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The Exchange Tower

Sally's desire for revenge takes her to new heights.

Sally Brightwall was on one of London’s famous double-decker buses going down the Marsh Wall Rd. She was on her way to the Harbour Exchange Square, where the London Exchange Tower could be found. This new sixteen storey high skyscraper, comprising of not one, but two giant fortifications, was just one of many modern office blocks that rose from what once was waste ground, and now formed the...Read On



A young sub awaits her punishment!

Hands behind your back, securely tied. Blindfold attached, legs slighly wide. Your gown feels heavy, your nipples hardened, The next few minutes will see if you're pardoned. You feel his approach, his cologne you can sense, Your lips start to moisten, your body you tense, Your hem is pulled upwards, your buttocks are shown, You tighten them quickly, your punishment known, ...Read On


The School. Part Four.

Six males and six females learn of sex in all forms.

The School. Part Four. “Now this happens with every intake of students, so that is why the bar is open early for you to discuss this between you. You all filled out the questionnaire and signed it. One line read that if you had any problems of any interaction because of class, colour or creed or with members of the same sex, do not bother to fill out the form etc. Interaction with members...Read On


Boring Friday

I thought that she was the demure, shy type...but she fooled me!

It was a very slow and boring Friday at work. I was trying to fill the boredom by attempting to chat with some of the Lushies, but nobody was in heat. You would think that with all those horny people on Lush, I could get a hot chat going with someone who was fantasizing about what or who they were going to do tonight. Oh, well, I had to go to the bathroom and as I was walking down the hall,...Read On


Dessert Without Dinner Can Be Fun

dropping to my knees and spreading her thighs, my face dropped to her honey pot...

I had just pulled into Tracy California and was expecting to deliver the next morning a load of orange juice I was hauling. I wasn’t sure where the warehouse was, but this not being a big town, it seemed it wouldn’t be hard to find. As I pulled along a city street, I saw a young gal walking along to what appeared to be the bus stop up ahead. She was a delight to ones tired eyes, wearing a...Read On


Summer on the Plantation Chapters 7-9

More lovers are discovered on the plantation

Chapter 7 It was another hot summer day on the plantation. The sun was high in the sky and the air was thick from the humidity. Ella had gathered up a pitcher of ice tea from the kitchen and made her way to the field house. Mr. Mondosia was in the little building, shifting through papers on a desk. The door and window open to let in a breeze, if one should pass. “Staying out the heat?”...Read On


Spy Affair Mission: 4

Lyle's mission is on its last day and he heads home.

Lyle woke up on Amy’s bed surrounded by all the girls from last night, all of them asleep. He closes his eyes for about 15 minutes before he reopens them to the feeling of someone sucking his cock. He looks down and sees Alexis sucking his cock with Ashley fucking her from behind with Nicole’s strap on. Carmen leans over just a bit and starts making out with Lyle before she slides up putting...Read On


Personal Professionals Vol. 3: I Know Something You Don't Know...

I love it when my girlfriend visits me at work. Especially when I'm on monitor duty....

Ever get called into work on your day off because one of your burnout coworkers decided he was going to get arrested the night before? No? Well, as lousy as that sounds, this same thing happened to me last week. One might think being in security at the biggest mall in Florida is fun. That would be because of Kevin James. My job involves sitting in a chair looking at monitor screens....Read On


Island Expedition

A tale of one woman who has fallen in love, and another who is married to her love.

The problem is they are the same person. Island Expedition by Cheltenham  I led the expedition through a vine laden forest and slashed at the overgrowth with a machete. "The myths describe a wooden box with an accented crest of snakes, and a gold seal over the locks. The locks can be opened by those destined to find it and no one else." As a tour guide, I had to make a...Read On


Blue Eyed Guy Part 2

Not all of it has sex but its all linked

The next morning The smell of freshly made coffee woke Sarah from her deep sleep. She sat up in bed and looked about her. The door of her bedroom was open and she could see into the lounge. It was a mess. There were clothes strewn everywhere. She smiled to herself. Last night had been the best sex she had ever had. She got out of bed and wrapped her naked self into her silk dressing gown...Read On


For You

I find myself remembering the first time we sat up all night talking, you made me laugh so hard. I wonder whether you remember that night as well as I do? We talked about everything, especially my love of cooking and your love of eating! And then when I didn’t think I could laugh anymore you kissed me, a kiss full of promises. You pulled me close to you holding me so tight against your chest...Read On


Even Steven

Ten years later Annie and Bradley meet to settle unfinished business.

My mother got sick on her Asian Simmered Halibut with Rice Wine in May, 2002. Because of that, Bradley and I didn't have sex that Friday night. We didn't get it on until a Saturday night in June, 2012, ten years after college and five years into my marriage. When that Saturday night finally came I think I was certain I was going to do it, but if there was any smidgen of doubt left in me...Read On


Moonlight Delight (part three)

I love the way her boobs feel in my hands. They are large and firm, and don't sag like some other larger women's breasts do. And when she is on her back they don't fall to her sides. This makes it so much easier to just bend forward and suck on her hard nipples as I fuck her. And so I did. My cock slammed into her as my mouth found one of her nipples, and I began to suck hard. Her hands...Read On


The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 9

The storm did not quite hide the sins of the flesh last night.

There had been a thunderstorm at Camp Lake Blue Water last night. The students and teachers were all fine, as were the camp buildings. Some of the trees however, had not fared quite so well. A few trees were strewn about the grounds. It was nothing major, nothing a few hours of cleaning up by the camp owners would not fix. Mr. John Michaels and Mrs. Sandra Michaels, the camp owners...Read On


Janice's Week Away - Chapter 1

Janice's business trip turns into a wild adventure!

Chapter 1 – Preparation Janice was very excited. She was going to get to go to a conference in Denver by herself. It was the first time she would be away from her husband and children since she had been married five years ago. It’s not that she wasn’t happy – she was. It was just she was missing some of the excitement in her life that had been there before she had settled into marriage...Read On