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Moonlight Lover

Relaxing on the beach as the moon shone down on the water, my lover took me.

I dropped into the chair that I had dragged onto the beach. I swirled the drink in my hand, hearing the music of the party, but trying to focus on the waves going gently back and forth. With each sip of my glass and the waves crashing on the beach, I was slowly falling into a blissful numbness. I turned around and looked up at my house where my friends were having their party. I watched...Read On


A Chance Online Encounter

A chance meeting on a Christian Dating site

** names and locations have been changed. Parts of this story are true, parts of it are what may come in the future..but we shall see** ***this is my first story*** One cold December day, after browsing many different profiles on a Christian Dating site, I came across one, that, just for some reason caught my eye. Now this, Juliet, seemed to be an interesting gal. While she did not...Read On


The Sexy Meet Continues

My powers of poetry have eluded me so this is just how I imagined it...........

In the after glow of our love making, I must have dozed off with you in my arms. Whether you had also dozed off or not I don't know but you were certainly awake now and the sensation I had in my cock, told me you were also trying to wake me up from my slumber. My eyes were still closed but I could feel your fingers and mouth bringing me back to life and god it felt good. You notice me stir...Read On


Intensity At It's Finest

I'm losing my Lush Virginity. Be Kind..

You love it. You're choking my heart within your hands, I've trusted you. Don't abuse me. Use me... - Use me, I'm a toy. I am yours for you are mine, Who is in control? Is it control, or a struggle for control? - We crush together, intense, Loving, loathing, rough. Bruises and bites, I love it. It's serious, this game... - You're everywhere, all Over me,...Read On


Surprise encounter

Now, I am surprised, sometimes, by my wants and desires, so lets talk about a certain fun time I had recently. You see, I love to fulfill my fantasies. One fantasy has always been my desire to see just how far my wife of thirty-five years would go if put in a sexual situation. One that was just plain, out of the norm for us. One night I got my chance to experience my desire.. You see...Read On


Game, Set and Match

A Tennis game that turned out to be Ace !

I had just started my second year at college doing my A-Levels, it was my last year. I was now 18. Whilst having a coffee in the canteen in the crowd i saw a girl I recognised from school just a year or so ago. When she saw me she smiled, Leanne her name was. 'Hello Leanne" I said Leanne had just started a course just a matter of a few weeks ago, she was at the same school as mine for...Read On


Coming ashore (part 2)

Further adventures of two sailors ashore

Marlene moved closer, dropping her hand to Stu’s fly, groping him through the cloth and looking him in the eye. He let her for a second then brushed her hand aside, unbuttoned his fly and pulled out his prick. It was fully extended and Marlene ran her palm along the underside of it. “ Mmmmm”, she said, running her tongue over her lips. “what a big boy”. She dropped to her...Read On


The Touch of a Man: Part One

Her other hand was still massaging her clit as she finger fucked herself to yet another wet frenzy.

The inner muscle of her hot moist thirty-two year old canal gripped her index finger as she inserted it, slowly pulling it all the way inside. She felt the fiery pliable pink walls surround her finger as she let it linger inside, letting the elasticity envelope it, tugging on it, making the sensation build. She loved getting herself off. She had learned how to master it fully. Her legs...Read On


Hearts Apart

broken heart

I am devoured by my waking moments of her.. and left exhausted by my sleepless nights... As time ebbs slowly by and she is not there... the distance grows and soon she'll be out of my sight... Our words and whispers carried by wire.. our letters sent through tapping keys... They only make my yearning higher... for hopes and dreams that will never be.. The miles between us can only stop...Read On


The Halfway House

A resident at a halfway house has a sexual relationship with a woman who is under house arrest.

For the past six months, Tony has lived at a halfway house, near an industrious section of the city. The neighborhood is a blue collar-like area, with lots of warehouses, factories, and local bars. He works during the day, as a fork-lift driver at one of the nearby warehouses. He lives alone, but he is happy. Before, he was in a relationship with his girlfriend; for a year and a half, and...Read On


Embrace the wild side

Lily decides to embrace her wild side at work and throw caution to the wind...

The time on Lily’s phone showed 08:53 as she hurried down the long corridor that led to the female staff locker room. “Shit,” she murmured to herself, as she dashed over to her locker. She grabbed the bright red shirt and unflattering trousers, that she had to wear each day, and threw them down onto a nearby bench as she began undressing. Grabbing the hem of her vest top, she quickly...Read On


Tent and Pegs - Chapter Two

Nadia's camping trip with her best friend, Mitch, is taking a turn for the worse - or is it?

My face is surrounded by a flurry of frosty bubbles when I’m pulled back under. A moment after I slam into a tree branch. I curl my body around it and I cling to it like I’m a damned marsupial. I’m filled with nothing but relief when I realize it’s not a branch, it’s Mitchell’s arm. Mitch yanks me from the water and pulls me onto the shore. My head throbs and spins, my stomach twists. I...Read On


A Pleasant Surprise

This is my first attempt at writing a story. I'd love feedback.

The metallic screeching was the cue to stop attempting to start my car. I sighed, irritated, on the shoulder of the road, unable to see through the windshield as rain washed over it. There was no choice; I was going to have to walk home. As I opened the door, I regretted my choice of attire. In a deep blue dress that hugged my slim torso and fell away from my hips to just past mid-thigh and...Read On


Saturday at Jack's

The sun shone into Jack's bedroom window. He laid back on his bed wondering when Emily was finally going to be round. His acceptance grew to inpatience. But then, there was a knock on the door. Jack lifted himself from the bed and rapidly scurried downstairs. Pulling open the door with such strength, he saw her. His eyes scaled her whole body. She was wearing a pair of tight denim shorts, a...Read On


Power Chapter Six: Auditions

Mark gets a job as a subject for psych classes

CHAPTER 6: Auditions Jay and I walked over to the upperclassmen men’s dorm where the auditions for life drawing were taking place. I couldn’t believe I was going to volunteer to get naked in front of girls. Jay laughed. “You’ll get used to it and learn to enjoy it. We got in line with forty other guys. They took two guys at a time inside. The first two were done in less than...Read On