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The Flame of Desire

A shot in the dark, a message received; How you want to give me exactly what I need. Never forgetting what I want from you; Complications are many that we must see through. Time creeping by, has it been so long? A need intense, as it grows so strong. Just the thought takes my breath away; Following that need, leads me astray. The taboo, the forbidden, a secret held dear; Craving...Read On


sweet surrender

Forbidden love

Thoughts of him invade my mind, echoes of his whispers entwined his shadowy touch a sweet benediction to my senses a love forbidden a secret kept his lure consuming my soul he kept my cravings stir my need awakens my body yearns a desire I cannot hide, a want I will not deny an agony I gladly endure an ache with no control, as passion ignites within heart racing ...Read On


Does Mother In Law know?

Funny Fantasy poem of Mother In Law

My mother in law is one sweet lady, just as good as my wife, But does she know that she is as sexy as love of my life? After arriving home, MIL smiles at me gently, But does she know that her smile is melting my heart quickly? Asking me, “How are you?” she hugs me slowly, But does she know that her breasts are pressed against my chest firmly? On my cheek, she gives me a quick...Read On


My Angel of the Night

A poetry verse of two people in love

Spread your wings, my angel of the night You light a million stars for me tonight Today and everyday verse filled with desires Love and emotions to set your passionate love on fire Burn for me, baby I see the fire in your sapphire eyes Not a moment to soon, my angel of the night I seek your love under the full moon of night I want to fill your body with raptures of delight To see our...Read On


Beauty of Tori

If only you could see my beloved You would perceive my joys If only you could witness my mate You would see the personification of beauty If only you could watch us for one hour You would feel me melting inside As I love and love my lady Her brown hair is parted in the middle And it flows down past her shoulders Her green eyes are filled with love A love for me that seems eternal The sweet...Read On


Size, Cups, and Shapes May Vary

The everyday nature of breasts and the way is reflects the erotic world

Under your shirt or in your bra From a lacy black to an electric blue Maybe a red would do It’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day Or perhaps purple with an embroidery lace How about silky white, oh so bright. It will blend all day and night. Oh so many uses with them thang-thangs Seduce him Seduce her Jiggle it Wiggle it Kiss it Slide between them with a...Read On


King's Bay Ch. 05

Diz realizes things are changing.

After that weekend, I went to King's Bay whenever I could. June somehow turned into July without me noticing. I spent as much or more time at Callie's place than I did at Manny's. Manny invited me to various parties and barbeques and get-togethers, but I always begged off. I wanted to be with Callie as much as possible. One day I came down with some kind of virus that made me as sick as...Read On


Love Affair - The Awakening

The romanticism in me.

Faith is young and naïve but full of passion for life. She walks with her hands tied with her groceries bags. Her mind, as always, drifts as she smiles at the sunny Florida day. "Are there any gentleman left nowadays?" Quietly she puts away her groceries, as her mind drifts to He Who is Unknown—only a shadow and a dream.  Days go by and the dream continues to haunt her. Faith plans...Read On


Dream Sequence With My Pancake Man: Part 1

I knew I wouldn't be able to get him out of my head.

I know he has pulled away from me completely but dreams, whether sleeping or waking, continue to haunt me. They are a forever present ghost on my back, whispering in my ear. Giving me hope that his love for me will prevail, but at the same time crushing all resistance in my mind, assuring me that he will never want me the way I want him. The best part of dreams though, is that you...Read On


Two Girls in a Bar - He Didn't Get Far

A bloke in a bar offers to pay for sex

Did I ever tell you about the young dude, Who met two girls and what then ensued? One girl was a blond, the other, brunette. The bloke couldn't decide which was the best bet. Well…the bloke scratched his head, and his chin and his pants. And he said to himself, 'I’ll be taking a chance,' I should go for the blond - I can see that she's be hot! But how do I know if she’ll like me or not? ...Read On


For Dana (1966-2006)

For my fiance Dana, who died of a heart attack shortly after her 40th birthday...

I see a girl with long blond hair, So much like yours I stop and stare, With a quizzical look she walks away, I just stand there with nothing to say, So many girls remind me of you, How they move, the things they do. I watch the sun set in the sky, Reminding me of times gone by, How we sat on the beach hand in hand, Us two lovers sitting on the sand, So many things remind me of you, Of days...Read On


More and Less

Thinking about your words, more or less

Your words are so much more than just mere words, They leave me wanting more, You make me ask questions To find out more About the woman who is more Than just a friend. If I say much more, Will it leave you wanting more? Or will it be more of what I fear, Silence, because more Was simply too much. The more I learn about you, The more I realize that I know Very little about you, And yet what...Read On


Lost Lullabies

Alone in my boudoir, of shuttered gables and tall trees. Like a boa, I wear moss. Sashaying in dance, as if a jester. Erotically driven  and mysterious. I whisper to my oblivious. The inner-self of me. My penis throbbing. Midnight fornication haunting me. Nakedly in shadows  of my lair. Poetically masturbating at my window sash. My cum cascading,  like tides exploding...Read On

Victrola: A Song In Two Voices

If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.

Victrola: A Song In Two Voices Frank Lee & Cum Girl Author’s Note: “Victrola” is a poetic rendition of an exchange of Online Messages between Frank Lee and me inspired by a picture featuring a record turntable (the Victrola of the title). The exchange was instant and spontaneous, a call and response, each building on the other’s contribution ... improvised freeform...Read On


I Lost My Penis

Just a bit of whimsy on a dull day. My mind is wandering again.

I lost my penis. I don’t know where it is. I held it in my hand, When I took my morning whiz. My ardent lover Had it in her mouth Just before We moved it south. I pushed and pulled And felt so right As I put it in Her pussy so tight. Her legs wrapped round me Felt like I would explode. Her pussy hugged me As I blew my load. We lay together Hugging and kissing I felt it...Read On