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Me To Blame

You knew You always knew we would never stay in touch I was warned by you my dear friend If I will do wrong our friendship would end You knew me all too well I wish that day had never come Years have passed and still I feel the pain of you Consequences of my harsh decision are alive The memories of you twist in my heart And what of your memories? The laughter The games ...Read On


I Lose Myself In His Pools Of Blue

Dedicated to PrisonerofLoveandWar

I hope ya'll like this because I wrote this 6 yrs ago for PrisonerofLoveandWar to let him know that I loved him. It had taken us both 4 yrs to tell each other how we felt. So the way it is written is from my point of view before we ever made love. Oh word of warning there are some German words in here so I put a translation at the bottom. Enjoy!  Baby, I love you more now than I did 6 yrs...Read On

Audio version available


I was waiting for you.

I heard your knock at the door. I’d been waiting for you in the shadows, in the dusky, silent shadows. Chin on my knees, arms round my legs, and I waited. Hooded eyes, thinking of you; Thinking of what you were bringing striding up the path, alive with hope. I shifted; a moment; a tense, hanging, weighted moment; The pause before the pendulum swung again. My heart was on a string anchored in...Read On


For my love

A short poem I wrote.

This poem was written for Stuart. Thanks for helping me out with my stories and letting me bounce ideas off of you. Love ya, Babe! Clouds in the sky My dreams don't lie I know you're the one for me The only one that I see When I see your face I become a headcase Thinking of when we will be together Our lives intertwined with each other Waking up next to you There's nothing I wouldn't...Read On


Kindred of the Wood (Part One of Two)

Mara discovers that her first crush is more of a kindred spirit than she ever would have guessed.

Wearing a half-hearted smile, Mara looked out over the lake, trying to enjoy the beauty of the Minnesota morning. The laughter of a loon in the distance accompanied an earthy smelling breeze that rustled her golden blonde hair. Mara’s arm whipped, and the flat stone she held skipped out across the water, surpassing her earlier toss by several hops. Just around the bend of the shore, she...Read On


Transgression part 2

Continued from my first story

You will remember that my friend and I had left with the possibility of meeting again sometime. What I neglected to add to the first story and hence the title was the fact that I was a married man. Mary( not her real name) had been recently divorced. Well I did manage to get back to her town, and tried to call her but got no answer. I guess I should tell you that this was back in the day...Read On


Running Red Lights - Part One

Down on his luck, Mark finds the catalyst to start over

How the hell did I end up here? A year and a half ago I was a well-respected lawyer, earning six figures, and drinking cognac in my penthouse apartment. I was one of the best, but instead of putting the bad guys in jail, I kept them out. I was one of those sleazy lawyers who rejoiced in acquitting murderers, thieves, mob bosses, and any other scumbags whose cases fell into my lap. I had my...Read On



Escaping the dying planet earth... leaving a trail of blood and cum!

Note: although this can be read as a stand alone story, it works best as a follow on from 'Kon Tiki', to which there is a link below. Hope you enjoy. 2: ASYLUM Through the view screen in his private quarters, Major Redford was cursed with a bird’s eye view of the undulating, writhing mountains of flame-coloured gas banking up against the containment field. In twenty four hours...Read On


Sappho's Curse

Males not allowed here

this curse known to men two against one silent by the whispers heat vibrates the room | the atmospheric lights silhouetted bodies | seduction in a dance a whirl | a cry exploring hands | experienced fingers | deep inside glow of the hungry seductress superior desire look at the moist open wings ...Read On


A Different Time

An Ottava Rima Poem

Out of the jungle , we made it out fine. My heart skips a beat as our two souls meet. Energy transfers - your body to mine. The way we left and arrived, so discreet - Next up, two glasses and bottle of wine. Its so natural, please let it repeat - I trust you completely to be gentle... Finally! We are inside...Read On


Sexual Dreams

Soon We Will Make Love

The wedding night is planned and they've set the date,  These mature virgins have decided to wait. Soon it will be the perfect setting, For lots of kissing and lots of petting. Thoughts of touching and feeling her breasts, Finally, he will cup and massage her chest. Dreams of her hand stroking his dick, His lovers fingers moving up and down his prick. His tongue would swirl over her...Read On


Mel's Naughty Surprise

An excerpt from a naughty novel I'm working on.

Chapter 3 of a story called "Luck of the Irish". Kieran and Mel go to her sister's wedding and she surprises him with her boldness... After dinner Mel said, “Kieran and I are going out for a walk, I’ll show him around the neighbourhood. We might stop back at the pub as well. Don’t wait up for us.” We got our coats and headed out. She showed me where she went to church and to school...Read On


Day Dreaming

Thinking about kissing the nape of your neck, how you will taste and if you’re my best bet. Imagining tracing all your muscles with my fingers, over all your special spots I will always linger. Looking into your eyes that are so very blue, as I discover every sexy alluring part of you. I’ve got pent up passions and I want to release them all, shower them upon you like an erotic...Read On


The Witch and the Dragon Part 13

Mama's back

The water was cold, and dark, but the hands that gripped her ankles and pulled her down were colder. The babes in her womb stirred. Fear. Her babies were scared. Anger boiled in Alluna’s veins and her body began to glow beneath the inky black sea water. The mermaids’ faces looked at her in alarm. They were not pretty creatures. Their hair swirled around their scaly fish-eyed faces. Full...Read On


My Birthday

the best gift a boy can get

"Surprise Happy Birthday" That's what I heard everyone say Yours is a face that I do know The effect in my pants had to show As I mix and mingle Your smile makes my dick tingle I couldn't let this moment pass I just want a piece of that ass You greet me with that youthful glow In my dick I can feel the blood flow You take my hand and ask me to dance I nearly jumped at the chance As we...Read On