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Ecstasy of the Moment

In the pure ecstasy of the moment All is forgotten As my hands explore her body Moans escape the lips Words of lust "Oh fuck"and "more please" She begs for release My lips leave hers and follow the paths left by my fingers moments ago across her caramel skin From her neck to her beautiful breasts I leave marks of my love And down her stomach too her valley And I partake...Read On


What Will Happen Next

A continuation of What I Am About To Do

Would you let me kiss you, still tasting of your come? Would you still suck on my tongue, nibble on my lips, smile through our kisses in delirious afterglow? I hope so. As much as pleasure as I take from licking your sweet cunt, it does not compare to the joy that comes from the persistent passion of kissing. The feel of your tongue sliding against mine, the soft groans we can't help making,...Read On


Come with me

Would you follow me

Come With Me For my lover: I'm leaning into you right now brushing the hair away from your ear so you can hear me whisper "Come with me my love, let's get away just the two of us let's slowly remove our clothes and take each other to places we've never been. Come with me my love, I'll worship your body with my fingers, my lips, my tongue spread your legs wide for me and I'll...Read On

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The Taste of Us

An erotic ode to my wife and I's love making

Warm breath grazing Swollen pink lips Opened flower petals Dripping luscious nectar Tongue tip exploring Stirring inner fires Body trembling wildly Sweet juices flowing Thirst drinking deeply The taste of you *****  Softly teeth brushing Twitching ebony shaft Rock hard sculpture Chiseled from desire Silken lips accepting Coaxing forth eruption Hips thrusting quickly...Read On


Take Me on the Beach

Some girls want to be taken TO the beach...others prefer to be taken ON the beach!

We’re separated far too often lately Life’s hard when we are often miles apart I think it’s time to run away together And finish what we often fail to start Let’s head down to the beach and stay forever Let’s fly until we land under the sun Let’s get each other naked in the water And finish what we haven’t yet begun. We need to hide away out at the beach house And let our...Read On


A Leprechauns dream

Spied a sweet young vixen, Down at the local Shamrock’s, Shakin’ her 36 D diddies, And teasin’ all the cocks. Wearin a tight green t-shirt Shakin’ her flamin’ red hair, Her perky hard nipples Pointing the way to her lair. O’er a pint we sit and flirt, And discuss the jewel beneath her skirt. As we kiss and head for her bed, I wonder if tonight She’ll give me good head. Fingers...Read On


Snow Shower

Winter wind biting my face My work gloves doing little to stop the cold After an hour of shoveling snow, I surrender. I see you watching me through the window. I wave and lose my balance, falling in a two foot drift. You rush to me. Helping me up. Brushing the snow from my coat. Helping in the house. Ushering me in front of the blazing fire. "You're chilled to the bone," you say. You help me...Read On


Let me be

Let me be!

Let me be the smile that crosses your lips in a silent empty room, Let me lay in close beside you under a silver wishing moon, Let me stay in your mind and dance with you where no one else can see, Let me be your wish for tomorrow, that you and I are we, Let me sooth away your anger, let me kiss away your tears, Let me chase away your demons, let me love away your fears, I have seen your...Read On


What's in My Heart

Over, under, falling, sailing, I can't stop, I won't stop. Hold me, kiss me, take me over, You are now the keeper of my heart. Flying, soaring, hold me close,  How did we let this happen? Keep me, fill me with your being, So much love I could never imagine. Floating, enduring, loving, clinging. This powerful thing, I have no control. Will it be alright, will it never end? This love devours...Read On


Angel in Disguise

An angel above rescues the brokenhearted.

~Fallen Angel~   This fallen Angel in disguise,  Witness the haunting in her eyes. A heart full of fears that cannot be shaken,  Born of a precious love forsaken. Dreams that were so full of hope,  Became nightmares in which she could not cope. Shattered reality within her stirs, Such bitter, twisted thoughts of hers. Trapped in the hell of her mind’s torment,  Enduring long,...Read On


Hot Like Fire

As we sit face to face, looking into each other’s eyes I can see the flame flicker, and the heat begins to rise The music plays softly, and the lights are low As we both brace ourselves for where we are about to go. I can feel your body tremble as I move in close For this is a moment that we’ve wanted so much Our lips meet each other, for a sweet gentle kiss Then the heat rises sending...Read On


Without You

Going crazy, Insane, Deprived of the thing, That keeps me alive. -No air, No breathing, smelling, anything, But your scent. -No sound, No hearing anything, But your voice, A sound so beautiful, it causes pain, a pain that is to be cherished, and kept forever. -No eyes, No seeing anything, But your face, Your body next to mine -No heart, Only because it is yours now. I will never get it...Read On


Winter Chill

Crispy orange leaves are falling. The threat of snow looms ominously. So glad you and I are inside on this bitter afternoon. Daylight quickly turns to darkness. The wind moans forbiddingly. The power flickers, then dies abruptly. We work together to push the loveseat in front of the hearth. The fireplace is our only illumination. You grab our favorite blanket. We both look at each other...Read On


My Life's Lost Love

Loss and sorrow

Benighted bed Beneath my head My life’s lost love Pulled from my grasp With sorrowful gasp My life’s lost love Away you go As my tears fall so My life’s lost love Ne’er ending sorrow No sun tomorrow My life’s lost love My breaking heart And poisoned dart My life’s lost love I sleep to die And wake to cry My life’s lost love  ...Read On



Just a dream?

I had seen you before in a dream Your wings open wide Your body glowing so brightly And you'd be standing there beyond a stream I could hear your voice Angelic. Peacful. Please... say more. I'd slowly walk closer to you With warm, open arms Pacing swiftly towards you Oh, if only this was true You wrap your arms tightly around me Warm. Loving. Please... never let go. As I look up to see...Read On