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Topic Any small cocks here? Or any small cock lovers?
Posted 09 Apr 2014 14:00

Warning: Small Cock

, Small cock.jpg

Topic Is this a sign that I should back off?
Posted 18 Mar 2014 13:38

Play it Cool. If you try hard, you die hard.

I don't see the reason why you're particularly attracted to this person any more than other eligable bachelors in the pool. So you chatted and got on, but thats trivial information at this stage. You're giving yourself a hard time unnecessarly, but we've all done it. I can't count the amount of times I've been missed around, or received the 'hot cold hot cold' treatment. It's frustating, but it sounds like you're veering more towards obession, that has been strengthened because of rejection, than actual attraction. Even if he was interested, obsession is likely to drive him away and be intimidated.

Remember that you live in your own reality, so in matters like this, you need to flip script. You be the confident one, you be the non-needy one, you show how much fun you are, and love of life you have, without actually trying to direct too much attention to yourself. Theres a huge difference between showing off, and people knowing that you're showing off. One of the Paradoxes of dating and courtship behaviour, is that that it takes alot of effort, to look effortless (Thank you for that Neil Strauss).

One scenario that I suspect, is that he has been dating or courting this Katie, and they've hit a rough spot, pahaps not talking to each other or on the rocks. Often when this happens, people don't change their facebook status, because they are not sure if this situation is dead, or if it will flower again. However during this period they are more open to interest for others, and will make considerations for other potential partners as rebound or backup. Thats my guess on this, it could be entirely false, he may just be a player, on the other hand, she may just be his half-sisters best friend, that he didn't mention.

Checking his facebook is a natural reaction, but The fact that (at least you made it sound like) you are not friends on facebook, tells me you didn't get that close, nor do you really know that much about him. You're getting into territory where you're gonna destroy your own self-esteem, for no good reason.

Relax about the whole thing.

Topic Daughter or son brings home older bf or gf and there older then u or same age what would you do
Posted 12 Mar 2014 16:29

Introduce myself and offer them a drink. You know, like a normal human being....

Topic Soulmates
Posted 06 Mar 2014 15:40

I don't believe in soul mates in the supernatural or destiny sense whatsoever, in the same way that I don't believe in fate. However I think that certain people have certain compatabilities with each other, based on their attaction parameters (and even then that doesn't matter), and that is the basis of whether or not a relationship can flourish. I don't think there is one person for everybody, I think everybody is for everybody, so long as there is a chemistry, attraction, a personality connection and a desire to be together. What more do you need than that?

I don't think that two people are destined to be together, real life isn't The Notebook.

Alot of people might find it depressing or unencouraging that their relationship isn't the work of some kind of supernatural love guru, but I think thats narrow minded and in fact I believe the truth it's quite the opposite. The infinate possibilities are amazing.

I believe soul mates exist, but not that they have to necessarily be romantically involved. A soul mate is someone you have a deep connection with.

I think it's quite sad that somebody who is your 'soulmate', isn't somebody you're romantically involved with. I think the person I'm in a relationship with has to be the closest person to me in my life, and that there would be nobody else I would confide my feelings with before them.

I also think people set themselves too many parameters when it comes to chosing partners, because they are too specific with what they want, without really think it through. People have made poor decisions and ended up staying single because they didn't take a chance, and in hindsight it's their own mindset that has ruined them. People saying "I only go for a girl with big tits" or "I only go for tall guys" are shooting themselves in the foot by cutting people who could be perfect for them, out of the equation. Attraction is not a choice, so it's bizzare that some people set themselves such strict criterea, and often they end up regretting it.

My stepmother already admitted that my Dad is not the type of man she would usually go for, but she took a chance, now shes in love.

Topic Now try your name and see what it is
Posted 28 Feb 2014 13:32

J: is really sweet
O: has one of the best personalities ever
H: easy to fall in love with
N: can kick the shit out of u
P: popular with all types of people
A: hot
U: is very sexual
L: smile to die for

F: people wild and crazy adore you
O: has one of the best personalities ever
R: good boyfriend or girlfriend
E: has gorgeous eyes
S: cute
T: very good kisser
E: has gorgeous eyes
R: good boyfriend or girlfriend

Well I know this is only suppost to be a bit of fun, but this generic horseshit isn't it. Besides, you will find that most people in the world don't argue with compliments, and generally people will accept acknowladgement of good qualities about themselves, even if they aren't actually true.

There isn't a B in my name, yet meeting new people and making new friends is one of my favorite things about life. And I wouldn't agree with N either, because I have no desire to be a violent person. Also H, I wouldn't describe myself as easy too fall in love with either.

