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Midnight Fun

Thanks to Alex7 for helping me edit. :)

We are slow dancing in my room. The music is soft, and the volume is low. I start to kiss, and gently bite your neck. You gasp, and move your body slightly closer towards mine. I can feel your hips against me as we sway in time with the music. You are wearing your tight boxers, and I'm dressed in nothing more than my panties and bra. You pull me closer to you as you lean down to kiss me. I...Read On


The rapturous reception

Getting lucky twice at a party

They say that many people find a future spouse at a wedding, I suppose because there is an atmosphere of romance, but I can't say it has worked for me. I did spend one ceremony in a church in north London exchanging increasingly lustful looks with the bride's cousin, but somehow that never came to anything. However, there was a very horny reception once. It was in a big house, an old...Read On


Tuscan Break

The first meeting of an on-line lover.

The warm Tuscan sun had finally moved gracefully on her way leaving the air to freshen with the onset of evening. I knew that you would be here soon from your arduous flight from New York and my heart skipped a beat in anticipation. I had already been here for a day and a half to acclimatise to the weather, glad that I had left the English rain and wind behind. I had been shopping in the...Read On


Sinful Pleasure

A short poem I wrote in my youth. i thought it wouldn't hurt to share it with the world

He Touches me, and makes me scream, I always beg for more. We can do it on our bed, Or on the kitchen floor. My polished nails dig in his back, We stare with lustful eyes. Locked away in an unlit room, As hours pass us by. Moans and groans are only proof That we are having fun He won't let me leave the room, Till the job is done....Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 31

Getting serious.

March brought a lot of wind and rain, and Ryan felt like she'd walked through it all on her way home from work. She went into her apartment, hoping the quiet would alleviate her headache. It had been a hell of a day, but it was Friday and it was over. She tried to concentrate on that as she went to her room to change. Things were moving along for the band. They'd found a lawyer through...Read On


The Last Kiss

I didn't know how to react to Moorman being deployed. So I poured my heart into this story.

I sat on the balcony of my Fort Lewis apartment. I looked up at the moon, shining bright. One single star sparkling next to it, I couldn't help but break down and cry. Kevin called an hour earlier and said that he will be leaving at 0400, the next morning for Iraq. When he told me, my stomach dropped and I ran outside. I grabbed the railing, and screamed. "No!" I cried as I dropped to...Read On


The Constructor

A college girl gets whats she wants for breakfast.

She watched him from a distance, the way he held his posture, his shoulders broad and his arms were tan and muscular. He wiped beads of sweat from his forehead with the bottom of his sweat drenched beater, revealing his toned chest and six pack. She was getting excited in the panties just watching him. Weylie Simmons was a decent looking girl. She stood about 5’4” and weighed a light 120...Read On


Swimming for love

Partners starved for each other head to the lake to rekindle their connection

It's not unusual by any means, we're the typical american couple. The stresses of a new baby and work have left us with little time for each other. We welcomed a child into this world, a wonderful Symbol of our love that we couldn't possibly adore anymore. Unfortunately, new babies require a lot of time and energy, leaving parents exhausted. This had happened to us. We had gone from fucking...Read On


No Smoking

Sex with my girlfriend or cigarettes?

I begandating Lucy about a year ago. She is the most amazing girl in the whole world and at the age of 23 she has an even better body. Perfect C cup tits, flat but still soft stomach, the cutest round ass you will ever see and legs that go on for miles. She has long wild blonde hair, sun tanned skin, and big beautiful hazel eyes. Her face is beautiful and has full pouty lips that are perfect...Read On

Recommended Read

Choking the Blue Snake

Three guys walk into a bar...

Sir Edmund Bluesnake walked into the library of his manor and slumped down in one of the lounge chairs. It had been a hard day’s work. Not only did he have to make sure that the beer his brewery was making had the right taste, he was also required to go to his distillery and check on his whisky. The nearly two hour long drive had made his chauffeur desperate for a smoke as Sir Edmund didn’t...Read On


Georgia - Part Three

You really need to read parts one and two, if you haven't already. Scroll down for links

Georgia – Part Three “I have a better idea,” Mel – or was it Melissa? – replied softly. “Let’s put this on him.” I wondered what “this” was, but soon found out, as they slipped the sleep mask over my eyes, and tightened the band around the back of my head. Then I felt the strap across the back of my neck being loosened. I moved my head then, and was rewarded by feeling Doris’ clit against...Read On


Anna's Dream

Could this be a reality?

Boom, boom, boom,ba-da-da, ba-da-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp  Boom, boom, boom, ba-da-da, ba-da-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp Boom, boom, boom, ba-da-da, ba-da-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp… Fucking shit, she thought. It’s 9 P.M. on a Sunday night and people have real jobs where they need sleep in order to function the next day? This is just ridiculous! I’ve got to get some sleep! ...Read On


Jack on the Rocks

A visitor from abroad gets an introduction to Canada

My mind probably shouldn't have been wandering but as my tongue rolled over and prodded the swollen nipple it was all I could do to not laugh out loud. You just never know where life is going to take you... Last week I volunteered to take my neighbour out to the airport to pick up her sister who was coming in from Scotland. I took Terry out and we picked up her sister Margaret and had a...Read On


An open love letter

This is an open love letter, a passionate plea and a deep longing for a forgotton liason.

My little love, I've been thinking of you all weekend. Your soft voice, your gentle smile and caring way. The way you laugh a little when you talk about uncomfortable things and love to make others laugh because you can't stand the idea of anyone being unhappy. I miss the way you flirt and tease and love to drive me and all men crazy. The way you know someone is looking at you and how you...Read On


Dressing room encounter

erotic coupling beings in the dressing room and ends at home

"Babe, can you come here and help me with this?" I walk back into the dressing room as your open the door. I'm greeted by your long bare legs as my eyes begin to travel up your body. As you giggle you say, "here eyes are here." My eyes finally meet yours and you can't help but notice that wickedness that you've seen before. After a brief moment, you lightly grasp my...Read On