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Hermaphrodite Sister - 1

Jessie decided to help her sister Jamie explore her sexuality.

Boy, have I got a story to tell you. My name is Jessie. I am the oldest of three siblings. My parents only intended to have two children but they were given a surprise of twins during my mom's second pregnancy. To top it all off I'm only 14 months older. I guess they wanted to have their kids as fast as possible. Everyone assumed that my younger sister Jamie and my younger brother Jordan...Read On


Surprise for Daddy

Horny daughter has fun with daddy

I was 18 when my fantasy came true. My Daddy and I were home by ourselves. My mother had gone out of state with my brother for a basketball game the day before and wouldn’t be back for another day or so. The morning they left, I lay back on my bed, letting my fingers work their way down my body to my waiting pussy. It was my Daddy I was thinking about. His black hair, his dark eyes,...Read On


Young Gay Sex

A first time gay sex with a very hot boy.

My name is Leo, and I am 16. Before I was the age I am currently, I was completely straight. But, being in an all-boys boarding school, I haven't been used to girls. I haven't had my first boob, pussy, or even my first kiss. Since I was with all boys, I had gotten over my shyness. It didn't bother me to shower or change in front of them. During my second marking period, I had gotten a...Read On


Erika the Sex Slave, Chapter 1

18 year old college student Erika becomes a sex slave

To say Erika was smoking hot would be an understatement. She stood tall at 5'6", 115 pounds with soft-blue eyes and an amazing body: full pouty lips, slender hips, round tight ass and flat stomach decorated with a dolphin shaped belly-button ring, and the most perfect set of tits on an eighteen year old I had ever seen. Her blond wavy hair went 3 inches past her shoulders and was usually...Read On

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My First Gangbang

My first time with more than one person.

I didn’t have a lot of close friends when I was 16 in high school. I spent a lot of time with my female cousins and the older men that I dated. I fooled around with some high school guys, but only when I just needed a hard cock. One weekend I went to a football game with some girls I was friendly with from school. The girls found out about a party that night, and asked me to go with them. ...Read On


I watched my mom part 1

I was so horny for my mom that i wana bang her so bad

I was 18 years old. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. My Mom had gone to a Ladies club meeting. My Dad and my brother had gone off fishing and I had pretended to be sick so that I could get a good look at my brother’s XXX videos that he kept under his bed I was going have a free afternoon of beautiful ladies getting fucked by huge cocks while stoking myself slowly to satisfaction. At the time...Read On


my first granny

my first old lady at a party

  She was 71 at the time, but she easily looked 60. She had short, grey hair nicely styled. She kept her body fit enough. I flew to her town to go to a graduation party for the daughter of my best friend. When I got there, his mother-in-law, Krista, was there helping decorate the house. We exchanged pleasantries and spoke a few times throughout the day. I had...Read On


Taking My Friend's Mom In The Kitchen

A story about how I first fucked my friend's older mother...

“Dude… I am SO PUMPED!!!” My friend Travis yelled over the phone as I watched TV. It was the middle of July here in Massachusetts, and we were 2 days away from the highlight of my summer, a heavy metal festival coming by. Travis and I have been friends for about 2 and a half years at this point, myself coming into the town high school from a public school and becoming friends with him due...Read On


My Daughter Tina

This is my first attempt at writing, please forgive me for any errors.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Tom, a 45 year old divorced construction worker. This is the story of my young daughter Tina, and how our wonderful sexual relationship started. Tina was just 16, 5-2, about 115lbs, with long flowing dark brown hair reaching down to her beautiful heart-shaped ass, and pert 34B tits and slightly puffy nipples. Always the active athlete, Tina is slim and solid. ...Read On


A Wife's Surprise

A secret and surprise lead to a cuckolding relationship

I should know what my wife's pussy tastes like. After 9 years of marriage we almost never fuck anymore, rather she just insists on me eating her out, at least 3-4 times per week. My wife Amy and I have had sex only once in the last six months; it was on my birthday. She just says that sex with me is, frankly, not good. My cock is just too small. Since intimacy is important in a marriage she...Read On


Mom Son Acting

Edited: Mom and Son end up acting in a play where they must pretend to make love

Mom Son Acting My mom and I are very keen amateur actors and have acted in several local theatre productions but never together. Most of my work has been youth productions linked to my school and now college. Mom works as a legal secretary but her passion really is in the arts and since her college days has yearned to do serious and edgy drama productions. We live in a big town so neither...Read On


Rachael's Story - Mother and Son Chat

Rachael finally confronts Greg only to find a very different reaction than she expected.

  “So, do you think that’s the first time Greg has fucked your tits?” Eva crassly asked with a smile. “Eva!” “What Rachael? That is what he did and despite what you say, you allowed him to do it!” “I hardly had a choice now did I?” “Rachael, you had all the choice in the world! You said yourself that once you moved he ran like a little kid out of your room!” “God, don’t...Read On


Becoming Daddy's Little Slut

A father and daughter play a very interesting game.

I guess you could say everything that happened was my older brother’s fault. In April of 2010, my then 18-year old brother got his girlfriend pregnant. Instead of going to college like he was supposed to, he went and joined the army. Three months later, he shipped off to basic training. That same month I turned sixteen. For my birthday, he gave me his MacBook; the same one my parents gave...Read On


Unloading For Mom

He helps Mom unload, then she helps him unload (part 3 of The Morning I Ran Out Of Tissues).

I'd been feeling really good lately, sort-of on cloud 9. There's something about getting laid well and often that really makes a guy feel alive, y'know? Anyhow, I was hanging out in the living room playing some video games and listening to music, having a good old time, when I heard my Mom come in from the Garage and from the sound of it she was carrying some plastic bags. That meant she'd...Read On


Sister, Brother and Lust

I have a sister 2 years older than me, and there’s always been occasional sexual tension between us. It came and went over the years and didn’t amount to anything significant, and dissipated as we entered our late teens and I became interested in girls and she got a boyfriend or two. However, it never truly went away completely and was lurking dormant in the background, until one night that...Read On