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Ticking Of The Cuckoo

In my darkened enclave, My soulful proclivities I desire.  Scribing those I speak, Ones who follow my shadow. On old yellow pages. Erotically I prose sensuality,  Arousing within me lust. Raising eyebrows about me. Beauty is in the flesh, With foreplay one must mesh.  Pendulum swings sixty-nine. The ticking of the cuckoo Alerts my mental state, Raising my cock to staff.  ...Read On

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Broken Shadows

In the darkness I stand, With a ruptured soul And an unclaimed heart. I feel it wash over me; The need and the wistful longing To find solace for my pain. I feel my heart beat against yours, As my hot tears caress my skin. With silent whispers, My lips seek yours. Your tortured kiss soothes me. I ache to embrace you And feed on your strength. But I know it...Read On


Dick Wrencher - Private Eye

Good-Bad, Good Ole' Days

A Fantasy “You are a dick!” “You're a complete dick!” “You’ve always been a dick!” “You always will be a dick! Anytime someone asks me why I became a Private Eye, these words I’ve heard so many times come back to me. “It just seemed like a natural,” I would answer. It’s a sleazy business, and you can’t pick your customers, but you do set your own hours. What was walking through...Read On


I miss you

the realisation you've lost the love of someone you hold close

I used to be your prized possession always teaching me a lesson. Always wanting to have me close. To love me with an open heart you chose. A smile, laughter; a normal thing. Sadness would be a clear sin. They were of the most perfect days. Though perfection soon decayed. Now the time has ended fast. How could I not see happiness wouldn’t last? I’m like a stranger in my own home. A...Read On



Dreaming blue eyes and hands to keep me in love Dreaming heroic mistresses and soft skins Dreaming that I didnt want anything less than the best Dreaming that s he magically would make all my fears lost Dreamed of so many but once I met her immediately stopped dreaming because all of them were now...Read On


Lips Upon My Skin

A Haiku for my love

Lips upon my skin The anticipation builds Is she here at last? Starting at my neck Hot breath teasing my flesh now Soft touch caressing My hair brushed aside Goose bumps start, muscles tensing Pleasure erupting Nipples growing hard I feel her press against me I am not alone Her scent reaches me Unlocking fantasies told Building over time I have needed her Have...Read On



My first poem, feedback is greatly appreciated.

To see you is a reward for my eyes, the dimples in your cheeks and the smile you always wear, your shimmering eyes and long flowing hair, and a nice firm body that'll give any man a rise To hear you would be music to my ears, an angelic voice that holds so much passion, the way you laugh with such incredible fashion, powerful enough to soothe even the worst of my fears To touch you means a...Read On


A Couple of Swingers

Come to Our Wild Sex Party

There was a couple whole liked to swing,  Switching partners was their thing. They would have wild sex parties, The hosts of the party were Martie and Artie. At the party there is top shelf booze, Everybody gets drunk and then they all screw. The party starts out with everybody fucking their spouse, Everybody sits and watches who are in the house. When each couple is done, Then it's...Read On


Saturday's Alright for Blowing

Tombstone meets and pleases an older woman . . .

The bright line in the chat box pulsed iridescently. The small, black type came through and punched me in the gut. I hadn't expected the question. "Do you want to come over?" I stared at the words, almost breathless, my heart pounding. How often did women invite men over after chatting with them online? Most women I knew were afraid online guys would turn out to be stalkers, rapists,...Read On

Recommended Read

DarkFyre Chapter Five

A visitor arrives at IrongWing Manor, bringing change.

Silmaria was on her hands and knees in the drawing room on the west side of the Manor, scrubbing at the wooden floor with a soapy rag. She was not particularly in the best of moods; some idiot had tracked dirt into the room, which was made all the worse by the fact that no one ought to really have been in here in the first place. Of course, given how downhill the upkeep of IronWing Manor...Read On


Return to Cala de Sirena-Part 2

After a fight with his sister, Don gets an even more unwelcome visitor.

The weekend was longer for Don than any other before. He moped around the cabin, hurt by the angry words his sister had said to him. Monday morning he rode into work and did his normal duties with a heavy heart. Afterward, he wandered into the bar to find Jason sitting at their normal table, with a pitcher of beer, two full glasses, two full shot glasses, and the sampler plate waiting. ...Read On


Ariel X

The enchantment of life under the sea

(a companion-piece to "Ice Elation"; dedicated to sprite, who knows the life of the nymphs and other princesses, and has been owed an ode) * * * * * * * * These be nymphs I see. What sly wizardry, To rapture me down to the bottom of the sea. Adrift in narcotic waves, I reply To all glad tidings with a supple sway. This way, that! Pliant, I parade, a comely crowd‘s Candy willow....Read On


Rite of Passage

The pure state would soon be no more.

There’s only one. It won’t be mine long. He knows that it’s his. He’s been waiting for this moment. I knew he’d be the one To take it from me. I had prepared for this day to come. Now it was here And I would never get it back Once it was gone. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The pure state would soon be no more. I knew I was ready. My body and soul With him I intended to let go. The...Read On


Hold Me

Can you hear a piece of my soul Calling out to you In your arms I become whole Wrap me in your arms like you used to.   A conversation has my mind reeling With this one strong desire And I can't erase this feeling But it burns more painfully than a fire.   Desperately clawing for your arms To stabilize my aching heart Healing me with your loving charms Things seem...Read On


Their Almost Wedding Day

Their almost wedding day was almost perfect

As they were finishing up their wedding day's last minute details, she kissed his cheek and said she had broken one of her nails. He knew not to question her innate need to get it repaired, she had work for months to get their perfect wedding prepared. She had on his favorite plum color to make her lips shine, and she had even ordered cases of his favorite imported wine. Perfection...Read On