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The Perfect Man

Life As We Should Know It.

There’s always someone who is there for you, Who wants you, Who adores you, Who loves you, Who tells you what he wants to do to you, How he’ll hold you, How he’ll kiss you, How he wants to make you feel, How he wants to have sex with you, How he is sad because you’re gone. His pain is deep it hurts knowing the days go slower with each thought, He wants to sleep...Read On




I am you know. This power given only to me. Blending and darting from shadow to shadow. All of those places where light doesn’t reach. No one sees me. I go where I want. I walk through walls. Locks won’t help. Turning the lights out just makes it easier. You can’t hide. You can’t escape. I see everything. Those moments in the car when your skirt rides up...Read On


King's Bay Ch. 04

Alone in King's Bay....

We swam. We surfed, we rested on the beach and we swam some more. I'd never seen anyone as at home in the water as Callie. She was one of those people that made you think if mermaids were real, she'd be one. If she'd grown a tail and headed out to the horizon, I wouldn't have been a bit surprised. I noticed after a while that the beach wasn't as crowded as I had expected. That struck me...Read On



Journey into our deepest desires

Adrenaline! I can’t begin to contemplate the complexity of this chemical that controls so many of our urges, our desires, giving us the propensity to fight and to fuck in equal measure. It is not for me to analyse and to decipher the intricacies of such chemical reactions with-in our bodies but more for me to understand it and how it translates into the situation that I find my-self and my...Read On

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you. are. magic.

Your hands caress my rousing body And I feel your mouth Softly kiss a path to my waist.. Your breath washes me in  One.  Perfect.  Magic. And my arousal fills the room With invitation.  I dare not open my eyes  Because the sight of your tenderness  Will overwhelm me. Come love me.  Come bathe my soul. Come fill me with your perfection  Because there will  ...Read On


Other Colors -- Ch. 12

A D/s romance set in Montreal.

Part 2 – Blue Chapter 12 Leda and the Swan. Alpheus and Arethusa. Pretty Psyche, blindfolded in her bridal bed. Poor, cheating Venus, caught naked beneath her husband’s net… Sing, Muse. I dreamt of Grecian deviance—limbs of oil and marble overlapping. I heard Sextus, seducing his rancid Cynthia in song... ‘ Why, woman, wear your hair up? And ruin your smooth wrists with gems? Why...Read On

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Succubus Mine

Sleep, my entry to ecstasy,  It never fails to succor me. It always fills my deepest plea. How you say? When she comes to me! My mind is blank 'til she arrives, A succubus for dream lived lives. Her nipple studs give proof she thrives, From all that sex and lust derives. Adrift on air, she floats, she lands. With straps of passion in her hands, My helpless wrists she wraps...Read On


Part 2: Dating you!

Having diner with the girl of my dreams.

By failing light, the sky turning dark, you sit across from me. A freshening breeze, as candle lights dance, here on my balcony. You sigh content, you stretch your arms, laying your hands in mine. I squeeze them tight, so happy that you are now with me all the time If this is only a dream, wake me up now, cos I wouldn't know what to do. But you squeeze my hands back and I know that...Read On


I think of you...

To all of those out there who want something they know they will never be able to have.... Alone and cold I sit here in my bathtub while the rest of the world sleeps This tiny bathroom is my solace My refuge. My escape A low burning candle of sandalwood fills the air with a fragrant heavy musk The low droning noise of a sad and simple song fades to silence in the background ...Read On


The Lioness

Guarding what is mine.

Like a lioness protecting her cub I will keep you safe by surrounding you with my love. So fierce are my feelings when it comes to you who ever bothers you they will get their dues. My precious treasure I will guard with my heart and save him so I can use up his every part. Almost like guarding a delicious fresh kill I am going to take your body and bend you to my will. The...Read On


Perfect Womanhood

A Poem about first time lovers 18 and 20 years

I love you as I see you Naked, supine on my bed The beauty of your tender face Your golden hair outspread Upon the counterpain. I drink in your lovely body My dream of perfect womanhood Your swelling breasts so round And firm, soft pink areolae Like roses to be kissed. There beneath a mound of Finest golden curls Your vulva yawning wide Moist in expectation Inviting me to come inside. ...Read On


Older Gent

Meeting an online love for the first time

I once met a man online, he was so nice and kind, an older gent he was his words he knew just how to use, to invade my mind for reasons I mistook each time his message struck, sparks would erupt 'til finally we had to meet to fan the sparks into some serious heat so off to the skies I took my body shook with delightful visions of long lingering kisses slow delicious penetrations ...Read On


Saturday Night

Immaculate beauty, she stands before me. Her devilish smile strikingly contradicts the angelic, divine gorgeous skin it lies upon. Shining, almost emerald green eyes, which pierce through my turbulent heart, coaxing it calmly into utter tranquility. Entranced by her delightful design, lost in her elegant cheeks and graceful brow, every last inch of her enthralls me wholly. Wearing the...Read On



Intense feelings screamed out, yet not a single word is uttered

It took a while for sleep to leave him as he slowly opened his eyes. The sound of the sea, gently undulating in the near-distance, reached his ears. He stretched his worn muscles across the surface of the bed, the soft high-quality cotton sheets brushed against his skin, soothing his weary body and, finally, he smiled. The memories of the previous night jostled back into his consciousness as...Read On



broken heart

Words..  so hard to say?  if you don't use them..  do they go away?  never said and left in doubt..  is this what love is all about?  the head and heart must always guess..  am I deaf?  more or less..  the silence rings inside my head..  nothing said..  is the heart now dead?  words..  so hard to say?  you're not using them..  have you sent them away?  are feelings lost..  has desire so...Read On