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A full box of confessions is all you get from me

I haven't had the time to work it out, So i'll take this opportunity to lay it all down

Say that you love me without rolling your eyes Tell me that your never gonna leave me wtihout starring at the empty skies Smile at me without faking it Say that you always think about me without counting the steps you take Tell me what you like about me Without thinking about the things you like about her Stay the whole night with me without trying to find a way to leave me Listen to...Read On


Do You Know?

Jane has a crush on a man who's had his eye on her, and seduces her slowly and thoroughly.

It started with the glances. The library was a place where it was easier to study than the cafeteria in the student union. Jane would go there after she was done with the class she taught. After grades got updated and everything was done for next class, she did her studying. After years of teaching at the local community college, she found out she enjoyed it. She didn't enjoy her piecemeal way...Read On


Hate to Love

Just thoughts

I hate you You get on my nerves That you think I deserve You When you put me through sorrow Pierce my heart with an arrow Poison my thoughts I want to think clear But do you see this tear Drop Rolling down my cheek It's not because I'm weak No Despite all your flaws I'm clutching at straws Don't you see? Even if I wanted to  I couldn't let go of you Ever You have...Read On


I loved

I loved Figuring you out Well-known quirks and well-kept secrets Whispered words in Private places Different antics with Friends and strangers. I loved How you allowed Me to unearth Your hidden wonders For physical pleasure Emotive indulgence Your faultless timing For each reveal It kept my attention Engrossed my cognition. I loved Teasing, forcing Carefully extracting Each part...Read On


Dangerous Lure

your hands move on the instrument and I lean forward unable to look away or relax with the others. my hand moves to my lower lips and I gather the drops there unable to stop myself or maintain my composure. your mouth applies pressure to the reed and I watch every subtle nuance unable to divert my thoughts from your tongue caressing. my mouth sheaths my fingertips and I...Read On


The Prophecy Ch.1 Part 2

The sequel to Part 1.

Luke was still trying to processes everything that had just happened while he sat down in what was the most expensive looking apartment he had ever seen. One look out the window showed him that he was five floors off the ground. Yet, the view outside compared little to the view in the apartment itself. The furniture was of high quality, you’d swear it belonged in a manor, with the tables...Read On


Concealed Souls

We readily took off our clothes And opened our minds To explore ourselves and each other In the Lush land of non-existence Hovering in a wasted no-man’s land Between substance and delusion What is authentic here? Connections seemingly in tandem Waiver badly when questioned or reminded That the words are unreal Concealing the souls beneath the facades Our heated skins did...Read On

Recommended Read

Better...Because of You

May everyone have someone who is an inspiration, be that person for someone else, or both.

Because of you, in so many ways — I am stronger... I am better. No longer am I weak and tethered; Your acquaintance released my fetter. ~ Your quick wit makes me laugh; ...I am happier. Your unfailing support bolsters me; ...I am more confident. Your gentle advice nudges me; ...I am more productive. Your unerring perception enlightens me; ...I am healthier. Your...Read On


Are you ... ?

Shaking with fear I remove my clothes Watching you strip from yours as well Are you shaking? Slowly I creep over to the bed Lay myself down against the blanket Are you nervous? You crawl on top of me and kiss my lips Brushing your body light against mine Do you want me? Our mouths get lost with one another's You slide yourself between my legs Do you need me? ...Read On


Sweet Kisses

His kisses drive me wild...

Kissing him is divine; Teases my palette like strawberries and wine. I could get lost in his lips; As I wrap my legs around his hips. But there is rarely the luxury of free time. His desires entice my mind; I lust for his body, oh so fine. I dream of his chest, so delicious; It answers all my carnal wishes. Soon I will be floating on cloud nine. Features that just make me melt; I...Read On


The lost lover

When all is lost, memories are all that remains

You lie in my heart, from the very start. Though so far you are. My thoughts go astray, to the place where you lay. And sometimes, distance raises no bar. Memories go fonder. About you I wonder The day when I saw your face. Those sparkling eyes vanishing all cries, Checking sorrows, at a rapid pace. That charming smile, without anything vile The lips that knew no lie. ...Read On


between him and I

I always found myself in this place with him

I clutched the rough iron railing of the headboard as he drove into me, spreading my legs apart with his big hands as I moaned. So deep... then deeper. I pushed back against him as I felt his fingers slide gently up my back, over my spine. I'd intended on going out tonight to forget forget this. My black dress, now wrinkled on his floor, had been perfect for my plan, along with my...Read On

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Ramblings From My Soul

How can I explain what I feel? When I can’t find the words that are enough, No words created to express my emotions? How can I show you what I cannot say? A fierce grip on my heart, Like a fist clenching my ragged soul, Soothed by your wondrous touch. Like bright fireflies dancing on my skin, Like a scream from within, erupting. My heart wide awake and fighting, My...Read On


A Dom's Pledge

My pledge is true, I will not take. Freely she chose me, as did I this union make. Partners as one, with hearts on fire, to give and not thieve, but accept gifts of desire. Her pride never stolen, but kept well secure, the freedom of giving, unchained is its allure. Control or controlled, neither is the case, to give of one's self, to make both hearts race. Bonds an illusion, to set your...Read On


My Dearest Friend

Something I wrote for a very dear friend

My dearest friend This poem I send I'll hug you tight And say good night And when you wake These words you take Have a blessed day Is what I say Don't ever doubt In or out Up or down Don't wear a frown For you I'm here Be far or near My love for you Is strong and true And we'll be friends Until the...Read On