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The Groom

A groom loses his virginity to a cougar

Ian was checking the buckles on the side-saddle when Lady Gordon walked in. Ian had grown up admiring the beautiful land-owner's blonde wife. She would go out for walks and rides each day and stayed in great physical condition. Her husband, on the other hand, had far too many rich meals. He had become rather rotund and would rarely go out with Ian's father to hunt game on the estate. ...Read On



First Attempt

As I sit on the train, I cant not help but think what this trip will bring. I have not seen my long term girlfriend in over a month so I have that funny feeling you get in your stomach before you have something important to do. We are meeting in London for a night out and staying overnight at quite a posh hotel five minutes walk to Oxford street. I am a student, studying sports science...Read On


The Birth Of Our Son

Another post from the point of view of an older friend Gary...aka 67Goat...

Of all the things you've given to me, As proof that the best things really are free, If I had to narrow it down to one, It would be the birth of our only son. Watching him smile I become elated, At the sight of the life we have created, Our unimaginable pride and joy, Disguised as a playful little boy. When I gaze into his eyes of blue, I cannot help but think of you, For that and his...Read On


A taste of you...

We meet...

If you came across this story by chance, it might not be what you are looking for, but I hope you like it. I wrote it for one special woman - this is a gift to her, bad as it may be.  They were obviously soaked and shivering. I could see that even through my rain-smeared windscreen. I stopped and they were inside my car, backpacks and all, murmuring their thanks and huddling together on...Read On


Doubting Thomas

Just what the Doctor ordered

"Won't be a minute love", she flapped as she frantically began searching for her keys. Brenda always flapped about in a constant rush, which was in total contrast to her husband. Lennard was cool , calm , and collected as he patiently waited for her. He kept looking at his watch as he reminded her of the time. It was a hospital appointment today, Lennard was experiencing problems with...Read On


Her Tongue Tasted of Rye Whisky and Cloves

Cheaters never prosper, they used to tell me. I've made a life of cheating, and while I wouldn't say I've prospered,  I wouldn't complain. My wife never really understood me. Hell, I never much understood her. But over the years, we managed to develop an "understanding". We don't pry too deep into each other's affairs, business or otherwise. I still remember the first time I broke those...Read On


Diaries of Ceres and Taliya -Part two: Taliya- P1

Part two: Taliya (its backwards sorry about that its before Ceres's part)

Chapter one: It was a glorious morning, a crisp day that promised much for me.  No one was up as yet.  By that I mean master John, Mistress Julia or even little Ceres, who snored away like the baby she acted like at times.  Okay, a just turned  eighteen year old girl, but a baby to my grown up twenty four year old self.  Why was I creeping around at five in the morning, when all self...Read On


Punishment or Reward

Janey discovers her lover wants to delve into the world of D/s on the day she fills in at her job.

Janey didn't like floating at other apartment complexes in the company. It wasn't that she minded helping out, it was just that the extra driving time and then working at a place she was unfamiliar with caused her extra stress. It wasn't the big stuff. It was not knowing where the paper clips were or extra printer paper. It was getting a phone call from a tenant wanting to know if the...Read On


Wild Times

What’s up everyone? The name’s Anthony, but everyone calls me Tony. Tomorrow I’ll be heading up to my buddies massive cottage with a bunch of friends for a summer long party, let’s see how things play out. I was waiting for my buddy to show up with my ride up to the cottage, cases of beer stacked up beside me, when I hear a car coming down the road, thinking it was my buddy I took a...Read On


The Experience and Her Name

He only wanted one thing, and that was – a fuck.

He entered the bar, eyes scanning patrons as they eyed him. There was that distinct whiff of alcohol, food and cigarette smoke in the air, which he was sure he won’t be able to sense in five minutes most. Another thing he was sure of, was that he would have to take a shower before returning to his squad; he wisely took extra change of clothes with him, but he was painfully aware of how...Read On


PA Goes the extra mile - part 2

Car park is our new play ground

I was speechless. Here I was, well and truly caught with my pants down in front of my female boss. “I see you have started the interview process,” Amy said with a wry smile. Mia continued to lie there, not saying a word, not moving a muscle, except the little contractions her tight little tunnel continued to make around my still swollen cock. I wasn’t sure if Mia had been sent here...Read On


A Quiet Evening at Home

It's been a long day pet, let me help you relax.

It had already been a long day for Quinn, and the work wasn't about to stop when he finally arrived home. Most of the day alternated between periods of frantic business, and hours of mind numbing boredom as the retail shop he worked at waited for the next rush of customers. Due to the holidays most of them were cranky customers too, demanding this and that and ‘I know this is special order...Read On


Teaching Millie She's Hot, Part III: A New Life

Millie gets it, and realizes she's a sex goddess

My sweet, big-titted plumper wife, Millie, had changed after her day at the beach. I had once thought she was perfect, but I hadn't known what perfect was before that day. Oh, she was still the same Millie; funny and sweet and giving, and more devoted to me than ever. After her struggle to trust me that day, and her amazing, instant transformation from self-hating "fatandugly" housewife...Read On


Beautiful Lee II

Lee and I get married, help another couple

Beautiful Lee Part 2 I wrote the first segment several months ago. Since then Lee and I have been exclusive. One day, about six weeks after we met, when we weren’t seeing each other because of the kids, Lee’s ex came to the house. I was outside working in my yard and saw his Mercedes pull up. His blond bimbo was in the passenger seat. I thought it odd he was showing up since Lee...Read On


Black Friday Bargain

This MILF needed a game machine and would do whatever she had to to get one.

It was the day after Thanksgiving, 2007, and I am a tried and true associate of one of the largest retail chains in the business.   Some call this day “Black Friday”, we call it “Blitz” among ourselves, because it is reminiscent of the Blitzkrieg of generations before us.   I woke early and arrived at the store at 4:00 AM as requested by my store manager, then proceeded to familiarize...Read On