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Cock Race

My second adventure in Wonderland.

Read "Into the Hole" First. It will make this much more sense.  After Whitey's fun fuck, I got my dress and open a door that led me to a dimly lit room with one man standing in the middle. He has black hair and grey eyes, but what I notice first is that he is completely naked with a tattoo of a bird on his arm, and his hand stroking his large hard cock. I walk closer and I notice at...Read On


The Gardener part III

This is the third and final short story in The Gardener series

Ever since Angela had informed me that Harry had never been allowed to enjoy the delights of anal sex, I couldn't stop thinking about the prospect of her offering Harry the chance to 'break his duck'. After all, Angela has been allowing Harry to fuck her in my presence for a few months now and once she had discovered that his late wife Margaret refused to give him a blow job, she...Read On


Part 3: Making love to you!

Loving the girl of my dreams. (for you)

The scent of fresh grass, surrounding our bodies Lying together in a field The evening sky red, a cooling breeze flowing Our naked bodies revealed You sit on my stomach, and fondle my hair Holding me in your gaze Your warm body on mine, our lips softly touching It feels like I’m in a daze Our tongues are dancing, a slow teasing dance Entangled in an endless fight The passion is showing,...Read On


Met Through a Swing Club II

we finally arrived at the club

Met Through a Swing Club II irishmik60 Come the following Friday, work at home delayed my start to Mary's by a couple hours. Mary, having no phone, I was worried she'd think I stood her up. It was almost 5:30, not 3 when I finally arrived at her place. She was out the door even before I had gotten out of the car. I was apologizing for my tardiness, but she assured me it wasn't a problem....Read On


What He Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Him

This was a story that I wrote a while ago on another website and it was received well so I've decided to share it with you as my first story on Lush. Maybe it will give you a little insight as to what I like to write and my writing style. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading! “I thought I’d find you in here.” He spoke lowly in the quietness of the room, tapping his fingers against...Read On


The Dream Inside the Candlelight

Meg as an unexpected encounter on the beach

Based on a photo prompt from OwenAnderson. *** “Well, how long will you be?” Meg asked. The phone hissed slightly “… t two hours… love,” her husband’s voice crackled. “Fine. I’ll wait.” She sighed and hung up. She slumped forward on the picnic table with her head resting on her folded arms and turned to watch the sun descending to meet the sea on the horizon. Taxi or wait? She...Read On


The Real Fantasia

A wacky, out of control world.

This is an old story I wrote in 2007 when I had too many fantasies floating around in my head. It was my second week at Q Corp. Everyone was friendly and seemed to go out of their way to make me feel at home. I'd met a few of the girls on my team and they were real lookers. I was waiting to survey the lie of the land before making a move. "Hello Clarke!" someone stuck her head through...Read On


Diaries of Ceres and Taliya -Part two: Taliya-P2

Part two: Taliya (its backwards sorry about that its before Ceres's part)

Chapter two: Ceres finally made her way over to Master, shaking so much I thought the house would fall.  By that time Mistress had walked her witchy lying ass over to me.   “I tried to protect you.  Really, I did.”  I heard what Mistress said, but when it came to protecting her hide or mine guess whose butt was going to be in trouble.   “No you didn’t, ma’am.  You two were fighting!  I...Read On


A New Start

A relationship ends, another, unlikely one begins

Tabitha had changed. When we first got together she’d been funny, light of heart, devil may care. She’d enjoyed adventure, taking chances. Sometimes it had been hard to keep up with her. But she’d changed. I was sitting in our bed. It was 3 in the morning and she was sleeping peacefully, occasional light snores drifting from her pretty mouth; or do snores come from the nose? Her...Read On


On the way to Sweden

Sky stops over on her way to Sweden. The same story from both perspectives.

On the way to Sweden .     The first part of this was sent to me by a reader who is on her way to Sweden and a new life with a husband that she had had less than a few months with in the States. I have edited her text a bit to make it a little more readable, but essentially, this is her story. Thank you Sky.       ...Read On


In the Beginning Jacqueline and Bob, the early days

Back to where it all started

It was a lovely warm spring evening, and I had organised to meet my new girlfriend Jacqueline for dinner at a restaurant in the local hills. We both agreed on meeting at around 7.00pm. I'd arrived a little earlier, as I was waiting in my car I had a look around the surrounding scenery. At what I estimated of being around a 150 metres away from the restaurant, was a lovely looking shelter with...Read On


Your Treat

This is for you, Rob. Our kisses write never-ending novels.

You opened the front door softly, hoping to surprise me with your early arrival from work. You stepped through the entrance way slowly, making sure to shut the door behind you with care. You unbuckled your tool belt from the waist of your jeans, carefully setting it on the door mat. Around the corner, you see that the door to the study is open, and you can hear me click-clacking on the...Read On


Saying Hello

Across the crowded room, he saw her. She was standing in a secluded alcove, idly toying with the ends of her dark hair, lost in her own world. Her body swayed slightly to the beat of the music filling the room. The woman scanned the room, seemingly content to absorb the sound of the music while letting the sea of humanity drift past her, rarely acknowledging any of them. Drawn to her, the...Read On


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Not sure what to say here, so I'll just let the words speak for themselves...

Don’t tell me that you need me, And I’m the best you’ve found, Because if you really needed me, You at least would come around. Don’t talk to me on the phone, Saying words I want to hear, And giving me more excuses, Why you can’t be with me here. Don’t tell me that you love me, And how much you really care, But when I really need you, I can’t find you anywhere. ...Read On


The Summer I'll Never Forget 4.4 - The Auction 2

Steph watches the rest of the auction and sees all the girls enjoy themselves

Steph didn’t have to go too far before someone stopped her, “I take it you have already danced?” She looked Step up and down, “And from the looks of it we had some fun out there?” Steph just nodded with a sly smirk to the lady asking the questions. The lady just shook her head with a smile, “Here let me take you to where you can drop these off,” pointing her chin to the contents in...Read On