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Girlfriend/Future Wife Loses Inhibitions - Part 2

Girlfriend gets more daring. I get more excited.

As we continue the story of my young, beautiful girlfriend, with natural 32D tits, and an escalating sense of adventure, we jump to her modeling career. My name is Alan, and I am one lucky guy. Cindy is a head turner wherever she goes. At some point, with the support of her friends, she decided to try a little modeling. Nothing risqué, just magazine ads, bill boards, airport placards, and...Read On


Swiss Girls Finishing School, Part 3

He already took her virginity, now she offers her ass.

John had been stood up. He had been meant to meet his friend David for a drink, but just as he was arriving at the bar, David called and said that he'd managed to get a date with a girl he'd been trying to screw for months. Obviously, John could hardly begrudge him that. He decided to go in for one drink anyway.  With his drink in hand, he sat at a small table by the wall. He surveyed the...Read On


Seducing The Substitute Teacher

What Would You Do For A Grade?

The morning light is just peaking into my bedroom, as I shift to avoid it. I pull the covers up, hiding my face. I groan lightly, thinking the day has come all too fast. Why me? I don’t want to get out of bed. Maybe I’ll just not go to school today, I groan. I know I can’t ditch, I have a major test in math and I need to go. I throw the covers off myself, taking a deep breath. I can smell...Read On



My stress takes me on a solo vacation of raw unadulterated debauchery.

Over the course of a few months I had been feeling really stressed. A series of events had pushed me to my breaking point. My beloved dog, Louie, had passed away and my new boss was a real killjoy. Plus, anyone who knows me, would tell you that I hate cars or any everything associated with them. So when my ten-year-old car gave out on me on the side of the freeway. Yep, you guessed it, I...Read On

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The Sir And The Bitch

Who’s The One In Control?

Our relationship started off like any ordinary vanilla relationship does, I think. Well, okay maybe not, this is us I’m talking about, after all, right? We've always been a little colorful. I remember it clearly though, great sex, but neither of us truly in control, not just yet. I think we were testing the waters. It was me, though, who started in on it. We are after all both switches....Read On


Virgin Gold

Samantha is intent on maintaining her virginity. Why would anyone wish to marry spoiled goods?

If anyone were trying to sleep just after midnight in Samantha’s corridor at the university college block where she stayed, they would have been cursing her and her friends as they rolled in drunk and noisy after their evening in the college bar. There was Samantha with, of course, her best friend Eliza, Edward the Engineering student, and Sylvia and her fiancé Neil who both studied...Read On


The Volunteer: Part 1

Teacher helper.

During my college days I attended a small liberal arts college in rural Virginia. During my junior year we were required to participate in two days of community service. I really was not looking forward to it, but fortunately it led to this story. I was assigned to a local elementary school, where I spent two days helping out in a first grade class. It was obvious the kids could use some...Read On


Welcome to the Club

A school club and its members aren't so innocent

It was once again a new school year and I was a transfer student at a brand new college. My old school was boring and too small, but this school was a new beginning. Let me introduce myself, I’m Bryan and a sophomore in college. I’m just your average guy that likes to have fun and everyone loves. Being new to campus, I knew absolutely no one and the only way to get out and meet people...Read On


Anne's Confession, Part One

Our cruise friend Linda comes for a secret visit, and Anne makes my and Linda's fantasies come true.

The sound of the front door closing startled me out of a light sleep. I knew it had to be Anne coming home from her night out with the girls. I rubbed my eyes and focused on the clock on my bedside table. I was shocked to see it was 1:45 a.m. Anne had always been home before midnight on her previous girls’ nights. I didn’t really care about the time because I enjoyed Anne’s girls’ nights...Read On


Killing Curiosity

I help Ben when he decides to end his curiosity

I've just got home from one of the most interesting encounters I've ever had, so I thought I'd share it with you. I'm Paul by the way, a 35 year old gay guy, 6', slim with short brown hair and blue eyes. It's my eyes that get me noticed, not that I know why, they've always just been my eyes but other people seem to like them. I'm thankful for that because otherwise I'd be just your average Joe. ...Read On


Party Girl, Chapter 1

A school lacrosse game and afterparty was her invitation to play!

Bailee Jean Stephens was a wild child. At seventeen, she was the youngest of three girls, but she wasn't like her oldest sister, a stable and sensible girl. Nor was she like her middle sister, a smart, studious girl. No, Bailee's goal in life was to live in the fast lane and have as much fun as she could possibly squeeze in. As a young girl growing up, Bailee was tomboy-ish and a daredevil...Read On


Anything she wanted

I would do anything for her and she knew it

Lacey was gorgeous, what made her dangerous was that she knew it. I had known her since our freshman year of college and had always wanted her. I was no slouch with the ladies, but Lacey was always the one that I wanted. Like all beautiful women she had her pick and seemed to enjoy keeping me at arms length and teasing me every chance she got. We shared a small house and she was never shy...Read On

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Public Tease

Public Teasing, A Girl Can Get Used To This

The sound of Jazz music floats around the room. Everyone is in almost a trance, just listening to the music, including myself. Or, so I think. Everyone, that is, but my date. His hand is resting on my inner thigh, caressing my bare skin. I can’t deny the feeling is nice, I always enjoy when he touches me. But, here, in public? I can't help but blush. He called me a few hours ago, asking at...Read On


Secret Affairs: with my friend's son (part-10)

I thought everything between me and my friend's son ended, but after a month it happened again.

Adam woke up and asked, “What?” “Your mom is coming home in an hour. Get up,” I said getting out of the bed. “Go to your room, and get ready to welcome your mom,” I said, mentioning that he couldn’t have a shower with me because then we would be having sex again and his mom might caught us too. I went into the bathroom. After taking shower I came out of the bathroom and didn’t find Adam...Read On


Girlfriend/Future Wife Loses Inhibitions - Part 8

Cindy and Kelly take part in an orgy at bachelor party

Cindy is my very hot wife. She likes to fuck other men, while I watch. And, I do enjoy watching. My name is Alan, and our marriage has come a long way over the past ten years. Kelly is the first woman I fucked, other than Cindy, since I've been married. And Kelly's husband, Jack, is a true cuckold, as he watched me fuck his young, beautiful wife. He wanted to fuck Cindy, but didn't get...Read On