Topic How often do you expected me to contact, if I am dating you?
Posted 28 Feb 2014 05:14

It was ask the girls, but a mans opinion is more than welcome. I should have put it in the relationship section to be honest.

Topic Best and Worst pick up lines (Game)
Posted 27 Feb 2014 16:44

Worst: Are you from Ireland, because my cock is Dublin

Topic If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in ONLY two words?
Posted 27 Feb 2014 16:19

"Infinate Possibilities"

Topic Who is the best fuck on Lush and why?
Posted 27 Feb 2014 15:13

Who is the best fuck on Lush and why?

The best fuck on Lush? You are. Head Fuck. :)

Topic How often do you expected me to contact, if I am dating you?
Posted 27 Feb 2014 14:05

Sorry Sandy, I think I misinterpreted that comment. Its a fair point.

Topic How often do you expected me to contact, if I am dating you?
Posted 27 Feb 2014 12:19

I quoted your first post because despite the fact you had the wrong idea, it was essential a nice piece of thought out writing, that describes how the tos and fros of what happens in the relationship paradigm, how it should work, at least in a perfect world.

Being Dawg isn't my aim, but neither is falling for the wrong person just because it feels like the right time. If I met 'the one', (And I'm sure she is right out there waiting for me), I'd be happy to take things further, and would feel totally comfortable in a relationship. But if you have doubts, it usually because the attraction levels are not strong enough. At 25, I shouldn't be a major rush to find the right girl, but when she comes along, guarantee I will be a sucka for her. At heart I'm a romantic too, but it just alot of groundwork for me to get there. Until that happens though, I'm happy to just have fun.

Rather than wallow over the fact I lost one girl, who I wasn't that attracted to anyway, I should focus on meeting and interacting with more women, because thats the only way I will a) be able to have more 'fun' with somebody else b) have the best chance of finding that special girl.

Topic How often do you expected me to contact, if I am dating you?
Posted 27 Feb 2014 11:01

I think I sort of fall into the same line of thinking as Mazza. How often did you want to talk to her? That's what you should have been asking yourself. There is so much game playing and counter measures in dating. It's stressful and confusing. It also leads to a lack of communication. Do you. If you want her to want you for who and what you are then "Do You". Wouldn't it have been nice if you had just called her because you were thinking about her and said exactly that? If she reacted negatively, then there is your answer. She just is not that in to you. But, to deny your natural urges only hurts you in the end. Eventually you are going to be you and if that is irritating to her then why not get it out of the way early.

Isn't it wonderful to just be with someone and just be yourself? Those are the type of relationships that last. I do understand that it takes a certain amount of confidence, but it saves so much time. If you still have an urge to talk to her, do it. Explain yourself if it is worth it to you.
HEY!!!! r u for real John? u say u cared for this girl? sooo have u turned that off?
if the answer is NO! then take all that stuff u wrote in yr original post.. minus the last paragraph .. and send it to HER!

then follow it up... but don't be verbose in yr follow ups .. just simple messages .. "thinking of u" or "wondering what u r doing right now?" ..
do u actually believe she has moved on?? sounds as if u two had quite a connection..

of course I am just a hopeless romantic.. but maybe she wants to see if u really care???????? omg we r complex creatures...
and sweet sweet john.. u sooo need to pay attention to ROMANCE... we may SAY we hate u contacting us all the time.. but if we do we will TELL u so... and with a :D ...

and as for all this baloney ... "truth is, I didn't see a huge future for us, so maybe just being happy with how things were going, isn't enough" ... what is this all about??..
do u care? and what's with "MAYBE"? ... u cared enough to bring yr pain .. yr loss
if u don't try and get her back.. well u will never really know will u????

These are two amazing answers, they put the whole thing in prespective. It's difficult to say how I feel, without either sounding like a chauvenistic pig or a player, two charicterists that as a gentleman, I never try to emulate. The more I think about it, the more it makes total sense that we are not together. When I got with her, my intial instinct was thinking that there isn't so much attraction involved, that this didn't have a realistic future, it was more like "this will be fun, for a while."

By that statement, I can immediate see some critics looking at me and thinking "so basically you were just using her for sex, or for your own validation". No, I think it was a medium ground. Attracted enough to want to see the girl, and have some fun together, not attracted enough to believe it was going to lead to a real long term relationship.

