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The Hot Summer Day With My Friend's Mom

My friend's mom shows me how summer can be enjoyable.

It was a hot summer day and I knew my friend had gotten a pool a few weeks before. I helped him set it up. It was only one of those 4 foot deep, 12 feet around blow up pools, so we had no trouble except that his hot mom kept coming out to make sure we were OK. My name is Rob. My friend's name is Jack. His mom's name is Joan. I am about 6' 3" tall and Jack is about the same (give or take a...Read On


Her First Anal Sex

How she enjoyed her first anal sexual experience

We had been together for about a month. The sex was fabulous and only getting better. We had learned things about each other that the other didn't even know. For example, I knew that her ass was very sensitive and that she wanted it to be touched. She'd only idly wondered about anal sex before, until that first time I teased her ass while I was going down on her. She pulled away at first,...Read On


Old Yeller

Not the dog story, but how vocal I get while getting fucked.

My nephews have discovered my vast collection of porn, and they're coming over an awful lot to look at it and watch the movies. I don't mind, because I'm spending good, quality time with them. Scotty, he's 19 and in college. His last class is over about the same time I get off work, so sometimes he'll swing by the restaurant, and give me a lift home. He'll always ask if I have any new...Read On


My Sneaky Daughter

She learned quickly to get the advantage

I woke up about noon to what sounded  like a thud.  I had been partying with some colleagues from work the night before so my reactions were a little slow, to say the  least. I looked around the room but didn't see anything.  I saw the sheets were pulled back and I was stark naked.  This is not unusual because I normally sleep in the nude.  What was  unusual was that the bedroom door was open. ...Read On


The Making of Daddy's Little Cum Slut

Stephanie gets what she deserves after missing her curfew.

I make a glass of milk and turn all of the lights off. I feel my way to the living room and sit in my favorite recliner. It is 4am and Stephanie is late again; I have no idea where she is and it bothers me. What if my daughter is dead in a ditch somewhere? The idea that someone would do something bad to my little angel scares me, unlike my wife, Miriam. Miriam remains passed out upstairs...Read On


Spanked by My Step-Dad M/F

Spanked by my Step-Dad M/F By As a young girl in school, I was a very good student and stayed out of trouble. I was also a very good girl at home. I always did what I was told, did all of my chores on time, and completed my homework. I had very loving parents and we did many things together. Then, when I turned twenty years old, my dad died in a tragic...Read On


I Seduced My Black Next Door Neighbor

She seduces her young black friend

I Seduced My Black Next Door Neighbor by Floridaguy2001 Copyright © 2003 by Floridaguy2001. All rights reserved. I live next door to this really nice black couple; they have a teenage age son that is very, very cute. He is 18 years old and has a slender build, but I find myself fantasizing about him every time I saw him. I can't stop the thoughts from invading my head whenever...Read On


Old Yeller (Part 2)

A continuation of my high volume loving

With my nephews regularly fucking me, it's no wonder that some of the neighbors in my apartment building would start to complain. My landlord even called me into his office and told me that one guy thought I was being kidnapped (or worse) and almost called the police before he realized I was getting buttfucked. My landlord asked if it had felt good, and I said that, yeah, they were cries...Read On


Sister's Panty Boy

A boy is caught wearing his sister's panties and turned into her bitch

I was quietly wandering around my sister’s room, everybody was out of the house and I wanted to indulge myself in a new habit. About a month earlier, my sister ran naked across the hall not noticing I was just coming up the stairs. She’d just had a shower and decided to run quickly to her room hoping that nobody would see.  She was soaking wet from the shower and even though she was my sister,...Read On


Penny's Panties

Caught in the sister act

I really can’t say I know when it started exactly, and I suppose one could present a number of reasonable theories as to the ‘whys’, but I’ve always had a thing for panties. Perhaps it’s best summed up in the old adage: It’s the closest thing to pussy. At a fairly young age, I discovered the magic of humping my mattress. It’s doubtful that I was truly aware of what I was doing, but I...Read On


Mom Son Honey Camping 3

The Next Morning: I awoke to the smell of bacon to find myself completely alone in the tent. Judging by the lighting outside, I’m guessing it was around 10:30ish. I was still in my boxers, so I went towards my sleeping bag to put on a pair of jeans and a shirt that says “Beavis and Butthead Return” (its true). I exited the tent to find my mom and dad fully clothed sitting around a fire...Read On


First time with my step sister

This was the first time with my step sister and how all the wild sex got started

The First Night with My Step Sister Let’s start out with a little information about myself back then. I was a very popular guy in school; I was good looking, well built, I was a jock. I had my share of fun with other girls at school, some moms and now my step sister. If you like this story I will continue writing and letting you in some of my hotter encounters. My Step Sister Lori was...Read On

Editor's Pick

Anniversaries Are Special

Newlyweds discover hidden desires that bring them closer and keep them coming back year after year.

Anniversaries have always been special to me. It’s a time to look back not only on the day that you are celebrating, but all the days since then. It’s been 20 years since my husband and I were married, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was right in that church just across the street. We didn’t want a huge wedding, but we did want a fun one, so we elected to fly a few of our...Read On


I Surprised My Daddy

A short story dedicated to a sexy member here at Lushstories.

I Surprised My Daddy By Reeb     I love my daddy as much now as I always have. He is almost six feet tall and is 37 years old. He has a great build, handsome, rugged face with gorgeous blue eyes, dark hair and his name is Rob. I call him Robbie when I don’t call him daddy.   My name is Martyna, Tyna for short and I’m 18 years old. I’m about 5 feet 6 inches tall, rather...Read On


My Sexy Step mom Seduces me

My sexy step mom gives me the hottest fuck of my life

My Sexy Step Mom Seduces Me Please read first time with my step sister and follow the story from the start, and you will know how we got to where we are. This is an affair of sex with my sexy stepsister, and she has even brought friends over to have sex with us. Now my sexy step mom wants in on the fun. A little bit about my step mom, she is in her mid 30’s, kind of looks like...Read On