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Late January Snowfall

her presence reminds me of you

I am enthralled by little pins of cold that dissipate on my tongue. The crisp air tingles my nostrils as I gaze into the soft grey sky. The flakes are tiny. They float lazily down and sparkle for an instant before disappearing into the grass. The silence is palpable. "This is it," I think to myself. "This is the real snow I have been waiting for ever since...Read On


Afternoon Nap

My eyes blink open and I turn to you. You're still asleep, restfully serene. I reach out. My hand glides down your back The subtle contour of your spine. So perfect, so well designed. You sigh quietly and I pray I don't wake you. Just a few more minutes to touch your perfection. I push the covers back to marvel at your soft skin. My hand moves over your bottom. I grin because you think...Read On


O Brave New World

Jane's adventures in space and time at the end of the World

It had been the Daily Mail that had first broken the news, shortly followed by all of the World’s media. During the Autumn, scorn had been poured upon the doomsayers who believed in the old Mayan prophecy, that this 400 year cycle was going to end in the destruction of the whole world. But those deriders had to eat their words when the news of the asteroid was broken, by a technician...Read On

Recommended Read

101 Words for Roses

Lips Swollen and bruised Muscular tongue filling my ass While fingers stroke between my thighs Tangled together A trio What are the odds of coming together like this And coming Together Like this Rose petals so wet Dew clinging to soft pink edges Slowly dripping Lemons and… I’m blushing Thinking about the coming morning Yours not mine My belly full of love ...Read On


Echoing Off Rocks

Words can best be described, as pictures of the soul. Sensuality in writing, like the kiss of a rainbow. After a warm rainfall. My muse instilling in me, conscience and thought. What romance is to mortals, tides are to seas. Echoing off rocks. What pleasures me in scribing,  be it prose or poetic, are the sounds of the unheard. My lusting emotions,  embracing my love.  ...Read On


First Love

My first try at poetry from the heart, dedicated to the one I love.

Baby we have a love so true. Nothing matters just me and you. I hold you close and kiss your lips. Your lovely neck your thigh's and hips. I kiss your sex so wet and sweet. And my heart skips a beat. Baby your my one and only. In your arms I’m never lonely. Darling I long for your touch. For to me you mean so much. ...Read On


Coming Alive

Library encounter leads to a blowjob.

You're sitting in the library A bottle of water by your side Your hands demurely brushing your bangs I watch you, unseen, unknown to the world You turn your head I quickly immerse myself in a novel I hear your footsteps Loud yet quiet Gentle yet bold Your soft breathing startles me How you knew I was here is beyond my knowledge Your fingers trace patterns over my shoulders, back, and arse...Read On


Searching For My Hearts Desire

Looking for that one to fill the void.

Searching in the dim fading light. For something to last through the night. To wrap around me and hold me close. And give me everything I need the most. Whisper his dreams in my ear. Read the words that I long to hear. Let my imagination run completely wild. I need it hot and kinky not boring and mild. It is more than just entertainment to me. A glimpse of my soul you might get to see. ...Read On


Dinner Invite

Dinner Invite It’s a hot sunny afternoon and you’re driving over to my place for what I have promised to be a great dinner and evening together. You pull into the driveway and walk up to the door. With your finger ready to push the bell you hesitate just a second to wonder what I have in mind that will make this dinner special compared to the other wonderful days we have spent together. ...Read On


In The Clouds

My sweeties juices drunken me

As I fly above the billowing puffs Of misty cotton sexy tufts I imagine frolicking aloft with you Midst the passion puffs of milky dew. My mind plays silly as I look down We fall to the clouds and bounce around As giggling silly kids we play Amidst the heavens on our special day. For ‘tis the month and day we met A full year gone I can't forget The first time we...Read On


The Wakefield Cases; The Licentious Life Of Mr. Lacey, Part 5

Mr. Wakefield is nursed by Jane while dreaming of another..

My heart was pounding so hard against my ribs, I was sure my chest would burst. I heard nothing but the sound of my feet making contact with the pavement as I ran through the streets. My belt was still not fastened, and I held my trousers up with my hands. The image of Andre Lacey's twisted body haunted me. Now I had really messed up. My shirt was soaked in blood, but I had no time to stop...Read On

Audio version available

Good Bye

Forever in my heart and never forgotten. You have given me hope of a better life. To never feel unwanted or lost, To seek my happiness and joy. Your loving words and tender touch, Has brought me back and given me strength. The walls I built you crumbled with your smile. You found my soul and built it back from where it laid shattered. I will never stop searching for my...Read On


Our First Time in the Nursing Home

The first time is always the most memorable.

I was four score, you a touch younger. Both of us still had the hunger to release our passions and taste each other’s sweat. Neither of us was much of a talker but you looked so hot on your walker. I wanted to be as close as I could get. My heart sings remembering that very first day the two of us began to play and strove to reach the heights of senior bliss. You were my...Read On


Dripping, Sweet, and Empty

An erotic ode to loving and passionate, but empty lover

The twisting of flesh her body contorting  Back arched Breasts firm and heaving  Moans dripping off her lips  Feel the thirst of my lapping No stopping, no pausing; just lust. Hot and burning lust Bodies ablaze like hell fire. . . Melting, melding, molding into each other This is the hunger the desperate desire  The ache and the need like binding with wire  Draws me again back to her,...Read On


The Question Is Answered

A continuation of The Question Is Posed...

Soon you spread your legs, arch your back, and raise your ass high into the air Your hair flies as you turn back toward me Once again with the sexiest damn smile on your face “Now baby! Now I want to be fucked!!!” My heart pounds in my chest As I leap from the bed The vibe on the night stand Is taken in hand “Hey baby! Can I help you?” I grin As my left hand takes hold of...Read On