We live in a society that likes to make clear cut judgements; right and wrong, good and bad. But I don't believe the real universe works like that. The case not either 'in a relationship' or 'single', there is a grey areas involved that many people don't mention, which in the 21st century people should be mentioning. Call that grey area "fuck buddies", "Friends with benefits", "Open Relationship", "Dating", whatever you like. I think in many cases people get together, purely to chance if there is anything more there, if there is, cool, if not, move on. Even so, during this peroid I would be expecting to have sex. The sex before marriage days are behind us, or at least, should be.

I thought she was attractive, pretty, sexy, and a nice genuine person, and we had a laugh. However there was little deep connection on a personal level, and I think that is a base requirement, but I also think that just because that isn't there, doesn't mean we shouldn't be having fun at all. Sex is a many splendid thing.

It's not fair for people to say, well if you don't see this becoming a relationship, then you shouldn't be with her in the first place. Well you know what, I think I deserve to having sex in my life too, regardless of what 'status' you want to give the circumstances.

I was happy with how things were, but I didn't want a relationship, and I think it's totally fair that she has the right to move on, but I also think its totally fair, that I'm not judged for that. I'll get into a relationship on my terms, when I am totally sure I love the person I'm with. In a way, its a natural occurence, the dating phase has a limited lifespan, and once thats over with, general concensus seems to be move on to "relationship" OR "regress to friends".

In this case it's "regressing to friends" I believe it is for the best, but in future, it think it was important for me to know a healthy level what kind of limits and rules should you be placing around how often you contact, or how little you contact, in the event that I do find somebody I'm a hugely attracted to, and want to take it further ie going from dating to relationship. I can see the answer now. THERE ARE NO LIMITS.

I'm learning :)

Topic Hard-On
Posted 27 Feb 2014 07:51

I wouldn't refer to it as 'feeling good', theres nothing particularly pleasurable about nursing an erection, in fact it can be quite a hinderance; in tight jeans it can be painful, in the workplace it can be awkward as you have to hide it etc.... It's rare that you'd get an immediate reaction from just seeing a girl in the street, even if she bent over. The reaction usually happens once you starting thinking about it, pondering on it, and allowing a fancyful thought.

Having an erection isn't always from sexual thoughts, sometimes i can be totally random. For example, the reason you get a hard-on during sleep, is so that you don't pee yourself in your sleep. The erection causes a back pressure which prevents you from waking, and not peeing, which is why morning glory is usually attributed to busting for a piss, rather than being horny, although you can use it to your advantage if you wanted to...

Theres also a spider in brazil thats venom causes erections, because the male brain mistakes the chemicals for the ones a man feels when he is aroused. However by all accounts, judging you've just be bitten by one of the worlds deadliest arachnids, its likely to be worst hard-on you'll ever experience.

Instead of actually pleasure, i'd refer to having a hard-on as a emotional rush of sexual desire an tension, that you'd do anything to satisfy. You can get erect for no reason at all, but still, it makes you feel like you need to do something about it.

Topic How often do you expected me to contact, if I am dating you?
Posted 27 Feb 2014 06:31

If this is important for you to know as a dating criteria. I, for one, would not be dating you.

I didn't offer.

@ Mazza

I think theres a number of things I need to bear in mind in order for me to objective. Everybody is different, and has different expectations, certain girls may not require frequent contact in order for them to remain interested, or indeed for them to feel as if you're interested in them. It sounds vain, but particularly confident girls who feel comfortable with themselves, don't spend too much time worrying when their guy doesn't contact, in fact, they probably quite enjoy the space. Other girls may need more attention, to stay engaged and to keep the attraction levels pumping.

There was on American girl I dated, where I didn't necessarly keep in touch that often, but every time we met up we had a great and special time together, and she was so damn confident, which i what I really liked, she was always busy doing her own thing, and not needy whatsoever, I felt really relaxed because I didn't feel like I had to check in, she was just cool.

But conversely I've dated girls where they text message, and if you don't reply in 20 minutes they send another message. To me this displays insecurity, but at the same time, you can be reassured because you know they are interested in you. It's difficult to find an exact answer to the question.

I think judging the type of girl you are dating, pahaps comes with experience rather than assumption or actual guildlines.

When dating a girl, I was definately more eager in the past, and since learned to more stand off, but it looks like in this case I've gone from one extreme to the other.

Often men have a problem with dating, they create set rules that aren't particularly necessary, when men think they are. I have a friend that always waits 20 minutes before replying to a text message, and only puts an 'x' at the end of message, if the girls has put one first.

I think when it comes to dating, men can tend to overthink, rather than just be natural. We humans are a strange breed ;)

Topic How often do you expected me to contact, if I am dating you?
Posted 27 Feb 2014 05:11

Well said Mazza.

