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Whispers waft through a tepid summer air.  A laugh, a splash, the muffled sounds of tongue greeting tongue,  And body yielding to body.  The dark of night defiantly affronted with brash yellow glow,  The illumination of a street lamp threatening to reveal two lovers  As they connect in the cool, clear effervescence of their haven  For now. Shimmering of pool water glowing Over...Read On

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I Wonder

Written By Poppet: For Lush Stories ONLY! When I’m with you, there is a smile on my face. When I’m with you, I know I’m safe. When I’m with you, I know I can simply be me. When I’m with you, nothing can touch me. When I’m with you, memories are made. I live, I breathe, I trust, I take, I give, I do, All that is you. I often wonder what my life would have been...Read On


All of the above

I love him, I love him, words just can't explain From his pretty brown eyes, to the way he says my name. I keep him, I hold him close, close to my heart Nothing in this world could ever tear us apart. I wish he could understand, I wish he could see Just how much he means to me. I wish he would believe me when I say That we are, and will always be okay. ...Read On


Footsie Part 3

Playboy tries to bed co-worker, but she gets the upper hand.... or foot

Paul was clearly beginning to win Sharon’s approval as he became more and more submissive to her demands. In return, he was increasingly given special treats. She now allowed him to see her totally nude on a regular basis. As he pleasured her feet and legs, she allowed him to watch her pleasure herself with her hands and vibrators almost every time he came over. After the humiliation of...Read On


Nightly Bewitched

Wile away your mortality, By denying what is truth. Dark erotica is no stranger, To unbelievers in denial.  The sage of Aberdeen, Needs no philosophers. For I am the Sandman, Fornicating at dusk.  Upon the dais splayed,  And nakedly aroused.  Lays epitome of seduction, And my nocturnal desires. As she kisses and hisses, The carved ivory. The phallus of surrender, My...Read On



My heart rolls through the day and never leaves a mark. It is too dry and injured to be more than a placeholder of what could be. How do I regain my bearing? How do I recall the sweetness of life that eats the honeycomb and drinks your body in like rain and sunshine. Touch my face. Let those lips brush so lightly that I almost miss the sensation. Draw me...Read On

Courtesan Haiku

An special gift for MY delicious courtesan

Courtesan Haiku Blushingly reading MY courtesan perfected Eyes disbelieving Especial for you Cocoa wrapped pinkness seeps Palpitations start Adorable me Gifting pretty Instructions Haiku pleasured you Eyelashes flicker Swollen dampened lip bitten Delightful panting Throbbing nipples tight Beautiful bruised breasts heaving Burning lungs airless Spasm courtesan! MY...Read On


Suburban Dreaming

Wouldn't you like to be my good neighbour?

for lainey and mare, good neighbours when i'm gone . . . * * * * * * * Cat on the ledge is mewing Drops on the pane are wet Tea on the counter’s brewing, Just grab my goth heels and I’m set-- Flowers fluster, late pale blooming, Lawns twinkle, moistened with dew; Neighbours inspect my chic grooming-- In a blink, they’ll moisten too! My skin is dusted in shimmer, False lashes wink...Read On


Lady Luck (Chapt III)

Lady Luck finally begins to shine on Brett, but how long will it last?

Chapter III I follow Tammy around the back of the bar and through a heavily scarred wooden door with a prominent “Employees Only” sign. Navigating empty beer cartons and stacks of liquor cases, I can’t help watching her perfect ass as it sways side to side with every step.  She is wearing faded, ultra-short, cut-off jeans and a snug fitting, sleeveless white top that shows off...Read On


You Signed Your Name

Love is a choice you make every day, choose to celebrate it...

You signed your name across my heart And that's where it will stay. Through the sunny days and the rainy ones Through the changing of the seasons, it will endure. We built a love that is greater than any structure, Stronger than any stone and more powerful than the waves. We closed all the doors to the past And welcome a future of love and devotion. You signed your name across...Read On


Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, Ch.12

Sweet Dreams Finale - What does the future bring?

Chapter: December “Don’t Dream, It’s Over” *** Losing someone you love is a devastating experience, and even after decades of weathering life’s travails, the human body is a terribly fragile creation. Grief is the embodiment of stress, emotional strain, and the body reacts adversely. The immune system may be compromised, a heart condition exacerbated. Couple overwhelming grief with...Read On


Q is for Quarterback Pass

Win or lose, it's how you play the game and screw your opponents

Football is a rough contact sport. Whether you’re tall or you’re short, For when on offense Or playing defense, Your muscles and bones can contort. So it shouldn’t surprise you to hear The rules of the game are quite clear. When you play with the pros, They say anything goes Including filling your foe with great fear. This gridiron culture has bred Men who...Read On


Velvet Lips

His lips like velvet, luscious and lithe. Supple and soft, a delicious surprise. Each kiss does caress across tremulous thighs, Between breaths and sighs you tremble and writhe. Dark and demure, a despondent delight. A nightmare amongst dreams of pleasure and fright. Cooing and coaxing, captivating the night His lips taste lovely, with bitter sweet bite. He looks at...Read On


Lost Trail Cabin (chap. 5)

Romantic Getaway

Lost Trail Cabin (chapter 5) Jake and Nancy take off through the woods down the trail towards the base of the mountain. Once again they ski back to the lift and take the lift again. This time they pass the midway point and continue on up the mountain. They decide to get off at the next drop which is about three fourths of the way up the mountain. Stopping at the top of the trail, Nancy...Read On


No Tension

A Rispetto

I stretch and rub my neck. You say, “Here, I will make you feel brand new.” I reposition in a way, that you can reach what you need to. With just the right touch to your hand, All the stress and tension disband. I melt under your touch, oh please... Here is my heart, you have the...Read On