t believe it.   I lay in bed smelling her hair, her head resting on my chest, her arm draped across my middle and her naked thigh warming my groin.     How did I deserve this?   I’m not the most handsome, charming or richest man on earth, yet here I was in a veritable palace with the most beautiful woman as my lover.   Lying in bed with her, dawn’s pre-light making the...Read On