Trinkeeeet, where the hell have you been :) You're reasoning is perfectly feasible, I'm not sure we were that attracted to each other in the first place. Her excuse was that it's not her job to chase me, and that it should be the other way around. Now, I'm not a fan of double standards, as you probably know, but I didn't chase her very much at all, not even enough for her to meet me half way. I think it's my own doing, and the more I think, it's definately for the best. I wanted to disuss it because if I do meet somebody else that I like, I need to make sure I find the right medium between keeping contact and connection, but giving freedom and space.

Topic Do people really fall in love on lush?
Posted 26 Feb 2014 14:38

Falling in love doesn't come with a manual, I guess you could meet the person of your dreams practically anywhere, I'd like to think the possibilities are endless, could be a nightclub, a lemonade stand, a library.

From my own personal experience, I once hit it off with a with a girl I met on an aeroplane from Darwin to Sydney. I don't see why the possibilities on the internet should be any different.

One thing is for sure, it will happen when you least expect it ;)

All I would say is, despite is crazily awesome sexual nature, Lush may be a harder place to establish a connection with girl than usual, because of the way a 'some' men behave here, it's forced girls to put their guards up and be suspect of all men that approach. It's a shame because I'm sure there are plenty of true gentlemen here, but unfortunately its the few spoiling it for the many.

Topic do you believe in God?
Posted 26 Feb 2014 09:53

Man is not a creation of God, God is a creation of man.

The simple answer is no, at least not in the conventional 'organised religion' sense, although I'm open minded that there could be many fancinating answers out there. I think science is amazing, and thats what interests me. People think science and religion are compatible, I personally do not. I don't want to elaborate further, because to be honest I'm burned out of the subject, taking about causes nothing more than animosity.

Topic How often do you expected me to contact, if I am dating you?
Posted 26 Feb 2014 05:45

Thanks for the feedback ladies, I can see that in highsight I was probably too distant, I didn't see the need to keep contacting her on the basis that she was expecting. Pahaps the answer is, I was attracted to her, but not quite attracted enough. I find that if another person wants it to get more serioius, the instinct can sometimes be for me to worry that we're getting too deep too soon. Let's be honest, I have a slight fear of showing major commitment, when I can't decide if the girl is just a temporary thing, or if I see a real future. Maybe to some extent, I've answered my own question. The truth is, I didn't see a huge future for us, so maybe just being happy with how things were going, isn't enough.

I wonder how many other people have to wrestle with their fears of commitment, or sometimes wonder how attracted they truly are to the girl. I think if you truly like somebody, these questions never come into it. Pahaps moving on, makes perfect sense.

Topic Foods that beat hangovers
Posted 25 Feb 2014 17:34

Hair of the dog that bit you

Topic How often do you expected me to contact, if I am dating you?
Posted 25 Feb 2014 16:07

I met a girl at the Modern Jive classes I take, and I was seeing her for around 2 months. We we're in the intermediate phase of 'past the first few dates', but also 'not in a relationship just yet'. Call it friends with benefits, taking it easy and seeing how it goes, or just having fun, but things we're going well (at least I thought), and I did like her.

We slept together on the first date, saw each other once a week for drinks, movie and sex, and I usually contacted her a couple of times a week for a chat, mainly texting.

It's paramount for a man (at least I thought), that you appear non-needy as possible, to display confidence, so I tried not to bombard her with text messages and limited it to convos just once or twice per week. Because we were just datings or as I put it "Seeing each other", but not in a full on relationship (which I think would be far too quick after just 2 months), I thought that by not texting all the time, I was displaying a person who was not needy and desperate for attention, and instead a confident person who didn't require a girls interest in order to get on in life.

In essence, by not texting her all the time, I've played it TOO 'cool', and the reverse effect has happen, I haven't attracted her, I've inadvertantely shunned her.

I've had problems recently, I lost my job and I've been busy dealing with stuff, and she's also been busy doing dance auditons, but she said this is no excuse for not to be in touch very regularly.

After a chat with her tonight, she's said we're not seeing each other any more, because she got the impression that I wasn't interested enough, and therefore she stopped being interested in me. She made a comment that when she is dating somebody, she requires contact from them at least once a day, otherwise she would feel as if it was an active display of somebody not interested.

So because I've tried to play it cool and not smother her, I've accidently given the opposite impression, made her feel as if she wasn't worth chasing, and that I don't desire her enough. She's made me feel like a bit of a pig, even though I genuinely think I am a good person.

