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Sarah - Part Fifteen

Sarah is not shy when it comes to sex

The next few weeks were frustrating ones. I was finishing school papers that were due. Sarah was finishing artwork and photography for her portfolio and preparing for some early exams. The net result was that we were lucky to see each other once or twice a week. As well, Dave and Julie, our house mates, were coming to the end of their two year graduate program and were spending more time...Read On


Tegan's lesbian adventures

Tegan finds pleasure in her first hot heated lesbian sexual encounter with her promiscuous employee.

Tegan has always been ambitious since she was a child. At twenty-four, she is taking over her mother’s fundraising foundation which has been at its peak of success for the past years. During her college years, trying to be rebellious towards her mother, Tegan was in an open relationship with a guy name Adam. Adam was a complete opposite to her. He was nothing like what her mom would expect....Read On


Sarah - Part Sixteen

It's spring break, and Sarah and I finally get some quality time together

The spring break at school was a few days away. The good news was that it would provide nine days of relaxation for me. I did have one chore to do, and that was to find a place to live during the coming summer and for at least a year after that. David and Julie were frantically trying to finish their graduate degree requirements, move things home, find a place to live and plan...Read On


The Wolf's Maiden Chapter 2

“I’ll be going out for a bit!” Julia announced. “What?” Annabel stood. “Why? The forest is pitch dark at night, why do you want to go out?” Julia stopped. She didn’t think that Annabel would question her. But if her sister knew that she was going out just to give her and Edward some time alone, she would surely be so embarrassed that she wouldn’t be able to get intimate with Edward at all. ...Read On



Every year in Ireland and the UK, there is a festival known as Creamfields.

Pumping. Thumping. Jumping. The sun shone on the fields and on the grass as Kirsten jumped and swung and swirled in the mass of other revelers at the festival. Around her the sounds of trance and house bounced and beat and thumped and pumped, as she and the others jumped and boogied and grooved and moved. Behind her and on both sides was a sea of dancers, absorbed like herself into the...Read On


Annie's Dream

Annie enjoys her sexy, erotic encounter, is she dreaming?

Annie steps off the bus and sighs gratefully as she makes her way towards the iron gate leading to her home. Another stressful day at the office is thankfully over. She reaches into her pocket and finds her doorkey, along with a receipt for today's lunch. 'Oh, that reminds me... what do I have in the house to cook for dinner?' Annie murmurs to herself. She lets herself in and locks the...Read On


Waiting For Dawn To Come

Dawn finds her friend's porn.

'Typical,' Ed moaned, pulling up his trousers and staggering to the ringing phone. On the TV, an extended tongue was paused on its way to a shaved pussy. He picked up the phone and managed a reasonably polite 'hello'. 'Hi, Ed?' A woman's voice he couldn't place. 'Yes?' 'Hi, it's Dawn.' Dawn from work? She had never phoned his house before. 'Hi, how you doing?' he said. ...Read On


Summer Days

Joe and Jess sending texts to each other: Joe: “Hey, would you want to hang out today?” Jess: Yea that sounds cool, what were you planning? Joe: “Well we just opened the pool and it is kind of warm out, do you want to come over and swim?” Jess: “I’d love to except I don’t have a bathing suit….” Joe: “Well… my parents won’t be home all day so if you want to swim nude…. (ha ha) I’m...Read On


The first time

I had no plans for the day. My mum was at work and my brother had gone out so I thought I would just have a lazy day in front of the TV in my pyjamas (well, t-shirt and knickers). I had just gotten comfy on the sofa when to doorbell rang. Oh, it will probably just be someone trying to sell me something, I thought, so I ignored it. It then rang again, so I reluctantly opened the door to find...Read On


Proving my ex I'm not frigid

My ex told his friends I'm frigid, I proved to him I'm not by fucking his friends

I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks prior this story. I thought I loved him since he was my first and all but the thing is I already saw it coming. I knew he was not the one for me. I makes me look as if I'm a cold hearted bitch but he never gave me an orgasm. He sucks in bed. The only good thing that came from that disaster is that I became close to his friends which annoyed him and...Read On


Julie, Sophie and me

You never know what to expect!

My girlfriend Sophie and I went to visit her good friend Julie. She had invited us for lunch and we had a good time, talking about everything and nothing. Later, while watching a movie in Julie’s living room, Sophie asked me to massage her shoulders. She often asks that while we watch movies. And I never say no because it often leads to great sex...but since we were not home I didn’t...Read On


My Friend May

My Friend May Comes for a Visit

May was the cousin of a friend of mine who lived in Edinburgh and usually came to my home town for the odd weekend and summer holidays. She was a truly beautiful girl of sixteen, still at school, fairly tall for her age and had a lovely figure with budding little breasts, longish fair hair and an absolutely devastating smile. I'd seen her a few times but never really paid any attention to...Read On


Medical Test at the State Fair

I get a prostate exam at the State Fair

Our State Fair recently took place and I was surprised at what took place. While looking at all of the booths and activities, I saw a motorhome that had a big sign on it that said “Prostate Cancer”. Being a male in college, I was curious about it. I was greeted by a woman who gave me some literature and told me I could get a free blood test and exam if I filled out a questionnaire. ...Read On


Part Two - Friends Reunited

After years of absence, my long time friend and I rediscover our sexuality ... and then some!

When my friend, Terry, retired from the army, he moved back to the cottage next to the lake his grandparents had owned. We had spent many days and nights there in our high school and college days. Away from the city, away from neighbors, it allowed us to pretty much do whatever we wanted. Bonfires, fireworks, drinking all night, swimming naked in the lake and of course, sex! The cottage had...Read On


The Real First Time

The first time is not always super awesome.

The Real First Time John was nervous all day long. It had been two years today since him and Jane began dating. They were sixteen when they decided to enter into a relationship with each other and he never expected it to last this long. Not that true love could not be found in high school, but he expected to have dated at least five or six other girls at this point. He was not going to deny...Read On