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Kindred of the Wood (Part Two of Two)

Mara discovers that her first crush is more of a kindred spirit than she ever would have guessed.

Sitting around the fire at Wade’s camp that evening, Mara glanced at her furiously blushing father and stifled a laugh. Her great uncle continued the story, much to her father’s chagrin. “Now, I didn’t see Steve’s gallantry, so I had no idea what was going on when I paddled up. There he was, standing on the bank holding his paddle planted in the ground like a knight with a lance, lookin’...Read On


T'was the night before xxxmas

Humorous play on a classic... Not meant to offend anyone...

Twas the night before xxxmas and all through the house, you could hear momma purring, hoping for a good rouse. Her stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes of getting another new pair. Momma was in her negligee and I in silk boxers, settling in for a night of playing doctor. When outside there was such a noise, that I jumped up, dropping momma’s toys. To the window...Read On


His Ass Is Calling

A little true jocularity of a poem for a laugh!

I hear footsteps but no one is saying hello to me; Then I listen very carefully and what could it be? The sound of his ass cheeks rubbing up against his pants; Holy crap it’s turning me on, putting me into a trace! He’s done it once before and I can hear he’s not alone; His horny ass is thinking of me and has called me on his phone. I must be on his speed dial maybe even number one; ...Read On

Audio version available


I feel the breeze on my skin As it flows through the open window.  The night air caresses my body Like a lover's lingering kiss. The scent of the roses Drifts through the room,  Mixed with the sweetness Of the falling rain. The sound triggers my pent-up need Deep within my aching soul.  I can sense you near. My blood rushes quicker though my veins As I seek the whispers and your gentle...Read On


Everything comes together eventually - part six

The saga continues - probably better than normal, sod all Ian in this one!

The phone by the bedside had hardly completed a ring before Ian picked it up - he'd been asleep since Beth had sunk into her slumbering depths, but it felt like his senses had been alert for the last few hours, his cock acting as look-out hoping desperately for some sign of love, lust, compliance ... god, basically just any hint of contact from the young body stretched out next to him. ...Read On


I'm no poet, but these are my thoughts

Just a glimpse of the thoughts that haunt me

My heart calls out, "Where are you my love?" But sadly, no sound on my ears doth fall. No soft, sweet whisper. Not a cooing dove. There is nothing but the cold silence every day. Living with nobody 'my love', her to call Makes the hopes of a man like me, slowly slip away. Not much, for this life of mine did I ask for. I want not weatlh, fame or degrees behind my name. This thing called love,...Read On


Above the Stars and the Gods

Sometimes a star need to rise to heaven to be brought down to earth

Above the Stars and the Gods He sat on the catwalk high up in the theatre, above the highest tier of seating, the ‘Gods’, above the maze of scaffolding and gantries that held the multitude of lights that were his job to attend to. Of course he shouldn’t be working up here by himself with regulations as they were but his co-worker, Al, was a lazy character and was forever...Read On


Though Seasons Pass

Yet another love poem originally posted under 67Goat...

Though seasons pass and years go by, They will not stop the tears I cry, And though may fall the gentle rain, It will not wash away my pain, And though there may be tomorrow, It will not take away my sorrow, For when you and I became apart, You took a piece of my broken heart, I only ask that you give it back, So I can get my life on track, And I can somehow heal this broken heart, And...Read On


When I Dream

Seeing what I see ... Feeling what I feel

In dreams of mine I hunger for you with me Feeling your hands glide over my body. Your roughness of your fingertips Elicit my erect nips I feel your hot breath across my skin As your fingers probe within Your tongue so smooth and soft Across my lips it will waft My hips start swiveling up and down Your face and mouth I will drown You taste my strawberry field And your fate of fucking...Read On


Minuet In G Chapter V

Alice and Gerald discover another secret about Aunt Sarah

As he descended the stairs, Gerald heard what sounded to him like a little snippet from The Well-Tempered Clavichord. It stopped abruptly, followed by a few chords struck seemingly at random, and then he heard what he recognized as the middle section of Chopin’s Polonaise in Ab Major. “Keep that up, and Horowitz will have to find a new occupation,” he called out cheerily. “He’s dead....Read On


Losing you too soon

Feeling the pain and loss of someone you love when they are gone.

I look around at the world, and wonder where you went, I look around at the world, and see the places you were meant to be, I look around this house and see you and me in every corner, I look around this house to see your face somewhere, but nowhere, I look around at the world and see the empty spaces that you where meant to fill, I look to the doctors to tell me why you went, ...Read On


For she is a pure cum slut

For she is an Englishmen's dream

Despite all of the evidence Like cream inside her underpants She remains technically pure She remains technically pure Of the sex act she is wary Though she’d long since lost her cherry And she does experiment. Yes, she does experiment. She may put naughty stuff up her twat Massive, phallic and often very hot. But never a man’s penis No, never a man’s penis She...Read On


The Deployment and the Heart

Separated by duty and distance

Laying in my bunk feeling the paperbetween my fingers Knowing your every word, connecting us through time and space My thoughts drifting to a peaceful time of bliss Dinner, sheets, and passion running its course Our laughter filling the streets as we walk gazing at the sky My eyes fly open, the Sergeant yelling orders, adrenaline spiking The weight of the armour, the smell of...Read On


Christmas Angel Ch 2

Jack, “Why do you call me your Christmas Angel?

As she lay there in Jack’s arms, Melinda began to think over the things that happened over the past two years. All of a sudden all the emotions she thought she had dealt with came to the surface, and tears welled up in her eyes. Not once did anyone make her feel wanted or special, so why, was this stranger, calling her his Christmas Angel? She looked up into his blue eyes and asked, “Why do...Read On


Blowjob of love

Wife greeting husband

Home from work I'd come, there you'd be, waiting lustfully for me, just in my T -shirt you'd be, in the hallway attacking me. Fast my pants would be undone, as we'd be kissing passionately, your hand searching for my hard on, stroking me, slowly going down on me. Leaning against the wall, you'd be sucking me deeply, with your mouth taking me all in driving me...Read On