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Waiting for Lauren

Sunday Morning It was almost 2.30 in the morning when Lauren told me a cab would be waiting outside the Grant to take me home. How did she know? I hadn’t heard her make a call. I dressed, putting my skirt and blouse on over my stockings and collecting my coat. As I was about to leave she called me back into the bedroom of her suite and I found her standing. She took me in her arms and...Read On


The Wet Vibe - Chapter Three

I get the oral experience of a lifetime.

I lay on the bed, face raised towards the ceiling, my eyes closed tight in pleasure as I hold Jon’s head between my legs. I can still feel the ghost vibrations of the battery powered toy that had been in my sopping wet pussy only moments before. I moan as I feel Jon’s tongue run up my clean shaven mound, licking up the juices that had seeped out onto my pussy lips. I squirm as he continues...Read On


A Visit From Home

A visit from home had some great beneits.

It had been a long time since I saw anyone from back home. Janice, a choir and high school friend, contacted me via Facebook. She said that she and her husband Oscar wanted to go gambling in Oklahoma, and since I lived an hour from the casinos, could they stop in and say "hi". I said sure. We discussed the date they wanted to come and we made arrangements. I told her if they wanted to fly in...Read On



He had a surprise for me. That's all he texted to me before I got home. I was excited and nervous at the same time. My heart started to race. Little did I know that it wouldn't be for the last time today. I pulled into the drive way and shut off the car. I got out and headed inside. I walked through the door, dropped my keys in the bowl and walked down the hall to the kitchen. I took a peek...Read On


my first time fingering myself in public

the first time l fingered myself in public on a train

l was on my way to london for a conference on the train, l'd managed to get a seat with a table and the train was quite busy. it's a long journey so l'd brought a book to read, l knew the book was about a sex clinic for people with problems in their sex lives, what l didn't know was how descriptive and deeply the book went into the patients sexual experiences, and l was getting more turned on...Read On

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Cuckolding Hubby

Delivery boy gets lucky

My name is Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam for short. I am a 32 year old married housewife, and my hubby Steven and I have no kids, yet! I'll explain the yet part later. We'd been married for six years when this story took place about a year ago. I had really noticed that our sex life was taking a down hill slide. The first few years of our marriage it seemed like we fucked all the time....Read On


Masturbating for my Mom

Mom watches me masturbate

I was sitting at one end of the couch in the family room, looking at my iPad, with my hand down my shorts. Not actually masturbating, but not not masturbating either. The TV was showing baseball, but I wasn’t really paying much attention to it. I was dressed as I usually was for hanging around the house - just an old pair of gym shorts, commando. The Florida heat can be harsh and humid, and...Read On


Almost caught out


I was home alone and bored, so I turned on my laptop. I went on to Lush, to read a few stories to get me in the mood but the battery was low and I had left the charger up stairs. Running up the stairs and I went into my bedroom. I soon realized that I would have to come up here soon anyway, so I sat on the bed and started reading. I went on my favorite section; Lesbian. I came across a...Read On


How I lost it

How I lost my virginity, to my brother. <3

By popular demand, how I lost my virginity to my brother. On a typical Friday night, I would spend the night at my friend Amanda's house. We were going to have a sleepover, do our nails, and talk about boys I hoped we would talk about girls, too. Being 17 meant that we couldn't really go out. The local mall had a rule that you had to be 18, or accompanied with an adult, to shop there. Since...Read On


Accepting my feelings for my son

After three years of what I did with my son one night, he made me accept my feelings for him

I was doing dishes in the kitchen. It was quite late that night; I don’t usually stay awake late at night but that day, I got busy with some office work after the dinner so didn’t get time to do dishes. I was thirty-nine years old, living with my nineteen year old only son Edward, but I called him Ed. Life was not going really well; I was working hard and so was Ed. He was studying and...Read On


Husbands Stepson 2

Another showing

OK, I promised to continue telling our experiences with showing off.  This is part 2 where my husband and I went out for dinner again but this time took my husbands Stepson with us.  The restaurant isn't that fancy but they have very good waiters and good food.  I wore a skirt that isn't considered too sexy for my age and we enjoyed the great food and wine.  Afterwards we went to a local...Read On


Naughty Lil' Susan

After my first taste of cock, i felt myself craving it even more

I couldn’t sleep. I just lay there thinking of what had taken place just a short time ago with Michael. I kept imagining his hard cock between my lips. His hips rocking as it slid in and out of my mouth. I wanted him there with me. I wanted to feel his hot cum pumping into my mouth again.  The magazine article said some women become obsessed with fellatio. All of what else I had read was...Read On


I'm Fine

A short story that just came from somewhere.

I squeeze my fingers into the palms of my hands, I have blunt nails otherwise the sheer force would have definitely drawn blood. I am angry with myself, my heartaches foolishly for you. I know you will not give me what I really want, and the fact that I will take whatever I can get, is the root cause of my self-directed anger. You come to me and I cannot hide the wantonness I...Read On


Watching Big Brother

My brother Luke and I had never really been close.  He was three years older than me.  I was sixteen and he was nineteen.  He spent most of his time at his friends houses or with his girlfriends.  When he was home, which wasn't very often, he spent his time in his room alone.  Throughout my teen years I had always been the annoying little sister.  When I asked to hang out with him he would...Read On


How Can I Not Look?

Bobby really tried not to watch his sister masturbating.

It was hot, sweaty night that night. It's always really hot around here this time of year. Our parents were out of town, and me and my sister (at eighteen, a year younger than me) were watching TV. Even with the lights off and the air conditioning on full blast, it was like an oven in there, and we were both completely drenched in sweat, so much so our clothes were completely soaked. Finally,...Read On