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How I fell for a married man

I tap on the window Hoping someone will hear me, Hear my pleas that is I need to get word to her So that she'll understand That I never meant to hurt her because That was not apart of my plan See I didn't know about you Until after we did it, Did the unthinkable and unforgettable act That I surely can't and won't take back He caressed my heart and soul In a way that no...Read On


The Experience

And it continues.....

...It's time Slowly I move to your lips Retracing my steps Tasting your sweat Your breathing still heavy Looking into you deeply Our tongues dance A kiss passionate and sweet Your body now yearns Desire stronger than ever Carnal lust, in glazed eyes You feel for me Finding your mark, squeeze tightly Teasingly I pull away You squeeze tighter Legs belt my waist ...Read On


My Lovers

You know those moments when you're with a lover and memories of the other blends in?

I see you and you see me the same way he sees me. Your eyes make their way into the depths of me, and you claim to know every inch of my fears and secrets, and I wonder if you know that as I look at you, I see him looking at me in the same way you look at me now, drunk off love and consumed with desire. Your golden brown-green eyes shadowed by thick black lashes blends with the...Read On

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DarkFyre Chapter Two

Aftermath of the battle yields questions for Rael.

"If ye can spare a moment, Milord, I'm ready to report." Rael looked up from a map covering the huge pinewood table in his tent. A variety of similar maps and charts were arrayed on the table and rolled into tubes propped against the desk. There were writing supplies and a sheaf of fresh paper at the Knight Captain's elbow. StoneFingers was standing at the flap of Rael’s tent. The...Read On


Stand up!

for L Life has been unkind - yet you still stand through unimaginable grief through shattered lives through a plague on your blood. through a mind being lost. You still stood with the unyielding weight on your shoulders alone. Then, unsurprisingly, your love finally admitting it never was A love that was never built on trust, or compromise but rather solely on the fear of being alone. ...Read On


Our Worlds Collide

Dedicated to my best friend and love, I am continuously inspired by his strength and his grace.

Remember a real person lies Behind the persona that you see, Forget the glitter and sparkles Somewhere I am just me. We come to this fantasy world To escape all of life's woes, But you can't escape the pain That only your heart knows. We created a fantasy world A beautiful shiny new place, But reality is hard to escape The mirror still knows your face. Everyone needs a fantasy world...Read On

Audio version available

Eloquent Silence

kissing matters

Our eyes meet and welcome one another. You come close, one strong finger tenderly tracing the corner of my mouth. Your warm breath caresses my face as your body crowds mine and my skin flushes. I breathe a soft sigh into your mouth. Ahhhh, the gentle anticipation, the perfect joy, the eloquent silence, of that moment before a kiss....Read On


skipping stone

my hand strokes you gently during those early morning hours of sleep and dreaming. I think of your body singing over me in deep bass tones of honey and midnight. these moments should be enough but they wake in me a need to have you love me like you fuck me.... with abandon and thoroughness. the problem is you do not know my true self or the depths of her heart ...Read On


Tell Me

How do I ask you to tell me?

Tell me... What I should do to you, how I should hold you, how I should kiss you, and how I should touch you. Tell me... What you would do to me, how you would hold me, how you would kiss me, and how you would touch me. Arouse me... Where do you moisten? How do you taste? How do you feel? And how I excite you? And I will... Hold you in my dreams, dream of your...Read On


Kandi Girl

Longing for a superstar on the dancefloor

You’ll play these maidens for fools, Dancer dear, Cropped hair atomic pink, steel stud shining In your bottom lip, a bank your tongue overflows When you giggle. Look at you: baby blue UFO pants, rainbow Piping, your silly little bump and grinding; Kandi-coated arms flail like tipsy windmills, Funky Dutch style. Soon you’ll need to pop that paci inside Your mouth, you’re so toon-eyed and...Read On


The Sex Shop

The Original Sex Shop Song music video are on Youtube with these lyrics from my charity poetry book!

THE ORIGINAL SEX SHOP SONG (Music Video Filmed in a real sex shop On Youtube/ Google search "The original sex shop song") Toys for boys Kamas and sutras Rabbits for girls Videos for adults Motors for any hole Models for all tastes Dry and moist The sex shop Do come in haste! Lip liner and lubricants Stilettos, suspenders and tights Quick flings and rings Long lasting and big things Ticklers...Read On



The physical rushes of rejection and love lost

The world spun Uncontrollably and Illogically The blood drained Feeling Numb and Disbelief Swallowing the lump Of Rejection and Shock Breath held in With a Shiver and Coldness Releasing the breath Still Counting and Struggling Tears slid down Love trails and Ending Releasing clenched hands Trying to wave Goodbye...Read On


The Meeting (Pilot)

A meeting between two online friends

Susie grinned, checking her reflection in the mirror. Okay she was no model, but her sea coloured eyes and her freckles made her seem like she was as sweet and as innocent as she sometimes wished she was. She tilted her head from side to side and tested the way her hair fell, her teeth closing on her lower lip as she tried to practice a seductive look. She humphed and frowned as she just...Read On


You Can Believe

One of the poems from my story Merry Christmas Baby...I never posted it here before...

When something deep inside you dies, When people around don’t hear your cries, When sadness starts to fill your dreams, When something deep inside you screams, When loneliness overtakes your heart, And anger starts to tear you apart, That’s when I’ll be by your side, To make your fears run and hide, To help you make it through the night, To tell you everything will be alright, To be there for...Read On


You Made Me

You made me love you. It wasn't your looks, It wasn't the things you own, It was what you said. You made me love you. Telling me about yourself, Sharing your hopes and dreams, Talking about someday. You made me love you. You gave me encouragement, You made me work harder, You made me want more. You made me love you. I wanted the best for you, No matter what that was, I would have...Read On