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Consequences - Part I

My curiosity allows an old man to have his way with me during my teen years.

The summer of my sixteenth birthday had begun a wild time in my life... I had experienced several lurid pleasures in the last six months. I had become intimately involved with my best friend, Brittney and we had both lost our virginity during that unusually steamy summer. I had no idea what lay ahead of me.  Not long after my birthday we had a new neighbor move in. His name was Mr. Obiden....Read On


Helping the Neighbor

A surpise I will always remember

Just recently I was home for break, a chance to ease my mind and enjoy the days off. It was Monday morning around 10:30am when I received a call from Mrs. O, my neighbor. Mrs. O had called looking for me to help her out with hanging a big mirror on her wall and that she needed someone strong to do it. Me being such a nice guy, I agreed to go over and help her out for a little while. Now as...Read On

Editor's Pick

My Last Morning With Melissa

Something long, hot and dirty

Ah, Melissa. That’s a name that brings back fond memories of a time of passion and illicit romance. Even now, I can taste the hint of cinnamon on her lips and sense the subtle fragrance of an obscure flower that was the essence of the perfume she wore. Melissa and her husband, a stoic and foolish man whose unpronounceable name I have chosen to forget, lived in the same apartment complex as...Read On


An Eighteen Year Old's Affair with an Older Woman

A story about a young man's intense affair with a forty year old wife and mom.

Amy and her husband Mark had just moved to a new community several hundred miles from where they used to live. Mark was a pharmaceutical salesman, and this was their third move since they had been married fifteen years ago. They hoped this would be their last move, since they didn’t want to move their only daughter to another school. Amy had recently turned forty and was a bit on...Read On


My Life as an Escort

I had a very interesting customer.

I've been an escort since I was eighteen. I love my job. I meet lots of interesting people and have done lots of traveling. The money is really good and it’s like just going on dates. Most men just want a pretty lady to accompany them. I've gone on a lot of interesting dates. I've dated men that were younger than me or men that are twice my age. It’s been a very interesting three years. ...Read On


My friend’s hot dad fucked me

My friend’s dad caught me masturbating in his daughter’s room and then things got dirty between us

Anna and I had been friends for over a year. I met her parents a few months ago when she threw a surprise birthday party on my eighteenth birthday at her house and her parents were there too. They gave me a nice dress as my birthday present. From day one I felt like Anna’s dad, Mr. Wright, was attracted to me but I couldn’t do anything about it and talking about this to Anna was very awkward. ...Read On


A desperate housewife

Overwhelmed at home she needed a night out.

To the world looking in, Paige was a good girl with the perfect life. The only thing was Paige didn't want to be a good wife and mother anymore. She wanted to be free, free to be herself. She wanted to be the Paige that still went to concerts and on random road trips. To go to a bar, and dance all night with whomever she wanted. Maybe even take someone home if she had the urge. PTA's...Read On


Breaking In The Virgin

Tell me how it feels. How does it feel to have a cock in you for the first time?

"Pink or white, pink or white," I muttered to my reflection, holding each dress to my body. "White seems too virginal, sooo pink it is," I declared, throwing the white dress back into the never ending, unorganized abyss of my closet, "Okay, now black sandal, nude, or white? Oh God, I'm never getting out of here," I huffed, tossing the dress away from me and plopping down cross legged to...Read On


Zoey's first time

Zoey's school day started a little different than normal

He was my first love. He was the first one to show me what love was. He was my best friend. The passion was there, you couldn't deny that but were we ready to go from friends to more than friends and risk everything? That held us back for some time. I was his dirty little secret.  We were both 16 years old and at the end of our sophomore year at the same school. It was a small school...Read On


Father-In-Law's Milkmaid

Father-in-law and lactating daughter-in-law meet each others needs.

A frustrated Danielle felt wetness between her legs and began rubbing her pussy. She was so horny. Her wonderful husband Jon was reluctant to resume their sexual activities, even though the doctor said it was okay. Jon was using the excuse of not wanting to make a noise while his dad was staying with them. Attempting to be more appealing, Danielle kept her snatch shaved after the...Read On



My best friend's mom introduced me to my first orgasm.

The best part of my teen years were the nights my friend, Brittney, and I spent together, alone in my room. Both of our fledgling sixteen-year old bodies would be embroiled with exploration of our more carnal and mischievous side.  I have always been an overly sexual and sensual, while Brittney has always been overly naughty and curious. Our sexual awakening at such a young age created...Read On


Fifty-two Year Old Ann's Sexual Passion For a Young Man with a Big Cock

Ann at fifty-two wants a young man to fuck her sensless with his big cock.

For Jason, it was just like any other Thursday night. The twenty three year old loved to frequent a popular night club in the downtown business area after work. He was a good looking young man, who had a beautifully sculpted body. If Jason had any complaints from the women it would be the fact that his nine plus inch cock was way too big for them to handle. He just loved to use it on...Read On


Consequences - Part II

My curiosity allows an old man and his family to have his way with me during my teen years.

Where do I begin? I suppose I will start writing and see where it takes me. Christmas, the year of my sixteenth birthday, wow, what a blast it had been. The party my mother and father had given was amazing. All of my friends attended. My parents had been extremely kind and bought me a new car, new to me anyway. It was a pre-loved Audi TT white convertible with who know how many miles on...Read On


Room Service

A different kind of tip for the Room service waiter.

After a couple trips to the coast and our well documented hot tub adventures, Amber and I wanted to expand our horizons and try something a little different. What better place to explore new sexual adventures than Las Vegas? We made our reservations at the Bellagio, bought our plane tickets and headed for Vegas. Amber packed some of her most sexy and skimpy outfits, as well as some of her...Read On


The Dorm Room Diaries: Tempting Terrell

A college slut meets a man that can help with her problem.

I’m what people call a slut, a whore, or a cock addict; I've heard it all. I’m a queen bee with the looks and attitude to match. I have long rich espresso hair that reaches past mid-back and dark blue twilight eyes to match. I’m on the short side, but nothing a sexy pair of heels won’t fix, and I have the sought after hourglass figure which I must maintain with regular trips to the gym. ...Read On