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Aman's Favorite

I was Aman's favorite

Aman stares at me. I have been his new wife for 24 hours. He wants me. He has 3 other wives and I hate them all. I don't want to be part of a harem. I am not even from his country.I marry Aman to try to get back to America. He is alone with me in a room that looks like it belongs in Trump Tower. He is gorgeous, tall and Arabic. He wants me. "Blue Eyes." He calls me and he sits against the...Read On


Tending The Gardens V

It's time to lend a hand to each and another's garden...

This time she did not resist the weakness and trembling in her knees as she advanced. She began her quest to once and for all have that throbbing cock between her lips. She gracefully shimmied out of her panties as his face reddened with desire, and his hand continued spreading his gleaming nectar over his shaft, slippery, pulsing, expectant. She stepped daintily from her silk and fell before...Read On


Heath Of Aberdeen

On cobblestones I travel,  when not in flight. Scribing within my sarcophagus on wheels.  Pulled by four somber geldings. Without a coachman to steer, or outrider leering.  Their shoes clicking... clicking.  Echoing. On the heath of Aberdeen. This chilly night. Beside me sitting somberly, my muse Lady Fata Morgana. Seducing my words.  As if spoken by mental spirits, her tongue...Read On


Chestnut Hill Romance

The Beginning, How It All Started

Scott and Cathy started work in Chestnut Hill Consulting on the same day. Scott was hired as an operations consultant. Cathy was hired as an account development consultant.  Although in very different careers they noticed each other during Chestnut Hill Consulting introductions. Scott saw Cathy go up for coffee during the introduction break. He couldn’t resist and headed over for coffee...Read On



All is well in the Garden of Eden. The lion sits with the lamb. Adam and Eve are truly in Paradise.

A slight breeze blew through the garden, rustling the leaves in the trees and bending the stems of the tall flowers. A lamb lying down by the side of a small pond twitched its nostrils, but soon relaxed. This was about as rough as the weather ever got. The lamb returned to the flowers it was nibbling, unperturbed by the nearby presence of a lion on the other side of the pond. And why should it...Read On


No Chance in Hell

You could have claimed me, too bad you've lost the chance to.

I thought you were more Than what others pretended to be You weren't there when I had to pour My emotions out for the world to see. What was so important that you Could not spare a call? Tell me the truth, I mean nothing to you at all. Your inaction results in losing me Should have marked me when you could I may have low esteem But I know I was a damn good person to you And I would never...Read On


Snow Globe

Love never dies -- a story about holiday magic.

This story was inspired by a challenge to write a winter holiday story that included some kind of magic or miracle and was told from the opposite gender's point of view. “You've been collecting snow globes for as long as I've known you, Mary. You don't have one like this.” I picked it up again from the shelf where it was displayed with some old cast-iron banks. “It's not in...Read On


I Love you Lydia.

A Poem for my Girlfriend, Lalita_Lydia

She is my baby girl. She means the world to me... She is my baby.. She is everything to me... Now she is hurting and it breaks my heart into a million pieces It hurts me to know she is hurting.... I feel like my heart can breaking into a thousand of pieces. I rather be hurting, I rather I be the one in pain. Than to have my baby hurting. Than to have my baby in pain. I Love you Lydia...Read On


The Realization

The Realization I wanted to try and write something a little different, hope you enjoy it. Please let me know your thoughts. My boss and I walked to the coat check to get his wife’s and your jackets. It’s the end of a very enjoyable business dinner with the sales staff of the company I work for. While you had not met anyone there before, you handled yourself even better than I...Read On


Soft and Wet

Sweet and sticky yeah that turns me on As you feel the flow going in you strong Your thighs caressed then parted Lips wet and very tender As I slide slowly in Who will be the first to surrender With that first thrust I hear you moaning Tells me that the sensation is very good My erection may be sturdy But a splinter won't be found in this wood It's a delivery...Read On

Recommended Read

Deshawn and Desiree

Desiree’s tone startled me, but it was still arousing as hell.

Deshawn – The Case Meeting All the attorneys filed into the conference room on this frigid Tuesday morning for our regular meeting to run down our current cases and to distribute any new ones. I really didn't need the get-together since my assignment was a murder case. It wasn’t a high profile case like OJ, but it was a murder case nonetheless. I sat in the back, in the cut,...Read On



Just thinking out loud.

Her heart keeps time, Each beat a moment we will never know again. And all this time her hair hangs over her face, And her hands push and pull at me, And her legs gather me up, And her belly shakes, And her breasts dance, And I know what this is; Desire. And afterwards, I know what it was; Love. But I pretend not to, And I think she does too, Because she holds me tightly, Until we...Read On


The Shadow Lover

Meet the shadow lover in his domain

Hands resting on a smooth balustrade, their pale colour contrasting nature, she was frozen. There was something wrong with her hands, something very wrong. They were …. They should be …. She could not catch that instinctive feeling, explain her certainty of wrongness. Her mind seemed to want to give her a desperate hint as she looked down on the smooth, unmarked skin; but she could not grasp...Read On


Started With A Kiss

A poem of how it all began

It starts with a kiss The innocent touch Of two sets of lips It moves To their tongues Intertwining together Backs are pushed against walls Bodies tossed on to beds Then a hand jumps from the others side Up to their chest Theres touching and feeling Squeezing and grabbing Then the hands travel down Exploring around Bodies shake with excitement Filled with to...Read On



I got more then I agreed to tonight  As I closed my lounge at 4am  Just my new barmaid and I  Were checking out the proceeds She ask me if I would like a hot cup of coffee With a shot of absinthe Knowing my thoughts would grow fonder I couldn't refuse Knocking back a few shots Closing the distance I became wet Giving that a transvestite was in close proximity I began to throb ...Read On