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Home Nudist

I am what some may consider a home nudist.   I enjoy the freedom of being nude.   I love the feeling of the air gently blowing against my body and the sun’s warmth engulfing all of me.    There is one problem.   I don’t live alone.   I have a wife and three daughters.   Now, my wife isn’t too much of a problem.   In fact, if it’s just she and I at home she tolerates my being nude...Read On


Daddy, Are You?

Daddy and daughter enjoy their new found feelings for each other.

Daddy, Are You? By Reeb It all started the summer of my 16 th birthday. Daddy and I had lived together by ourselves since we lost mom in a car accident when I was around ten. It was tough on daddy, raising a young girl mostly by himself with the exception of my aunt Amy. She was daddy’s sister and was around a lot to help with the cleaning and the cooking. Daddy was very smart and had...Read On


I Shouldn't Feel This Way- Chapter 19

Never underestimate the power of jealousy, and the power of envy to destroy.

  NOAH  My mind was reeling, my heart was racing and I had the most painful case of morning wood going on downstairs. I sat up, slightly disoriented, my eyes slowly adjusting to the blinding light that had flooded around me. I was dreaming about her,  again . After leaving Aria’s bedroom last night, I ventured downstairs and barricaded myself in my study, crashing on the...Read On


My Best Friend's Mom

Friend's mom - the perfect milf!

When I was 16 years old I had a best friend named Randy. His father had died when he was eight, and I'd known him since we were both 10. I'd spent that night at his house numerous times, and since I was 12 or 13 I had a thing for his mom. By the time I was 15 I had a real crush on her. She was 38 and looked so beautiful to me! She had a successful Realestate business, and she kept her body...Read On


My First Big Cock

I always dreamed about cocks so big, but thought they didnt exist in the real world

My first black cock, as it happened by accident not so very long ago. Trina, a beautiful lite skinned woman who had been my best friend for several years and I were hanging out. She stood about 5'7" sporting a ceremonious pair of 38 dd breasts with the biggest areolas I have ever seen. She was hot looking, no matter what she wore, her well defined assets managed to get everybody's...Read On


A Son’s Love for his Mother

Son and Mother for the first time

Brian was 17 and obsessed with his mother; he thought she was the most beautiful woman alive. He wasn’t far wrong, despite her age of 38 she had managed to keep most of her figure. The hips had widened a bit and her breasts were larger and sagged some. But her face was a lively, radiant expression of joy most of the time. Her hair was long over her shoulders and a wavy auburn…she would comb it...Read On


The Reunion

A tale of a long lost love reclaimed

My encounter with Eric got me to thinking about another old friend who I had lost touch with over the years. Not that I ever really stopped thinking about him … No matter how hard I tried …. Jamie was a former co-worker who I had fun flirting with; and being that we were almost instantly comfortable together, he later became a dear friend and confidante during a time when my marriage was...Read On


Sweet Sherrie

Sherrie reveals to me how close she really is to her mother.

The first time I ever saw Sherrie I was blown away. I tried to look up but I just couldn't stop gawking at her. Those things had to be the largest natural breasts I had ever seen. I had never seen a woman with so much jiggle up top. I didn't even know they made bras that big. I now know that a woman can buy an F cup. I didn't start dating Sherrie because of her naturally large mammaries....Read On


The Bridal GangBang

Newly wed gets coated in cum

About a year after Roy had been dating me, he asked me to marry him. We were engaged for another year. After a lot of debating on the planning of the wedding, we finally decided to have a traditional wedding but with a little twist. It turns out the reason Roy was never jealous was because he was actually turned on by the thought of other men fucking me. I never knew about it until a night...Read On


My Family's First Camping Trip

We finally go camping.

My Family's First Camping Trip   My family consists of my mother (Samantha or Sam 5' 3", 36D, 23, 35 and very good looking), my dad (John, 6', and 200lbs), my sisters (identical twins, Jenny and Terri, 5' 2", 34D, 20, 32) and myself (Bobby, 5' 11', 180 lbs). My sisters are a year younger than me and I'm 19 and just starting college. I guess after twins...Read On


How I Became the Family Slut -- Part 1

My introduction to sex and incest and how I became the family's sex toy.

My name is Ima. And I want to share my story of sexual awakening and incest. I grew up in rural Alabama, in a three story house on about six acres acres of land, about three miles outside a small country town. The house was white with brown shutters, and had one of those wrap-around covered porches on two sides. Looking back on it all, I would have to say I had a great family. I had...Read On


Keep it in the family

Mike Miller thinks back to when he lost his virginity before he takes his daughters

It was a Saturday night in early 2010. My 16-year-old daughter Nicole was upstairs getting ready for a date with Jake, her current obsession. I was downstairs watching a movie on HBO, while my beautiful wife had taken our other children out for dinner and a movie. How rude of me, I haven’t introduced myself, my name is Michael Miller. But since I’m about to tell you a very personal story...Read On


My older sister

A long time cumming, offhand encounter with my beautiful older sister, a model.

My sister and I were at our mom’s house. It’s was early afternoon and the rest of the family were home. They all packed up for a Sunday outing. My sister Pam and I didn’t go because I had to go home and study, and she was working later that evening. I am 23 and she is 33. She’s a model and very sexy looking. She is around 5.9, 125 pounds, skinny figure with c36 breasts and a really great...Read On


Being naughty for daddy

A daughter shares her father's love with her best friend.

Being Naughty for Daddy, H my name is Christy and I love telling stories, especially ones where my daddy and I are fucking the hell out of each other. Its just so happens that I have one of these naughty little tale that I wound love to share with you tonight. You see a little over a week ago daddy and I had one of the best fuck sessions, I can not remember the last time we had sex...Read On


How I Became the Family Slut - Part 4

Ima surrenders herself totally to her father's lust.

"Goddammit, Sweet Muffin, you've got the tightest pussy I ever fucked!” Those were the first words out of my daddy's mouth when his hard cock penetrated my pussy for the very first time. At this point in my story I was just a couple of months past my sixteenth birthday. I was five feet tall, skinny, had hardly any tits to speak of, but I had a small waist, a cute butt and a flaring set of...Read On