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Making Her

The day I gave her a lesson in obedience…

"Hi baby, where are you?” I quietly whisper into the phone. “Just dropped off the kids.” “What's next on your agenda?” “Going for a run, how ‘bout you?” It's a very warm day so I know she's not wearing her yoga pants today. “So what are you wearing then, your running shorts?” My pants grow tight even as I say the words. I love it when she wears her workout pants but she looks...Read On


Naughty Librarian

Where I live, I am unable to receive the "monthly periodicals" with out embarrassment. But the local library has quite the collection. Usually a month behind, but they are there none the less. So today is the day of my monthly visit. Knowing that it is a very quiet day at the library. And knowing that the magazine section is in a rather secluded area of the library so I can have a little...Read On


Back to Black with Mr Kain: Chapter 1

An after school detention turns into a lusty night in...

This is a work of fiction... I twiddled my thumbs in anticipation of my next lesson. It was with Mr. Kain, all round love god. He was gorgeous with a capital 'G'. BERRINNG The bell rang and I leapt out of my seat and sprinted towards the door. My name is Daisy Young and I am 18 years old, just about to finish college and go off to university. I have long silvery blonde hair which...Read On


A Very Special Love 7

March 1-10, The America East Men's Basketball Tournament.

MARCH 3 The America East tournament opened on March 1 with a couple of first round games for some of the lower seed teams. After a day off on March 2 (the women's tournament opened that day) the men's action resumed on March 3 with the quarterfinals against Albany. Billy scored 50 points and collected 125 rebounds as Hartford defeated Albany 75-50 to advance to the semi-finals. After the...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Picnic

Jane had never witnessed anything so erotic...

Jane stepped out onto the back deck of the cabin and sighed. The sun was shining and the air was warm, but an occasional breeze kept it from being too ungodly hot. Still, Jane thought, with skin as fair as hers it would be best to put up the umbrella. No sense getting a sunburn and giving Tom one more reason to ridicule her. She quickly tried to push thoughts of Tom out of her head....Read On


Wife fulfills a fantasy - sans husband

Anne's fantasy of having two men insifde her is a reality

SATURDAY MORNING   It was Saturday morning. One of those Saturdays in middle spring that was sunny and delightful with summer pushing spring away. The temperature was in the low 80s and the week end promised to be great.   Mike, my husband of 10 years, and I, were traveling to one of those resorts with golf, tennis, swimming pool and other amenities. Mike’s...Read On


Claire's Awakening 8: Field Trip - Part 2

Claire's just sucked her first cock. Now it's Scott's turn to return the favour!

I started to panic. I was sat in Scott’s house, in my underwear on the sofa in his living room. I’d just sucked his cock. My boyfriend ’s cock. We were an official item!? What was I doing? Biding my time, I picked up my glass and slowly sipped my drink, desperately trying to think of an answer. Scott was still smiling at me, waiting for his answer. “Come on Claire, I’m a gentleman. You...Read On


Stuck on Mom

Brian continues his afair with his Mother. Will they get caught?

  It's been a couple of days since my wild night with my mom. I still find it difficult to believe we actually had sex. Not just normal sex either, but some wild stuff including anal where not only did I get stuck in her for a little while but I shot a big load of cum in my mom's ass. At least that's what I think happened. I was pretty drunk that night and it looks like I might have said...Read On


My Mother Pt.2

A continuation of Mom's adventures

My Mother Pt. 2  A continuation of Mom’s various adventures?? Firstly, let me give you a brief description of my Mom and her friend Jane. Mom was about 37, stood about 5’ 8”.   She had a good figure still at 36C bustline, 30in waist and about 38in hips.  Great shape altogether. Jane was about 34, stood about 5’ 4” with  34B boobs, 26in waist and 36in hips. Another great shape. After we...Read On


Being Taught a Lesson Part 7

Mom teaches her daughters a lesson about sex

  I looked down and saw long, straight, red hair.   The woman lifted her head up and said "I always knew you had a delicious pussy!" and then she went back to licking me.   I knew her!   "Miss PALMER!?" I said, shocked to see my English teacher naked, sucking my cunt with abandon.   She sat up, her small breasts covered with large, rosy nipples, and her...Read On


Being Taught a Lesson Part 4

Mom teaches her daughters a lesson about sex

I could hear other voices, moaning in a sexual way all around the room. The man on my right pressed his penis to my mouth, and I let him enter, tasting his rubbery cock and catching his musky scent.   He moved in and out of my mouth, slowly, letting me tongue the head and shaft.   My pussy was soaking wet, and whoever was eating me was enjoying it and getting me really hot. The guys...Read On


The Lion and the Wolf

Can be read as a stand-alone story, or as part of the set that begins with Sara's Surprise.

Summer’s dying embers had given their last and been replaced by a September mist that painted the landscape with a layer of frost. Maybe a return to school, to normality, would be my salvation. These were the thoughts that came, formed and then vanished like the blue wisps of breath escaping my lips in the chill autumn air, as I saw the lights of the school bus approaching. Guilt, however, is...Read On


Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie

It was both hot and sensual as she cut the vibrator on and shoved it hard inside her wet cunt.

Sara carried what little of her bags she could down the hall of the dorm to her room. Today was moving in day and she was very nervous. She had no help; Sara had made the trip to the university on her own. She passed several other girls that were also moving in. She noticed that most of them were here age, eighteen and a freshman like her. She had to sit a couple bags down so she could open...Read On


Do I Have The Job?

Woman goes in for a job and ends up with more.....

Lydia was becoming desperate for a job. She had rent to pay, along with bills. She was going to be completely out of money next month if she did not find work soon. It was a new concept to her, being broke. She looked online after hours of hounding businesses and found a local construction company that was hiring. The position of a construction worker was open and would pay twenty dollars...Read On


Drycleaner Delivery

My dry cleaning customer sucks me off and gets caught by her daughter

When I turned 16 and got my driver’s license, I began driving a dry cleaning delivery truck on weekends and during the summers.   My little home town of Mayberry had a population of about 5,000 souls and was small enough that everybody knew at least something about everybody else.   There were advantages and disadvantages to that.   I got used to having women answer the door in...Read On