I need to learn from this. I don't want to make the same mistake again. I always thought as a guy, you have to be careful about seeking too much contact for the girl, otherwise you're showing needyness and insecurity. I thought texting every day, is too much for a girl you're only dating. I actually cared about this girl, but i've been so frightening about scaring her away, because I've heard that texting too much can be a turn off, that I've been way to stand-off, and she felt unwanted.

I've asked if I can fix it, but she said she's already moved on. She never texts me first, and says that as a man, it's my job to chase her and not the other way around, i felt that was a bit of a double standard.

So please tell me, when you're dating a guy, should he be texting/phoning/emailing every day? Is once or twice per week not enough? Or does it depend on the girl and she is the needy one? What can I do to ensure that this never happens again.

Topic cum swallowing
Posted 24 Feb 2014 21:59

Where've you been? On your travels again?

I wish...

Topic cum swallowing
Posted 23 Feb 2014 14:02

Feel like I swimming against the tide here, but no I don't want to taste my own cum, the idea seems very non-hot to me. It's happened inadvertantly after sex if the girl took me in her mouth, and then gone to kiss me, and being the gentleman I try to be, I don't pull away because thats kind of cruel, after shes done a nice thing for my benefit. All the same, I wouldn't tick the box to say I enjoyed it. Still, its your sexuality, I'm live and let live person. And plus we've been on lush long enough to know, theres no such thing as normal. ;)

Topic What song(s) turn you on?
Posted 23 Feb 2014 13:52

I can't say I've listen to a song and felt aroused, maybe it just have a poor imagination, but there are songs that drive me wild with ecstasy, even if it isn't sexual ecstasy. I think it's mainly due to awesome lyrics that actually mean something or tell stories. For Example:

Aerosmith: Sweet Emotion, Dream On, Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, (and more because I love this band)
Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA
The Eels: My Beloved Monster
Lady Gaga: Born This Way (Yeah I know, and I'm totally straight too!)
Guns N' Roses: Sweet Child O' Mine
Darius: Colorblind
Daniel Powter: Bad Day (Mainly because I'm in love with the girl in the music video...)
Imagine Dragons: Demons
The Script: Man Who Can't Be Moved
Nelly: Just a Dream
Donna Lewis: I Love You Always Forever
GlasVegas: It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
Kid Rock: All Summer Long
Michelle Branch: Everywhere

Er... I think thats enough. Besides there songs aren't ones that would drive my into a sexual frenzie, more songs where i'd like to cuddle up close to a girl and give gentle passionate kisses.

I've definately lost some masculinity points with this post haven't I haha

Topic What is your favorite movie based on a book?
Posted 23 Feb 2014 13:33

Ok, so it's not a Movie it's a Series, I think Game of Thrones deserves a mention here. It's the best thing I've ever seen, I'm absolutely obsessed, and I know others are too, I've honestly never seen or read anything quite like it, Amaaaaazing! I urge you to completely avoid Game of Thrones if you value a good nights sleep in your life. For the rest, Immerse yourself :)

Other than that, Lord of the Rings is the only thing I've seen that compares to the books they were filmed from. Harry Potter films are a dive, they could have made it so much more spectacular, although the 7th film is passable. The books were unbelievable though. Hunger Games was pretty good too, although again, the tame graphics in the film didn't live up to the gory explicit nature of the books.

Maybe I expect too much idk..

Topic Truth: Is it a turn on to cum all over a woman's face and boobs?
Posted 20 Feb 2014 17:52

Sorry but in the mouth is the winner

Topic What is the sexiest thing a girl can wear to bed?
Posted 20 Feb 2014 17:50

An expectant smile

Topic The last person or thing you gave the finger to?
Posted 21 Jan 2014 03:10

Waverley Council as we drove away from Bondi Beach. The motherfuckers stung us with a $169 parking ticket after catching us out with some deliberately misleading signage. I'm just glad we weren't being followed by bikies at the time.

I hope they enjoy the cash, because I'll never spend another cent in their territory ever again. I'll be going to Manly from now on, bitches!

Manly is a way better beach than Bondi anyway, Bondi so overhyped, although to fair I had alot of fun in the 9 months I was there, good party backpacker zone.

Topic Who do you think is the world's sexiest woman?
Posted 20 Jan 2014 03:18

Samaire Armstrong. Not a majorly famous actress, but in my eyes shes near perfect. Look her up you won't regret it ~Godess

Topic How do you feel better after a bad day?
Posted 12 Jan 2014 17:09

Firstly I like to be left alone, then play a computer game, watch favorite TV show or put on my favorite music, Alcohol is usually a must, preferable a few fine British Ales. Although it does vary, sometimes I wanna go for a walk or jog, or even go shopping. Retail Therapy can work, although the bank balance can take a hit ;)