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Saturday's Alright for Blowing

Tombstone meets and pleases an older woman . . .

The bright line in the chat box pulsed iridescently. The small, black type came through and punched me in the gut. I hadn't expected the question. "Do you want to come over?" I stared at the words, almost breathless, my heart pounding. How often did women invite men over after chatting with them online? Most women I knew were afraid online guys would turn out to be stalkers, rapists,...Read On


I miss you

the realisation you've lost the love of someone you hold close

I used to be your prized possession always teaching me a lesson. Always wanting to have me close. To love me with an open heart you chose. A smile, laughter; a normal thing. Sadness would be a clear sin. They were of the most perfect days. Though perfection soon decayed. Now the time has ended fast. How could I not see happiness wouldn’t last? I’m like a stranger in my own home. A...Read On


Rite of Passage

The pure state would soon be no more.

There’s only one. It won’t be mine long. He knows that it’s his. He’s been waiting for this moment. I knew he’d be the one To take it from me. I had prepared for this day to come. Now it was here And I would never get it back Once it was gone. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The pure state would soon be no more. I knew I was ready. My body and soul With him I intended to let go. The...Read On



how things might be different . . .

i wonder what it would be like if i had put out for you that first night we met if i had opened myself up for you just like that something there was in the sight of you that made me feel uninhibited intuitive pretty dumb the slave i might be for you unguarded and alert a night bloom instant in the crickets’ choral shade your ready eager maiden but this was a service i deferred in that...Read On


The Ballad of the New Family

How three women fell in love and created a whole extended family.

The Ballad of The New Family By Captain Midnight Based on the song “We Are Family”  Author unknown; sung by Sister Sledge Three women who fall in love create an extended family. The pattern of the chorus is taken from the song, but the choruses are actually additional verses that carry the story along. In the original song you hear the same chorus about 15 times followed by a fugue...Read On


Return to Cala de Sirena-Part 2

After a fight with his sister, Don gets an even more unwelcome visitor.

The weekend was longer for Don than any other before. He moped around the cabin, hurt by the angry words his sister had said to him. Monday morning he rode into work and did his normal duties with a heavy heart. Afterward, he wandered into the bar to find Jason sitting at their normal table, with a pitcher of beer, two full glasses, two full shot glasses, and the sampler plate waiting. ...Read On


Modern Day Pen Pals

Blackstallion21 Meets his friend Sarahhh

Ever fall in love with someone’s personality before you’ve fully met them? Of course you have in the Internet Day and Age. It takes a mere nothing now days to accidentally IM someone and trip and fall into a relationship. Or a mere nothing to get onto an internet dating site, and with just a photo of who you think you are talking to, and a cunning correspondent with a sharp tongue to have...Read On


A crossdressing fetish tale

a crossdressing poem

There is a guy and his wife,  He has a fetish in his life. He enjoys wearing women's clothes, He likes all different fabrics with lots of bows. When he dresses he gets very excited, Thoughts of sex makes him delighted. He loves to wear his wife's thongs, They feel so sexy on his dong. He walks around with panties on, Sometimes he wears dresses made of chiffon. He loves to wear all...Read On


Sunset Tiara

In all that is true, There are ocean tides and waves. Sometimes melancholy, like bitter winds.    Soft breath of kisses, caresses my nape. Giving me happiness and splendor. Something to remember. Darkness before light, like poetic prose. Bringing sunset tiara,  and the smile of your personality. Covering your hair,  as if crested jewels. Shining on you. Like an oyster,...Read On

Recommended Read

I Don't Love You

Maybe one day I'll be able to say that I don't love you.

Maybe if I say these words, That will make them true. Maybe if I concentrate, I'll get over you. Maybe when I see you with him That will be enough. Maybe when I know you're happy Things won't be so rough. Maybe I just have to wait For these wounds to heal. Maybe then I can forget The way you make me feel. Maybe you'll come back to me, Though I start to doubt it. Maybe...Read On



Lust comes calling

I am the passion and desire you feel when you're alone. I'm the breeze in the darkness, the feeling unknown.  I'm the fleeting shadow on your window ledge. I'm the touch of your bud that sends you over the edge. I own you, I feed your want and desire. I keep you awake when you're starting to tire. I'm the fingers you use when you're in bed all alone. I'm the juice that flows as you...Read On


Talk Sex on the Air

Late night Radio host chats to a local Masseuse.

I am a talk show host for one of the regions local radio stations. I have been on the radio for 12 years now, but never have I enjoyed the job more so than the last 4 years. I have been hosting a show which runs from 11pm to 2am which we host 'Hot Talk' The show allows people to come on and talk about anything related to sexual matters. Their Experiences, what they like, what they...Read On


I Miss Your Everything

Thinking back on happier times I think of the things that are you I miss them I miss the way you dance around Not caring who can see I miss our late nights in the fields The moon shining out your eyes Reflecting off your skin I miss the way your laugh hits my ears Giggling at your own jokes I miss that scent of your hair Just below my nose in a hug Nearly every hug I miss being with...Read On


Dream Four

A female astronaut loved having sex in space.

ForeWord Dream: A series of pictures or events in the mind of a sleeping person. Oxford Dictionary. A dream is a type of mental activity that occurs during sleep. It usually consists of visual images that tell a story, although the sequence of dream events is usually mystifying. They may be influenced by internal physical factors such as hunger, thirst or ...Read On


Feisty Mouth

I've got a feisty mouth.

Does my feisty mouth defy you? Does it turn you on? Does it make you want to gag me When I won’t follow along? Does my feisty mouth enrage you? Does it make you curse and plead? Does it make you want to spank me As I am bent over your knee? Does my feisty mouth tease you? Does it make you throbbing hard? Does it take you to the brink and back And leave you wanting more? Does...Read On