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Sharing A Bed With Aunt Linda

Aunt Linda, oh Aunt Linda

My Aunt Linda and her son moved two blocks from my house the summer I turned sixteen. The week before moving in, she called my parents up and asked for help. My mom handled all things connected with her sister with suspicion and scrutiny and initially heed and hawed over being available. My dad, on the other hand, quickly agreed to help out but then it was obvious that he had a hard on for...Read On


Mother's Helping Hand

A young man learns to enjoy the view from his bedroom window in more ways than one.

Mother’s Helping Hand By Reeb   My story takes place the summer of my 17 th birthday, just before my senior year in high school. I was fast becoming a young man as I was an athlete in high school. I was on the football team, basketball team and ran track every spring. I stood about 6 feet tall, weighed about 185 pounds, brown hair, blue-green eyes and from all the weight lifting, I...Read On


Freshmen Dorm Room: Sara and Angie

It was both hot and sensual as she cut the vibrator on and shoved it hard inside her wet cunt.

Sara carried what little of her bags she could down the hall of the dorm to her room. Today was moving in day and she was very nervous. She had no help; Sara had made the trip to the university on her own. She passed several other girls that were also moving in. She noticed that most of them were here age, eighteen and a freshman like her. She had to sit a couple bags down so she could open...Read On


Our Black Neighbors Cuckold My Husband

My Husband and I are seduced by our black neighbors and we both become addicted to black cock.

It sometimes amazes me how luck can play such significant roles in our lives and this story describes how those factors caused a dramatic change in the sex lives of my husband and me. My name is Joan, and my husband Ed and I recently moved to Tampa from the Boston area. Ed is an executive with a high tech company, and he was being promoted to manage the company’s facility in Tampa. I was 42...Read On


Step mom never let me off cloud nine

Step mom educates 16 year old lucky lad

After that one night of sweaty sex, none of us really said too much at first. But as any guy with raging hormones, I knew I wanted more. When my father and stepmother got married, they told me that she had her "tubes tied, " I didn't know exactly what that meant but I knew that they wouldn't be having any children. And since all of us were disease free, I knew that I had a shot here of...Read On


A Welcome Surprise

what waits in a stranger's hotel room

A WELCOME SURPRISE Strange….. you received an invitation to visit this specific hotel room…. You didn’t think you knew anyone at this conference, but the note sounded – intriguing? interesting? tantalizing, even? And had your name on it. You weren’t sure, but for some reason, you decided to follow up and go to the room. You knock on the door and it opens – you start to say ‘hello’ but...Read On


A continuing need

Kathy comes around for more

A couple of weeks later, I was sitting watching a movie when the phone rang. “Hi it’s Kathy.” “Hey Kathy, how is it?” “Fine, I have the day off and was wondering if you were about.” “Yeah, I’m just chilling out watching a movie; did you want to come over for some slap and tickle?” “I was going to see if I could borrow some of your implements.” “No probs, just come on over,...Read On


Divorcee Mom, Son and Me

Divorcee Mom, Son and Me

Divorcee Mom, Son and Me By Woffen     I want to tell you about a woman….. a fascinating woman that I met a few months ago. Her name is Wendy and she has a son Tommy. We met oddly enough on the internet and chatted for several weeks. We felt we were compatible and decided to meet. There are things about myself that I didn’t reveal and later I...Read On


Masturbating for my Mom

Mom watches me masturbate

I was sitting at one end of the couch in the family room, looking at my iPad, with my hand down my shorts. Not actually masturbating, but not not masturbating either. The TV was showing baseball, but I wasn’t really paying much attention to it. I was dressed as I usually was for hanging around the house - just an old pair of gym shorts, commando. The Florida heat can be harsh and humid, and...Read On


A MILF Story

A sexy mom is surprised by her son.

  I am what all the young studs describe as a MILF. I a 42 year old housewife that looks 30 if I might say so. I work hard to look good. I workout everyday, play tennis, swim, bike and golf. My husband has a high paying job that allows me to do this. We have a great home with a pool on the golf course. To have this lifestyle I have to put up with a little of my husbands philandering, and...Read On


Brother-Sister Pool Party

He saw his younger sister looking. He knew she would be.

She always loved watching out her bedroom window down to the pool. It was not a scenery thing to her. It was where she watched her older brother clean it every week. She would sit beside her window and watch him for the whole duration. It had become her ritual. She looked forward to it every Thursday. Nobody knew she watched him either. She would close and lock her room door and just enjoy...Read On


Spanking Lucy

My thanks to EnglishRose28, for her guidance and candor about where my story crossed the line from hot to scary, especially when it came to her luscious nipples. I’m seated on a small armless chair in the center of the room, and you stand before me, your beautiful hazel eyes cast downward in supplication. You wait for my instructions, and with a slight nod I bid you to proceed. You turn...Read On


Testing Mom's Will Power

A son with raging hormones becomes sexually driven towards his own mother.

Testing Mom’s Will Power By Reeb The summer of 2011 started out as the hottest ever of my seventeen years of life so far. We live in a rural Pennsylvania community so the summers can be very hot and humid but I am referring to the intense sexual heat created by my raging teenage hormones. At this age, all I can think about is having sex and in my case lately, with the most beautiful woman in...Read On


The Milf Next Door

My new neighbour was really nice but little did I know she was a red hot milf.

Hi I'm Sam and I live in a really small town with my parents, my dad owns the local car dealership. And my best friend Rob and his family live next door. Me and Rob were in the pool one afternoon when he told me his parents were sellin the house and moving to be closer to his sick grandmother. This was a blow because when he left there would be nobody my own age to hang out with. It took a...Read On


My Daughter's Friend, Rachel

Lauren's father makes love to another of Lauren's friends.

My Daughter’s Friend, Rachel by Reeb   This story takes place about two weeks after one of the most erotic sexual experiences of my life. My sister Amy, had a birthday party for my niece Lauren, but to my surprise, I found out that night that Lauren was actually my very own daughter.   It was quite a day as I first made love to my gorgeous...Read On