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The Secret Sex Life Of Bobbi Lim, Chapter 2

The sexual exploits of young Asian-American executive assistant

The Secret Sex Life Of Bobbi Lim: The Petite Asian Lover "Dedicated to one of the sexiest and sweetest women I have ever met: a tiny Asian-American who launched a thousand obsessions and countless fantasies. Sometimes she is slut, but she is always, always a saint." Chapter Two: "Chip Off The Old Block" It was a sunny morning as Bobbi cruised down the 405 on her way to Laguna Niguel....Read On

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The Lost Tablet

A lost tablet might hold the key to Lucas' future both professionally and personally.

Lucas Barrett boarded the train after a long day, and a long week of work. The area he normally sat in was full of other people wearing a range of business suits to fast-food uniforms. He climbed upstairs where he saw several empty seats. This area was less popular as most passengers wanted to be near the door when their stop arrived. Since Lucas knew he’d be on the train for a while, he...Read On


The First Time

controlled feelings and emotions

Why is the first engagement with a stranger always accompanied with that strange feeling on your stomach? I woke up early on the arranged meeting morning with that flutter already present on my stomach, more of excitement than fear. This was not the first time in my life that I have made such an appointment and I was actually looking forward to this one. This girl has made me work for...Read On


The Finale, 2 of 3

Kyle and Shanna went upstairs to Monica's former bedroom, the room that Paul and Monica had their quickie just moments before. Shanna sat down on what was once Monica's bed. Kyle locked the door and took off his shirt. He then walked over to sit on the bed next to Shanna, who found his tan, well-built body irresistible. He had very broad shoulders, a shaven chest that featured two very...Read On

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What I did to him wasn't really fair. Such a gentle tender man. There was no way for him to beware. I've thought over my actions. And I am not very proud. Of all of the distractions. And everything I voiced aloud. I had his best interest always at heart. But my lust got in the way. And tore my intentions apart. I thought it would be so fun. Just a sexy little affair. I'm so perfectly...Read On


The Party Favor

"The Party Favor" Part one This story takes place about 15 years ago. I was about 25 years old and had been transferred by my company to Chicago for a 3 year project. It was a great deal. They put me up in a lovely corporate apartment, paid for all my expenses, and flew me all over the world. During my time in Chi-town, I had been blessed enough to have met many lovely woman, and...Read On


Is She Happier Without Me?

Man runs across ex on internet dating site.

If you recall from my various tales of romance won and lost, I became a newly divorced man at the age of 45. It was quite liberating after nearly twenty years in what turned out to be a relatively boring marriage. My newfound freedom no doubt went to my head a bit and I soon found myself with a 23-year-old girlfriend and a red sports car. I hate to use the phrase 'mid-life crisis', but a...Read On


The Strange Case of Allen Blake and Eric Hide

A Parody of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Allen had just gotten home. He went to the kitchen, sat his items he had just bought down on the counter, and went to get something to drink. Just then, his sister got home, went to the kitchen and sat her purchase down next to Allen’s. She brushed past him to the fridge. “Hey, bro. Went shopping today? What’d you get?” she asked. Allen almost spat out his juice as she asked. “Oh,...Read On


Soccer Mom

A young man's first love affair

I know that you are watching me your secret furtive gaze but every time I turn around you seem to look away did it happen way to quick for you? Or was it just my age? Please tell me, was it so very wrong the games we used to play. You always cheer and shout my name when I run onto the field all those voices in the stand but it's only yours I hear I tackle hard, I win the ball I...Read On


Something Sweet for Dessert Part I

I was growing impatient, quickly. Sitting around our table of six were five of the most uninteresting people I had ever met. I had nothing against any of them, personally. In fact, I barely knew any of them. I struggled to focus on the conversation, struggled to care what was going on. They talked happily amongst themselves, asking my opinion every so often. They were trying to include me...Read On


Naughty Nurse Ch 5

Was it better than a man? Mmm, yeah, she said, knowing what Elaine wanted to hear.

Deana spent the weekend listening to her mother drone on about one dull thing after another. Half-listening, actually, since her thoughts were on her exciting fuck with the young intern, Cliff. ‘You're nothing but a pious pile of shit, Mother,’ she thought, after a particularly drawn out tirade against the morals of the younger generation. She smiled broadly. "What so funny?" her mother...Read On


An Ancient Love Story

Together for years, some lovers still delight in their lovemaking.

This story available only on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. She was awakened by a gentle slap of thin lunar air as the sheets were softly moved aside. The watery half-light gently seeped through her nightgown, a drifting mist that made her curving limbs glimmer. As she floated towards the surface of her somnolent depths, she smiled, not quite blushing...Read On


A Lovers Promise...........I'll do anything for yo

Michael and Sara had grown up in the same town............................

A Lover's Promise                                " I'll do anything for you"..................................   This story was sent to me by one of my readers who has asked me to edit and post it – in both our names – so on behalf of Noveltask and myself I present you with this True story – the names have been changed to protect the people concerned. This is a love story and pretty...Read On


Monnie's secret 2

The next step before meeting.

The dream continued for Monnie, as each day passed, she thought more and more of him. She wondered what it would be like to touch him, to feel him and to taste him. He occupied her mind and her soul, she ached for him and yet she couldn't understand why. Monnie left work and sat in her car, her hand reached for her handbag and opening it she took out the crumpled piece of paper. She held it...Read On


2 Sailors and Me

Please, bear with me I know its long.....started as a story and all went wrong..

  1 is a friend, you know the one. The one who knows all your secrets, that you share with none. Those special friends, some say, with benefits. This one was really good, with a cock that never quits. Started out as pals, hangin downtown. Go to a punk show or throw some drinks down. Went away a boy, come back as a man. Hit the high seas, from Alaska to Japan. Always called him a bud, till...Read On