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Candlelight and Belts - Preamble

A couple begin to share erotic stories of their past with one another.

Sunset. It's not late yet. After dinner. After drinks. Our guests are tired, we are not. They're asleep in the next room. She finally stops singing and puts down her guitar. It always makes me want to take her and throw her to the bed when she plays. Sometimes the urge overwhelms me. She knows it, and so my wrists are lashed to the bedposts. “I want to get some work done.” she'd said. ...Read On


Hold Me

Can you hear a piece of my soul Calling out to you In your arms I become whole Wrap me in your arms like you used to.   A conversation has my mind reeling With this one strong desire And I can't erase this feeling But it burns more painfully than a fire.   Desperately clawing for your arms To stabilize my aching heart Healing me with your loving charms Things seem...Read On


Stuck In My Mind

Why is it I see your face in so many buff guys I see? It’s just a constant depressing reminder of all the lost possibilities. I wish I had a magic pill that would get you out of my head. But I don’t want to lose those cherished memories. Losing them is what I truly dread. I know I will eventually stop thinking about you. It makes me sad to think that to me you could not be true. You...Read On


First Young Love

A simple chat Your perfect smile that makes me float Everything about you is a miracle I thank the power that you're in my life Only sighing when I think your name You touch my heart from miles away We are connected somehow Every word that comes from you is tattooed in me Reaching for me Nothing can be wrong here Stay with me however you can Please stay Our late nights Ealry mornig...Read On


A Get-Away Weekend - Part 5

On their way home, our couple can't stop from pleasuring each other ...

We lay in the grass for another hour, kissing and touching until it became a little to cool to stay any longer. We had enjoyed being under the stars as much as we had loved being together under the sun on that blanket just a few hours before. The only difference was, other than the obvious darkness, was that I actually loved you more than I thought possible about ten hours previously. But as...Read On


Tattooed woman

How my body became covered in sexy tattoos

It started with A delicate rose tattoo On my right hip, Where your kiss Once lingered. Then you gave me A celtic knot tattoo On my lower back To tie our souls together. Exquisite butterflies Tattooed on my stomach, Landed softly on my skin From your gentle touch. A snake was tattooed On my inner thigh When I succumbed To your temptation; An angel on my sholder Where your strong hands Held...Read On


Midnight Monsters

What risks do we take when we become vulnerable and offer ourselves to someone?

This poem only available on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. I see the cold, pale moonlight Spear through the window Onto the damp-cold wood of the hallway. It stabs viciously, A burning ache of hunger For my misery to be called forth. But how can it call misery, When misery spills out and overflows Down the steps of the front door, Black ink seeping...Read On


A Walk In The Park

Loving you is like a walk in the park, Easy, free, very much a stroll, The slow pace we take is only to admire, To see the beauty that is going on around us. Even on the darkest of days, The love you radiate casts light, Lights up the dullest of places, Makes the flowers lean towards you. Everything becomes an adventure, The tall trees at the sides of us, The streams that...Read On


Give Me

Give me a minute of your time. Give me a chance to prove myself. Give me a reason to believe in us. Give me a moment with no end. Give me a night without a morning. Give me your touch so I may feel. Give me your love and you will have my soul....Read On


Lips Upon My Skin

A Haiku for my love

Lips upon my skin The anticipation builds Is she here at last? Starting at my neck Hot breath teasing my flesh now Soft touch caressing My hair brushed aside Goose bumps start, muscles tensing Pleasure erupting Nipples growing hard I feel her press against me I am not alone Her scent reaches me Unlocking fantasies told Building over time I have needed her Have...Read On


Saturday's Alright for Blowing

Tombstone meets and pleases an older woman . . .

The bright line in the chat box pulsed iridescently. The small, black type came through and punched me in the gut. I hadn't expected the question. "Do you want to come over?" I stared at the words, almost breathless, my heart pounding. How often did women invite men over after chatting with them online? Most women I knew were afraid online guys would turn out to be stalkers, rapists,...Read On

Recommended Read

DarkFyre Chapter Four

Rael lays plans. Silmaria feeds her need.

Rael still wasn’t sure he was making the right choice. He was torn between feeling he was abandoning his duty and honor, and the certainty that remaining here at the war camp meant it was only a matter of time before another assassination attempt came. He was no coward, to run from death. Yet at the same time, neither was he a fool. The unusual methods taken against him left him certain that...Read On


I miss you

the realisation you've lost the love of someone you hold close

I used to be your prized possession always teaching me a lesson. Always wanting to have me close. To love me with an open heart you chose. A smile, laughter; a normal thing. Sadness would be a clear sin. They were of the most perfect days. Though perfection soon decayed. Now the time has ended fast. How could I not see happiness wouldn’t last? I’m like a stranger in my own home. A...Read On


Rite of Passage

The pure state would soon be no more.

There’s only one. It won’t be mine long. He knows that it’s his. He’s been waiting for this moment. I knew he’d be the one To take it from me. I had prepared for this day to come. Now it was here And I would never get it back Once it was gone. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The pure state would soon be no more. I knew I was ready. My body and soul With him I intended to let go. The...Read On



how things might be different . . .

i wonder what it would be like if i had put out for you that first night we met if i had opened myself up for you just like that something there was in the sight of you that made me feel uninhibited intuitive pretty dumb the slave i might be for you unguarded and alert a night bloom instant in the crickets’ choral shade your ready eager maiden but this was a service i deferred in that...Read On