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Mix Up

If one feels too at home in a hotel room, unexpected and exciting things may happen.

No matter where I tended to end up for the night, these little rituals kept me grounded, gave me a little bit of homely quality to counteract the tedious sterility of hotel rooms. I set my diary onto the nightstand, put the small pink cushion into the bed and hung up my black original Japanese kimono on the wardrobe. While I did this, I slowly disrobed and took a guilty pleasure in dropping...Read On


Early Days - Chapter 6

What would you do in a quiet furniture department?

The boys both had a definite lustful look on their faces. The slutty sexy look of Julie’s new outfit as well as the concept of an imminent fuck was getting to them. Julie seemed perfectly fine. In fact she was looking pretty eager. Jenn and I walked on either side of Julie and the boys followed. Considering none of the three of us had on a skirt that would qualify as decent, I know they had...Read On


Up On A Pedestal

Every week daddy inspects me

My name is Mindy. I've always felt my name was very... I dunno... girly, I guess. It may not be what led me directly to the lifestyle I have, but it did fit right in. I live with my Daddy. His name is Mark. Don't misunderstand - he's not my father. To everyone else, he's my fiancé, but to me, he's my Daddy, and I'm his little girl. I try to be his good little girl as much as I can,...Read On


The Architect: Meeting My Master Part1

J. meets the architect and gets a taste of what's to cum.

The unease I had been feeling was familiar, almost comforting. It was the last opportunity to back out. To back out and forget this folly. Anxiety, nervousness, excitement--a cocktail of conflicting emotions seemingly bubbling around my chest. Meeting someone for the first time and knowing that we’ll be fucking soon after. Then never seeing each other again. My back felt cool leaning upon...Read On

Recommended Read

Cherry Blossom

Sakura uttered a soft whimper when Elizabeth wrung the hand towel over the basin and pressed it onto the teacup pout of her naked pussy. The temperature of the fabric was just enough shy of scalding to cause a split second’s burning sensation before her pores opened to welcome the heat under her skin. “Your landing strip is pretty,” the slender blonde told her. “But Mr. Paxton prefers...Read On


Rebecca's First Time

Fuck me! My pussy is aching for your hard dick!

My name is Rebecca, but my friends call me Becca. I am seventeen years old, and the only virgin in my group of friends. All my friends ask if I have ever been fucked, or had I ever sucked someone off before. I reply by shaking my head for no, and they all laugh.  Today, I'm meeting my boyfriend, Raphael. He is so perfect, with his short blonde hair that seems to frame his face and his...Read On


Educating Anita

An Exercise in Arousal

It was September. I was on a walking holiday and finally, after three days of rain, the sun shone. I had set out earlier this morning from the guesthouse I was staying in, high on the moors. It had been a wonderful time in that secluded house. The guesthouse was run by a couple in their 40's. He had a job as a Holiday tour manager, and so was often away. His wife ran the guest house and...Read On


My Teacher and I Part 4

My teacher teaches again

Our vacation passed quickly. I spent every possible moment of the week stealing away with Rachel. I lost count of the number of times we enjoyed some form of pleasure. If our bodies had been a mystery to each other, the mystery was gone. I felt closer to her. I was eighteen and ready to graduate. She was turning seventeen in a few months. I was glad we had started what we had now, instead...Read On


First Shave

The identical twins surprise John.

The morning sunlight softly fills the room as I begin to stir. Joan (my wife) with her sister Dana completely exhausted me last night in the shower. I was just beginning to wake when I felt a hand stroking my cock. Another hand fondling my balls. Opening my eyes, I saw Dana's mouth slowly take in the head of my cock. Joan swirled her tongue over my balls. Dana slowly engulfed my cock inch...Read On


Stuffing my hard cock into skimpy panties and going to the gloryhole

Wearing slutty panties and sucking dick!

I had just gotten home from Victoria's Secret and was about to start trying on all of my new panties. I was putting on my first new sexy thong (it was a hot cotton pink one) and just as soon as the string slid up my ass, my cock got rock hard, making for a very formidable tent. I knew then and there that I would have to suck a dick and swallow some cum. I had always had a fantasy about...Read On


Sex Therapy 101

Marge learns what they have been missing.

My name is Candy, and Brandon and I, have been married a little over a year now. At first, our sex life was great. I think it was because we were so new to each other. Nowadays it has become more of a chore, and the sizzle is definitely gone. I find Brandon so sexy, so I am not sure what the problem is. We have tried renting porn. We will get hot, and fuck within the first half an hour, and...Read On


A Week In A Dungeon - Day 4B

Ashley is once again, pushed to her limits as she remains on the edge of sexual release.

Ashley reels in her restraints. The day is a blur to her now. The last four days are nothing but a series of images in her head, teasing her desperate body, tormenting it. Ashley remains bent over the leather padded table. Her legs spread apart and, thanks to the thick leather cuffs around her ankles, unable to move. The brunette slave watches Ashley from across the room. Her hand...Read On


In the Basement of the Russian Baths

My girlfriend gives a guy a show in a steam room.

My girlfriend and I have been talking more and more about our fantasies recently. It began when I bought her some kinky lingerie. At first, she didn’t like it - she thought it was too slutty. But after she tried a couple pieces on, she started to get into it. She has a perfect body - tall, slim, surprisingly large breasts. She's probably the hottest girl I’ve ever dated. Last week she came...Read On


Summer 2000

Social housing refurbishment can be fun.

My mobile phone rang and vibrated on the desk in my site office. I picked it up and glanced at the screen to see if it was a recognized number, perhaps even the caller’s name. The screen told me it was the office calling. “Hello?” I said a second after hitting the green answer button. “Hello, Brad, its Lucy here. I have Mr. Ash on the line for you. Just putting you through.” The line...Read On


Sally Naked in the Neighborhood

Bob sends Jack's wife, Sally, on a nude walk in the neighborhood.

“Are you going to fuck me?” Sally asked, knowing that in her present condition he could do with her as he pleased. The thought made her squeeze her Kegel. She was aroused and very close. She tried to close her legs but could not. The wind blew through the trees. She could hear the noise from the volleyball courts on the other side of the trees. Bob saw the changes in Sally before her...Read On