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Family becomes nudists

  My name is Kayla. I am 18 years old and just started college. Every year my mom takes us on a vacation. Each year it's somewhere new. Because I was in school and my younger brother was 16 and in high school, she planned the trip over spring break. I was very happy when she said we would be going to Jamaica. The first thing that came to mind was the warm weather and hot guys on the beaches. ...Read On


Daughter Reveals Her Secret

Daughter and friend come clean with dad.

  There was a gentle breeze blowing across the green meadow as Steve set up his motor home.   Each year he and his daughter, Kristi, go camping.   Kristi graduated high school in June and is taking this summer to blow off steam before she goes to college in the fall.   Steve has noticed that as Kristi got older, the camping trips seemed to become more boring for her, so he...Read On


My Friends Daughter Chapter 1

All persons in this story are over the age of 18.  This story is complete and utter fiction.  But please read on for your personal enjoyment. My Friends Daughter     I had just quit my job three weeks before I was due to start my new one.  I had plenty of money to carry me over, and just felt like taking a break from working for a while.  I was sitting at my computer surfing thru erotic...Read On


Impregnated in Jamaica

I am fucked by numerous black men and impregnated and cuckold my husband on our vacation in Jamaica.

I am a normal, everyday housewife, with a husband who loves me and a beautiful daughter. My name is Megan, and I still look very good at 32 years old, being 5’5” tall and weighing 125 pounds, with shoulder-length, natural blond hair and sparkling green eyes. My husband Ed is 35 years old and works as an editor for a book publishing house in New York City, and he always tells me how pretty...Read On


Erotic father and son - part 1

A father finds himself naked with his son

Keith My son is sixteen, and has long white blonde hair with gray eyes that seem to always show a thirst for lust. He is 5 feet and 7 inches. He's a swimmer and track star, so he has a toned and well built body. His name is Erin and his mother abandoned us a week ago, after she found out I was gay. Ever since then, Erin has been walking around the house with nothing but a white t-shirt...Read On


My Lover, My Son

a week away turns mother and son into lovers

Since his divorce, my son has been so busy at work that he hasn't had a lot of time to go out and meet anyone, so he spends a lot of time with me. I absolutely adore him, he is everything I could hope to have in a man, except that he is my son. We had been talking about taking some time just to get away somewhere, some place quiet so he could get away from his job and just relax. We rented...Read On



the day my mom seduced me

 I don't know where to begin but i will say me and my mom have always had a very special relationship. Her and my dad split up when i was about 12 and its been just me and mom since then. She kept a roof over our heads by cleaning their until she got a really good job, by that time i was out of school and working too. Mom had a boyfriend but he seldom came around and i had a few girlfriends...Read On


Wife forced to cheat

Wife forced to cheat

My name is Sharon I have been married for over sixteen years to a beautiful man named Carter. We have been married for so long that it is almost impossible to remember what we were like when we met. In school I was short, stocky with big tits. I wore a 34 E and had a big ass. My hair was just past my shoulders and dark brown. I loved to wear booty short to make my ass look better. We were...Read On


Cat and Mouse Part 1

Josie's a cautious new comer to the game of seduction, with more energy than your average pussy.

Josie leaned back, distancing herself from her computer screen. Surely, that was enough editing for one day. Her eyes felt squint, the back of her head throbbed in the way only an impending headache could. Josie sighed and closed the browser window. She took her coffee out onto the small, metal balcony and watched Melbourne go by, beneath her. Out in the wind she felt the beginnings of...Read On


Asking for a spanking

Mike asks his Aunt for a spanking, but it leads to a lot more

My Aunt Liz was not really my Aunt, but an old family friend, who had taken me in when I was 10. My parents had gone off travelling, and she had decided that I should stay with her, much to my annoyance at the time. But now, 11 years later, she was actually more of a maternal figure than my real Mum. Aunt Liz sat cross-legged on the kitchen chair, showing off her long legs, balancing one of...Read On

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The Family

The Family

The Family by Woffen © My name is Ann. I am the mother of two children, Aaron who is 19, 6' tall and is 180 pounds. I’m also the mother to a wonderful daughter Leslie who is 18, 5'3", 115lbs and has a beautiful 34D – 22 – 34 shape. I’m the wife of Brad who is 6'1" tall and 195 pounds. Both my children are beautiful but then what kind of mother would...Read On


My Fit Mum (Part 2)

Mum and Son go all the way.

Ok, it has been over a month now since the incident with my mum.   Incident! What the fuck am I talking about, It was the best fucking sexual experience of my life so far! Things had returned to pretty much normal at home.   The sexual encounter between me and my mum was never brought up, I assumed that It was a “one off” owing to a combination of mum having a little too much to drink...Read On


Cumming With Mom And Dad

After I graduated from college, I took off for a year to see the world. I developed a certain amount of scorn for the small-town morals of my home as I explored everything from the elegant obscenity of Thailand's brothels to the wide-open, anything-goes atmosphere of Holland's sex clubs. Never in all that time did I guess that I would encounter the ultimate and universally most forbidden...Read On


A Frat House Party Turns to Gangbangs!!

Gangbangs break out at a raucous college fraternity party!

(episode 9) Fall semester of my sophomore year I moved into the fraternity house. I found myself very excited about all the fun possibilities of staying in the frat house full time. However, I soon found myself spending the night at my girlfriend Jennifer’s apartment over half of the time. I had discovered that the frat house was always loud and the rowdy activities usually didn’t cease...Read On


Wth Step Mom

How i fucked my step mom

About two years ago I moved in with my father and step-mother. From the first day I moved into the house I had wanted to fuck my step mother. She is not a supermodel she doesn"t have huge tits or a big round ass she is a very plain women. But there was something about her I knew I wanted. She was a very old fashioned kind of person especially for only being 36. You would think she is 60....Read On