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Bent Slowly

Couple with a stranger fantasy find a Dominant

They had always been an active couple sexually. They constantly sought new and interesting way to please each other and had created a playful activity called “hot dates” for the last 3 years of their 5 year marriage. Activities on these dates ranged from crude sex in the backseat of the car, to blatant exhibitionism. Veronica had once removed her panties as they had eaten dinner at a...Read On


My Demon Lover

I'm not finished fucking with you yet...

He stands behind me, with his hard strong body pushing onto mine. I can feel every inch of him, from my shoulders to my knees. Using his fingertips, he pushes my hair out of the way while kissing my shoulder. He runs his wet tongue up my neck, causing me to shiver, my body reacting instantly, my pussy clenching as I feel my wetness, my nipples instantly erect, throbbing for more. He takes...Read On


Construction Site Chaos

What happens when I forget my lunch and my girlfriend brings it to me.

I was working on a paving project on a state road as the quality assurance tester. That means I do the testing that the state uses to determine the paving contractor's incentive/disincentive. Today paving had started very early and I had to get a sample consisting of 7-75 lbs sample cans instead of the usual 2 cans because there were going to be additional tests run on the asphalt at the...Read On


Cary Continues

Cary learns to release herself to accept her inner desires.

“Did I hear that right?” Andrea asked, as she walked into the kitchen where Cary and I had been talking about the previous night’s activities. “Did you say you didn’t love me?” I shook my head. I was trapped. There was no correct answer. So I looked at the stunning blonde who eased into a chair across the table from me. Her hair was tousled. Devoid of makeup, her face still displayed...Read On


Nicole's Prison

One night can mean so much...

We laid on Nicole's couch all the time. Well, she would lay down and prop her feet or head on my lap. Tonight it was her feet. We would just watch movies and talk, sitting in her single wide, out of shape, white trash trailer. Her couch was comfortable though, and we had nothing better to do, so we'd just hang out on it, going through endless movies, stories, and conversations. Those were...Read On


A night at the gym

A chance encounter to share a workout

It's late at night in a strange hotel room. You can’t sleep, so you make your way to the gym. You need to work of some stress. You feel tense, pent up energy inside you, so you get on the treadmill. You run fast, uphill, for longer than you normally do, feeling the power in your legs work off the stress. You step down off the treadmill and move toward the dumbbells, some weights to finish...Read On


Lina's Lament Chapter One: Arrival

Two young college students meet in their dorm, and find themselves in a tangled web of love and sex.

Lina dropped her bag and looked up at the massive building that dominated the campus before her. It was beautiful, a russet stone building that was in lovely contrast to the green foliage and greenery that encompassed the whole of the university lawns. St Bridges was one of the most prestigious schools in the country, and Lina knew exactly how lucky she was to be attending. Both she and...Read On


Me and the Hockey Team Ch. 4

sorry the story is kinda out of order but this is the most recent!!

It had been two months since I had last seen him and I was missing him like you wouldn't believe. Not just the sex either, I mean, that was amazing, but I missed the way he laughed the way he smiled whenever he looked at me, how he said "I love you" at the completely right moments. Sure, I had seen him enough during our short camera sessions when I was over at my friend's house, but...Read On


I take control

This is my first story, so please write me and tell me what you think, Thank you. I open the door to our apartment. Suddenly my back hits the wall, I hear the door slam shut, and a set of lips are on mine. I can see this is going to get rough. Body flushed against mine, tongues wrestling with each other, rabid breathing. Lips still on mine, I go airborne, then I am flung onto a bed....Read On


RedTails : The Missing Lynx

Short story (500 Words). Young Frelic receives an unforgettable lesson from his Beastlands Teacher.

RedTails - Reckonings The Missing Lynx by Scarletdown Copyright (c) 2004 G. Sutton. Some Rights Reserved via Creative Commons BY-SA-NC Copyleft Terms. See details at the end of this tale for more info. On the peaceful shores of the lagoon, a lone, small figure stood upon the warm sands. Clad in naught but the light of the perpetual day here in the Beastlands, Frelic awaited the arrival...Read On


One Month

He in his, she in hers, the ouch of them

"One Month" by Smutwriter Copyright July 2010 They’d bought them, one for each other, as little anniversary presents. Not really much of an anniversary, one month, but what a month it had been. In his apartment he held his out at arm’s length, stretched between forefinger tips. He grinned; there was nothing of it. Two floors down she hung hers from a finger and gazed in surprise at...Read On


Kitten: Ch. 8-10

That will do Kitten, that will do.

Chapter 8 She slipped into the car with great anticipation of what was to come on the ride home and later at her home. She quickly crossed her legs letting the slit in her soft leather skirt open and spread as her stockings and garter belt were revealed to him. She waited for his touch as she looked over into his eyes but it did not come as she expected. He leaned closely into her...Read On


Tasting Teresa Again

Midnight sex can be the most passionate

On warm September nights like this, I sit in my darkened, moon lit room and remember a similar night many years ago. It was a pleasantly cool night as it is now and not a wisp of a breeze disturbed the partially open curtains that hung over our bed. My job often required me to work long into the night and on this particular evening I had not made it home until well after midnight. Not...Read On


Let's Get It On

Finally, after months of chatting, text messaging nightly phone calls we will meet in person...

BY THE TIME THE CLOCK CHIMED FIVE O’CLOCK I was a bag of nerves waiting rather impatiently for my buzzer to ring. I must’ve cleaned up my tiny one-bedroom apartment countless times today in anticipation for this visit. Finally, after months of chatting on MSN and text messaging and almost nightly phone calls we will meet in person. This weekend was his only chance of coming up here for a...Read On


Hollywood and First Time Exposure PT2

Young woman startes dating young man in 1956 and learns how to masturbate

It had taken her a long, long while to fall asleep that night seeing as she masturbated for her very first time. The exhilaration, those sensations while she orgasmed, and when she felt that cum as it oozed down her thick sumptuous thighs had her feeling most unusual. However, regardless, Shelly felt incredible! Shelly wanted to do what she’d just done again. Maybe not that night but she’d...Read On