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The Object Of Our Holiday's Desire Part 1

The neighbor at our friends holiday house sparks dirty desires....

The sun shining through the open windows of our temporary house of sin wakes me. I lick my lips as my throat is dry and the taste on my lips is enticing and intoxicating, I feel myself get hard in the blink of an eye as images of last night race through my mind. Lying naked on your stomach next to me I roll over and press up against your thigh, the initial intention to roll you over. I...Read On


Parts House Striptease

Zack had finished counting down the first register of the night. He just had to wait on time now. The parts store he worked at closed at 9, and they rarely had business after 8. Why they even stayed open was anybody’s guess. He and his closer for the night, Chastity, usually started their duties around 8:30, so they could leave almost as soon as they closed. Right now he was watching the...Read On


Sitges Encounter

Conference in Sitges

Traveling around the world for my work, spending endless nights in hotels, from the absolutely beautiful and impressive to low-end shit holes, I have encountered many people. I had to go to a conference in a small city near Barcelona called Sitges. It was early March and my home town was covered with snow and ice cold. In Sitges spring had already started. It predicted lots of sun,...Read On


Special Dinner Part 2

The evening continues

“You can let me go now Sweetie, unless you need the support?” Tammy had a huge condescending smile on her face, her teeth glittering in the room’s dim light. Her eyes told a different story, like a wary jungle cat, ready to strike and rip my throat out if I made the wrong move. I let her go and she moved into the room. A BIG room. In the dim light coming from a couple of wall sconces and...Read On


Late Night Fkight

A business traveller gest a surprise from two flight attendants

This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are not 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and...Read On


Dirty Dancing Part 2

The story continues

We had got back to my hotel room and Paula and I were laughing about our close encounter on the stairwell, I still had her panties in my pocket... "I believe these are yours?" I said to her, reaching in to my pocket and pulling out her panties, white ones made of a thin nylon gauze that allowed the contents to be seen. "How do I know they are not yours?" she answered, smiling. "I guess...Read On


Crappy day at work

He had a bad day at work, but she made him forget all about it

It’d been a long day at work. Richard had showed up three minutes late and sure enough he’d gotten in trouble for it. His boss was new to the job and somewhat of an ass who felt he had to make a name for himself. As such, he enforced every small rule no matter how silly it was. After Richard had a private chat with his boss he returned to his office only to find a stack of paperwork the...Read On


The Weekend meeting - Part One

Gail and Mike meet for a weekend of sex

We met through an adult dating site. Gail and I were each looking to connect with others who had similar sexual interests and were seeking one-on-one or group sex.  Now we were in Baltimore, closing the door behind us in a hotel room, anticipating a long holiday weekend of sex. She was 31, from Kansas City, Kansas, a self-described geek with a passion for computers and programming. ...Read On


Nice Surprise when you get Home from Work

Not much action.. You will have to wait for part two for the juicy stuff

When I woke up this morning after a good night's sleep I looked over where you fell asleep. I knew you went to work that morning but not to my shock I see a rose and a note. It reads: “Kitten, I will be working really late tonight. I don’t expect you to wait up for me. Just so you know I love you and I’ll see you tonight.” This has not been the first time this week that I have seen...Read On


Ms Marca …. Fort Worth Boat Show … Part 2

I'm sorry, he moaned, I'm just so horny I

    Ms Marca …. Fort Worth Boat Show … Part 2   I turned to see what Rob was saying and looking at where he was walking to. Now, call me stupid if you like, but this Glen guy he was calling out to; will his eyes had locked in on me the man was staring at me, with what I imagined to be lust, as he spoke to Rob, and I was getting that familiar wetness in my...Read On


A Sailor's Tale, Chapter One

This is a novelette already written, patience my friends and you shall be rewarded with glorious sex

BB was on his way yet again, another week at sea with the other ten members of the crew.   They hadn’t met up yet, most waiting till the last possible minute to climb aboard for what had to be the most physically demanding job on earth.   Crabbing wasn’t an art, though the captain would like to glorify it and say “there’s magic in them boxes boys…haul ‘em up, get ‘em emptied and toss ‘em back...Read On


Germanic Autumnal Equinox Celebrations

I witnessed the insemination of twelve virgins during the Equinox and the Full Moon celebrations.

In late summer of 2007, I went back to my homeland, but since both of my parents had passed away, I no longer had a place to stay. One of my cousins offered me to stay with her, and I happily accepted her hospitality. While going to school we had been good friends, and whenever I traveled to Germany , I always dropped in on her. I haven’t seen her for a couple of years and was anxious to...Read On


Montania: The Chronicles of Alyssa

Vines hung from the branches and ocelots raced through the undergrowth as she made her way through the shrubbery. The sun bounced off of her glossy, black hair. Her eyes swooped down the valley to a small body of water at the bottom. She scanned the surrounding area, looking for a way down into the canyon. Moving to the edge for a better look, she noticed a thin green thing on a ledge just...Read On


The Boudoir Photo Shoot

Girl Friends Fun at Photo Studio

I could not manage to make it home before Adam, who caught me red handed with my Bordelle shopping bags. We had agreed to be financially cautious this month and I watched his transient ischemic attack as he processed the label with its bankruptcy potential, weighed against the number and variety of fucking it promises. I quickly dashed into my closet and buried the bags in some corner....Read On


The Anticipated Ball

'I re-read the writing in the front of the envelope. To Susie Mason. I'm Waiting.'

This is a work of fiction... I turned the envelope over and over in my hand. Should I open it? I re-read the writing in the front of the envelope. "To Susie Mason. I'm Waiting." The letter I had been waiting for. I put my nerves aside and slowly peeled the envelop open. The smell of lavender wafted out of it, almost making my eyes water. Cautiously I opened out the letter. The writing...Read On