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The Unicorn

My pet and I return home with a friend

Introduction I sat on the balcony casually watching the city that slept below me. The early morning hours have always made me feel so calm, so peaceful. This, above all things was mine. This time where I shared the world with no one, and nothing intruded. The random car passing down the lane, or the short bursts of song that came from the earliest of birds were all the movement and noise...Read On


Island Girls Part 2 A Walk, Raspberries, and a Kiss

A walk brings Stephie and Vicki closer together

Island Girls Part 2 When I woke up and threw back the blankets, the fragrance of our loving the night before wafted up to my nose. Is there a better smell in the world? Not many as far as I’m concerned. It was cool and a little damp, and we naturally slept naked, so I had to pull on my robe. I put on a pot of coffee and went back to the bedroom. Sarah was still sound asleep. I...Read On

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I Surrender To You

This Is What I Want

I lie there in the tall grass, hiding me like a thick forest. My naked body soaking in the sun, I look at you, smiling down at me. Your lips meet mine, we kiss, it’s soft but has a hungry need to it. The tremble of my body alerts you, reminding you how much I need you. You climb on top of me, your naked skin against mine, watching me. I can sense you teasing me, I wriggle a...Read On


The Hunter's Tale

In Larissa's bed, who is the hunter and who the prey?

It was mid October. Across the bristling hillside the cedar and silver birch trees were slowly swallowing the withered sun. Soon the night would reclaim them. And soon, thought Larissa as she felt the evening frost sting her fingers, soon the snows would come, and then perhaps he would come too. He had come to her last fall. Trekking back to Fort Compton to sell his furs and to shelter for...Read On


Friends for Years

I have a friend who is very special to me, his name is Ronald, and we have known each other for over 13 years.   For one reason or another we have never hooked up as boyfriend and girlfriend but we have done things together movies, dinners and other things.   Now this guy isn’t what I would call experienced and I have had a few lovers in my past so we do make for an interesting couple.  ...Read On


His and Her Pleasure

She loves blow jobs and he loves to please.

"Oh god...yes...oh yes baby." The guy moans as I work my tongue around his shaft; my mouth sucking on his lovely head long and hard. My small hands knead his balls as my mouth and tongue work his dick. I work faster, wanting him to shoot his cum into my mouth and just when I feel him tense up and groan, I grab a shot glass that has amaretto liqueur in it already. As he cums into my mouth,...Read On


The Window Ch.1-3

"The Window" Chapter 1 by Jersey There I was all excited packing for a weekend getaway to the White Mountains Region in NH. Looking forward to blue skies, sunrise, sunsets, foliage, wildlife and everything nature has to offer with a few friends of mine. “Oh shit that would’ve sucked”, I mumbled to myself when I observed from the corner of my eye the bag of weed laying on the corner of my...Read On


The Voice of God (Chapter 5)

Where my Chinese lover wakens to pleasures undreamed.

I wake with a start. The sky outside the window is pink with the dawn. The sun has not yet risen. I have not yet adjusted to the time change since arriving in China. You are lying on your side, just as you were when we fell asleep. Your breathing is even, restful. I pull you closer and my body mirrors yours; a spoon within a spoon. My cock wakens and presses against the soft skin...Read On


The Little Lady and I Do it on the Lakeshore

Andrea and I went to the lake to relax. One thing led to another.

It was hot that summer, with temperatures in the 90s and 100s for days on end. The only relief, other than just staying cooped up in the house, was to go out to our local lake and swim. We live about ten minutes from a state lake, built my the Corps of Engineers years ago. It was a great summer attraction in a state with few national parks. We used it often, Andrea and I, Carlos. We loved it. ...Read On


Den of Iniquity Ch. 06

When I left Chantelle standing on the pavement in front of the Domina Flagrante, I started turning over all the things running through my mind. First there were the death threats, and now this scandal business. At least Chantelle seemed to know what she was doing. Adrian knew too; he just did as he was told. Even Annie, despite her innocence, seemed to know what she was doing. Not me, though....Read On


A New Start

A relationship ends, another, unlikely one begins

Tabitha had changed. When we first got together she’d been funny, light of heart, devil may care. She’d enjoyed adventure, taking chances. Sometimes it had been hard to keep up with her. But she’d changed. I was sitting in our bed. It was 3 in the morning and she was sleeping peacefully, occasional light snores drifting from her pretty mouth; or do snores come from the nose? Her...Read On


The Obsession of Auntie Tania, Part 9

The continuing adventures of Henry and the neighbor.

I had worked for the dealership for a couple of weeks and had proven myself a reliable employee. I replaced Kevin as supervisor when he had to return to college. If I had Auntie Tania to thank for that, I never found out. Boris himself spoke to me several times about how the department required improvement and attitude adjustments. I’d like to think I earned the promotion. My...Read On


The Neighborhood Chapter Four: Sonja

Did you enjoy last night?

I woke up the next morning to find myself in bed alone. I got up,brushed my teeth, put on some underwear, and walked to the kitchen. I thought I had smelled coffee. Randy and Paul were at the kitchen table getting their morning shot of Java. They were also getting an eyeful. Sonja was sitting on a chair across the room with her legs spread. She was energetically masturbating for my...Read On



I squatted down to tongue and taste her freshly waxed vulva.

We walked over the pile of Brown’s clothes into the jet-black darkness of the windowless bathroom just outside of her office. We shut out the light and the sound of the driving beats behind us. Brown’s birthday soiree would have to go on without Brown. Naked cocoa Brown had the supple soft skin of a lamb and the scent of a goddess. She wore a floral fragrance with just a hint of...Read On


Pride and Prejudice and Fucking – Part the Second

More outrageous liberties taken with Jane Austen's characters

[The story so far: Elizabeth Darcy, nee Bennett, is staying at the house of her sister and brother-in-law, the Bingleys, while her own husband is away on business. Before they are parted, Elizabeth takes her husband’s member in her mouth for the first time, and is rewarded with a tasty mouthful. That night, Jane confesses that she and her husband had been watching this supposedly private...Read On