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The Window Ch.1-3

"The Window" Chapter 1 by Jersey There I was all excited packing for a weekend getaway to the White Mountains Region in NH. Looking forward to blue skies, sunrise, sunsets, foliage, wildlife and everything nature has to offer with a few friends of mine. “Oh shit that would’ve sucked”, I mumbled to myself when I observed from the corner of my eye the bag of weed laying on the corner of my...Read On


The Voice of God (Chapter 5)

Where my Chinese lover wakens to pleasures undreamed.

I wake with a start. The sky outside the window is pink with the dawn. The sun has not yet risen. I have not yet adjusted to the time change since arriving in China. You are lying on your side, just as you were when we fell asleep. Your breathing is even, restful. I pull you closer and my body mirrors yours; a spoon within a spoon. My cock wakens and presses against the soft skin...Read On



I squatted down to tongue and taste her freshly waxed vulva.

We walked over the pile of Brown’s clothes into the jet-black darkness of the windowless bathroom just outside of her office. We shut out the light and the sound of the driving beats behind us. Brown’s birthday soiree would have to go on without Brown. Naked cocoa Brown had the supple soft skin of a lamb and the scent of a goddess. She wore a floral fragrance with just a hint of...Read On


Den of Iniquity Ch. 06

When I left Chantelle standing on the pavement in front of the Domina Flagrante, I started turning over all the things running through my mind. First there were the death threats, and now this scandal business. At least Chantelle seemed to know what she was doing. Adrian knew too; he just did as he was told. Even Annie, despite her innocence, seemed to know what she was doing. Not me, though....Read On



If you didn't have a cock, there'd be a bounty on you

He looped the rope binding her wrists together around one of the spindles in the headboard and tied it off. Taking another piece he tied an ankle to the foot of the bed. She had moaned as he pulled her down the bed and she had felt the tension come on the rope binding her wrists together. She had struggled briefly, testing her bonds, and then relaxed just laying there, waiting for him. Her...Read On


Lana 3

My relationship with Lana develops

‘What are you doing on Saturday?’ Lana hadn’t spoken to me since that last weekend. Her work was high-powered stuff, corporate bollocks she called it but I suspected it was far more complex than she suggested. Certainly she seemed to be a very high earner and my friend Gina said she was something special. As if I didn’t know that already but perhaps that was not what Gina had meant. ‘I...Read On


Fleeting Fantasy

Do you feel it too?

I caught your eye today. Today you stared right back at me. I always wonder if you just think I’m creepy. Do you see the lust in my eyes? Do you know that I am hungry for your touch? Do you want me in the same way I want you? I return to my dorm room, tossing my keys onto my desk. I hear my next door neighbor moaning as she and her boyfriend kick off the night; a taunting reminder that...Read On


Pride and Prejudice and Fucking – Part the Second

More outrageous liberties taken with Jane Austen's characters

[The story so far: Elizabeth Darcy, nee Bennett, is staying at the house of her sister and brother-in-law, the Bingleys, while her own husband is away on business. Before they are parted, Elizabeth takes her husband’s member in her mouth for the first time, and is rewarded with a tasty mouthful. That night, Jane confesses that she and her husband had been watching this supposedly private...Read On


Objet d'Art

Nora spends a unique evening at a cocktail party

Nora stood in the living room, nude with her hands behind her back. In front of her on the floor was a large wooden box, about six feet long and three feet wide. She knew what it was, and she didn't even attempt to hide her nervousness. Master stood on the other side of the box, looking at her face intently. He could see her nervousness, but Nora wondered if he was able to see in her what...Read On


Sexy Sportscaster

Sportscaster I met on a plane.

  (This story is true, but I must hide certain facts like names) Hello, I'm writing from Indianapolis, which from this point on, I'll refer to as Indy. I am a 41 year old marketing executive for a large corporation that deals in sports apparel. We have a contract with the NFL, so I travel to numerous games during the year.  This past weekend, I was in Honolulu for the NFL Pro Bowl. On...Read On


Connor's World; A Gift from Miss Steven's Part 2

Nancy's sexual surrender and humilliation continues in the hands of the all powerful Connor

The carriage clock chimed 11pm and Nancy once again found herself in the ornate drawing room with Miss Stevens and Connor. She had been led there like an animal, naked and leashed with her leather collar padlocked around her slim throat. Miss Stevens had pushed her to her knees before Connor, who wore a grey silk dressing gown which he now unfastened, letting it fall open to reveal his...Read On


The Company trip Chapter Two

The Company Trip Chapter Two You may want to read chapter one first. Any comments would be very welcome April woke about an hour later to find Shelby still sleeping cuddled against her. She felt the warmth of Shelby’s body and took a deep breath, thinking how she could just lay there all night holding this beautiful creature. “Shelby baby, time to wake up.” she whispered...Read On


The Secret Sex Life Of Bobbi Lim, Chapter 2

The sexual exploits of young Asian-American executive assistant

The Secret Sex Life Of Bobbi Lim: The Petite Asian Lover "Dedicated to one of the sexiest and sweetest women I have ever met: a tiny Asian-American who launched a thousand obsessions and countless fantasies. Sometimes she is slut, but she is always, always a saint." Chapter Two: "Chip Off The Old Block" It was a sunny morning as Bobbi cruised down the 405 on her way to Laguna Niguel....Read On


Technology Brings Couples Together

Now I can touch you from here, in a way, he said.

She was clearing through her emails when she noticed a new one pop up. It was from her boyfriend. They lived in different places, seeing each other as much as they could, but it never seemed like enough. Sexual energy always built up between their visits, with suggestive discussions, texting, and emails. Sometimes it was almost unbearable. The subject line in the email was, "read this...Read On


Timing Is Everything...

Can't fight what is Natural Forever.

Men are naturally aggressive creatures taking what we want. Predatory. Horny and male can be acceptable. Horny and female, taboo. Creating your closet freaks. A personal favorite still..... My personal preference to leans to attraction which for me, is not race specific. Luscious and wet is what it is all about. The mind and the body. The persona of the moment. The contrast or consistency...Read On