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Maple Grove Treatment Center 1995 – from a scrawl from memory #1

What could be more therapeutic than some sex in the woods?

It was the bottom of the world at this dead stop of time and it was a liberation in a sense. Now that I was officially a junkie degenerate, landed in a drug treatment center in the Minnesota woods, I could embark on the most liberated cock sucking I had ever performed… I was disowned, I was no one, I was now free. He was a black dude named Seth. His skin was a caramel brown, his hair a mess...Read On


Pix-O-Lix act 1 scene 2

Pixie gets what is coming

   "I am never late Pixie.  I come precisely when I want to. Just ask Tech. What is going on in here?"   A shocked look flashes over Rocco's face for a moment and then cereal box tops flash in his eyes as he realizes the potential income from taping such an amazing sight. Fystee resumes her attack on poor Pixie when she realizes that Pixie's rescuer decided not to. Rocco runs from the room...Read On


Just Say You Love me, Part 1

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, just like we had done for the past 3 Fridays.   We both love the location and the outdoor seating on the deck with a view of the beach and marina.   We hugged and talked while we waited for a seat.   I didn’t care how long we had to wait, just being with her under any circumstances made me happy. We had met three months ago at a Lakers’...Read On


Dinner At Midnight?

Adaptability Has It's Benefits

Having a job that frequently requires me to work until around eleven or later due to my company having a large client base overseas, I'm lucky to have a lady that is very understanding about it all. She knows that when I take my turn working a month of late shifts that I adjust my entire day so I can stay in the routine of getting up and going to work, then having the evening; even if the...Read On


Two minutes seven inches of Heaven

Black PVC and a sliver of diamond resurrect singular first-time memories

I remember everything single thing about it. The squealing windscreen wipers on the bus, slightly out of sync, one completing seven cycles to the other's six. Condensation streaking down my window, collecting in the rubber seal then sloshing out whenever the bus slowed, accelerated or stopped. I was cold, my polyester cardigan, short cotton dress, insignificant shoes and soggy tights...Read On


Hotsauce in the dark

What happens when my Lush friend Hotsauce switches the lights off.

This yet another fnatasy encounter between me and my gorgeous Lush friend Hotsauce (Fiona).... Fiona press play and switch off the lights, standing naked in complete darkness. Hearing is the only sense available to her, as she hears the first wail of the guitar of "Fade Into You", by Mazzy Star. With one more step toward herr bed, another of her senses is triggered, as she feels me take...Read On


The Ball Is In Your Court Part 4

Part 4 This story is going in a slightly different direction than the others went. It can stand alone, but it is very helpful to have read parts 1 through 3. Because of the lack of votes, views and comments, I’m taking it a new way. A short synopsis: Nick (Sketch) was in love with Cameron. She loved him too, but wouldn’t admit it out of fear of ruining their friendship. Nick slept...Read On


Date night

Date night was a way to spice things up

It was the last Friday of the month, which only meant one thing, date night. Since they had met, Lyndsey and Steven had liked to keep things fun in the bedroom and try different things. Just one of the things they had recently started to do was date night. Once a month they would decide on a place to meet. They would turn up separately, sit in a bar and pretend they didn't’t know each...Read On


Every Day Will be Like a Holiday - Chapter 1

A woman discovers a past one-night stand was her son's girlfriend's father.

Even though my son Brandon was nineteen and in his second year of college, he still liked to alternate the years he spent holidays with me and his dad. This year was my year for Thanksgiving, and since my parents were in Sarasota for the winter, Brandon and I were left to fend for ourselves. Or so I thought. “Hey, Mom,” Brandon said to me when he came in for the holidays. “I know we...Read On


'A Dark Night'- Chapter 1

Ari's world was turned upside down when a stranger rescued her- but this stranger was a vampire

Chapter 1- A Dark night The dull hush that had washed over the library since it had almost emptied was peaceful, until a small thud sounded waking Ari instantly. The disturbance had been caused from her head falling against the thick notebook on the desk below. Glancing down at her wrist watch, she rolled her eyes; it was just after 11pm. It was the end of another exhausting day...Read On


Everything comes together eventually - part two

Ian stumbles back into the real world

Ian came out of his stupor with a jerk. It was gone 5pm and Carole would be back from work any time now. He looked for the screen wipes to try and clear his smear off the screen and looked to see where else his cum had gone. He scooped up some junk mail and bills that had been in the firing line and now had soaked in stains on them, and them dumped straight in the pink recycling bag,...Read On

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Autumn Leaves

As the seasons change I think of you. Has it really been this long so much time as passed? Thoughts swirling around in my mind like the leaves in the wind. Those colorful autumn leaves will never look the same to me. When I see them your face is all I will see. A melancholy ach spreading through everything. A spark of joy for the rare discovery made. A stab of pain for the loss of the...Read On


Public love

I am anxiously awaiting your arrival. We haven’t seen each other in … I don’t know…. 2 or 3 days, and I know my body is aching for yours. We decide to meet in a shopping center parking lot. My phone rings, and It’s you, telling me you’re almost here. My stomach lurches with anticipation, and I can already feel the wetness between my legs. I want to give in and rub myself until you...Read On


Past Twelve Ticks

On cold January nights beneath the winter moon.  If you hear hoofs beats and see your breath blow. The wind howling past twelve ticks.  If you hear an owl hooting on a bough above.  It could be me.  Adagio. A vampire wearing a parka.  Slowing traveling on the falling. A sarcophagus with snow tires, before morn.  Within my carriage, my libido rising.  Beautiful virgins ...Read On


A Tale of two Boilers

 A Tale of Two Boilers By Matthew Dyne I knew the new owner of Doc Wheeler’s house was shopping when my answering service called my cell. I’d noticed Billy’s and Serge’s, my competitors’, vans there last week. I parked in the driveway and walked up the path. I took a deep breath and stood tall and rang the bell. She took me by surprise. I had a hard time not looking down—I didn’t...Read On